Tulsa Hardscapes – Walkways and Paths Showcase Your Landscape

tulsa pavers and walkwaysAt Oklahoma Landscape, we love bringing even more beauty and charm to your outdoor space. Walkways and paths are ideal for creating this kind of distinctive and yet simple character. They can liven up just about any landscape. Walkways and paths provide the little details that highlight the beauty of your Tulsa outdoor space.

These Tulsa hardscapes provide a great way to separate various areas of your garden, or they can serve to escort guests in exploring the landscape. Lead guests through a garden gate with a meandering stone pathway or show the way on a brick trail to the backyard outdoor kitchen or a quiet reading place. The range of ideas for walkways and paths are only limited by the imagination.

Walkways provide a cost-effective method of updating the look and feel of your landscape. A simple stone path adds a sophisticated, classic tone to your landscape. Paths can act as borders or edging to a flowerbed or garden trail. You can also leave space between the stones allowing greenery to grow in between for a more garden-like feel.

To add an artistic style and flair to your walkway, you can use pavers that are available in a variety of shapes, patterns, and styles. These pavers can be laid in unique geometric patterns and mosaics to match the style and architecture of your home. Hardscapes like these offer an excellent way to personalize your landscape and add aesthetic curb appeal.

While concrete can be difficult to repair if it gets damaged, pavers can easily be removed and replaced at a much lower cost. They also can endure harsh weather conditions much better than other hardscape materials. These characteristics have made pavers an ever more popular hardscape choice. We are certified paver installers and have been trained and tested by the Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute.

Permeable pavers provide an environmentally-friendly way to add a stylish Tulsa walkway or path. These kinds of pavers can help you effectively manage storm water runoff and also help you reduce pollution by filtering pollutants from the rain water before it seeps into the ground.

With walkways and paths, the designs are endless. You can add dramatic designs or subtle touches of style and visual contrast to areas of your home and landscape. From step paths to rustic and winding stone walkways, create your own style and charm with Tulsa paver walkways and paths.

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