Why Landscaping is Important to Tulsa Pool Design

The terms “Landscaping” and “pool design” may not seem overly related at first, but they do in fact go hand-in-hand. When it comes to Tulsa pool design, landscaping is very important. Why is good landscape design so vital and what landscaping elements can complement your pool?

Having a well-planned landscape design when you’re building a new pool is important because the pool is part of your landscapearchitectsoutdoor environment as a whole.

“Your pool won’t exist in a vacuum. It’s a vital part of the whole backyard where the landscape provides the perfect setting. This is why pool design is best done by a landscape architect who understands the big picture of site function and circulation so the pool is placed in the most optimal location,” noted The Landscaping Network.

Yes, instead of just an ordinary pool builder who may focus purely on the pool construction elements, a Tulsa landscape architect who also designs and builds pools will plan the swimming pool to function as part of a larger environment and know how to weave other landscaping and hardscape features into the overall outdoor living theme.

With custom Tulsa pool design, a backyard can be transformed into a complete resort-like destination for the whole family. The custom pool can be designed with features for children like slides and waterfalls while also having elements for adults such as an attached custom spa. Other custom features can include zero or “beach” entry design, in-pool sun deck or tanning shelf, fountains, grottos, and specialty pool lighting.  But these pool design elements are just part of a larger theme designed around the lifestyle of the homeowner and the architecture of the home.

“It’s important then to consider the landscape as a frame for your new pool. It should enhance pool design and solve problems at the same time,” The Landscaping Network added.

A custom Tulsa pool is often accompanied by an outdoor kitchen area to offer the additional amenities needed to elegantly entertain. Outdoor fireplaces are another popular hardscape element added to the overall outdoor living space. Various hardscape elements can be selected to match the pool materials as well.

Knowing the best plants to add around your custom pool area also makes landscape experience vital to good pool design. Plants can provide additional texture, style, color, and privacy elements that really enhance the pool and outdoor environment design. These should also complement your overall outdoor living space theme.

The landscape architects and pool designers at Tulsa’s Oklahoma Landscape can design and build the perfect custom pool to match the outdoor environment of your dreams. Blending nature with hardscape elements to complement one another, we can help you create an outdoor living space that you’ll love to escape to every weekend.

2015 Tulsa Pool Design Trends

Although you’re probably not thinking about pools yet, now actually is a great time to start thinking about pool plans for next summer. Winter is a great time to begin planning the design for your new Tulsa pool. Here are some of the latest trends in Tulsa pool design for the coming year!

Glass Tiles. 

A lot of people in the pool design industry has been talking about the use of glass tiles in place of ceramic tiles inside pools and to accent the edges of a pool. Glass tiles are more durable and less likely to crack or break than the traditional ceramic 71bu9842tiles. They also bring a gorgeous iridescent look to the pool, and are available in wide variety of styles and sizes.

Perimeter Overflow Pool Design. 

Known by many names such as “knife-edge,” “Lautner knife-edge,” “slot-edge,” or “wet-edge,” pools, this type of pool design is quickly becoming very popular for its “impressive visual style.” Like infinity or vanishing edge pools, knife-edge pools provide a stunning visual effect my having the water in the pool reach the same level as the pool deck creating a mirror-surface effect. This look is accomplished by having a slot edge around pool’s entire perimeter so that water can spill over into this slot. This knife-edge pool design creates an incredibly luxurious, resort-like look for the outdoor living space but does require different maintenance and construction techniques than traditional pools.

Water Features. 

Another big trend in Tulsa pool design for 2014 and going into this year is the increase in water features for custom pools. Water features like waterfalls, fountains, sconces, and other artistic and playful features are popular in Tulsa pool designs. Not only do these added features create visual interest, but the soothing sound of water trickling over stones or in a fountain creates a relaxing tone for yoimg_4607ur outdoor space. Splash pads, slides, and spraying jets can entertain the kids in this resort-like outdoor environment. LED lighting is another feature that is becoming increasing popular in pool design as are fire features.

Pools and Spas Together. 

Of course a custom Tulsa pool is great, but why not also add a spa to the pool? Today, more and more homeowners are adding hot tubs to their pool design, even adding what’s called an “illusion spa” to the pool where the spa looks like it is simply part of the larger pool. These spas have an infinity-pool type look for the hot tub and provide an elegant transition from pool to spa area.

Beach Entry. 

Another great pool design is what’s often called a “beach entry” or “zero entry” pool feature. This pool design creates a gradual slope into the water to allow swimmers to walk into the pool slowly, much like they would at the beach or allows them to sunbathe in the shallow water. Baja shelves are another pool design feature that creates a ledge or “shelf” at the edge of the pool that’s perfect for sunbathing or relaxing on lounge chairs in the water.

These are just a few of the latest trends in pool design that are sure to make a splash in 2015. The Tulsa pool designers and pool builders at Oklahoma Landscape can design and build you a custom pool to fit your lifestyle and outdoor environment. We can also remodel your existing Tulsa swimming pool to include some of these new features that will make your pool area even more enjoyable.

Tulsa Pool Builders Discuss the Advantages to Having a Custom Pool

Now is actually a great time to start planning for next summer, especially planning your new swimming pool. Yes, the weather here in Tulsa is getting pretty cold, but it’s still a great time to get started on planning. The Tulsa pool builders at Oklahoma Landscape can begin designing the best custom swimming pool for your landscape.

Why build a swimming pool for your Tulsa home? Is it worth the investment? Here’s just a few of the reasons many have chosen to build a pool in their Tulsa backyard. pools tulsa

Your own resort – right at home. 

Staycations are increasing popular. Many Tulsa residents love the convenience of having in their own custom pool. And custom Tulsa pools today are much more than they used to be. These pools can be part of a complete outdoor resort with infinity or vanishing edges,waterslides, waterfalls, zero entry or beach entry, tanning shelves, and other features. Today’s custom pools can have all the amenities you’ll find in a world-class resort hotel pool –except you don’t even have to leave your home. Thus, these custom pools also allow you over time to save money on expensive family vacations at resort destinations. Escape after a long day or long week at work and relax in your own custom designer swimming pool.

Perfect for entertaining. 

Whether you’re throwing a party for your children or entertaining friends, colleagues, or clients, a custom pool makes the perfect backdrop for entertaining guests. Have a barbecue by the pool in your nearby outdoor kitchen or watch the game by the pool in your custom outdoor environment. Whether guests take a dip in the water or just relax by the pool and talk, your custom swimming pool becomes the centerpiece for a great evening of entertaining.

pool builders tulsaIncrease the value of your home with a pool. 

Although pools are an investment, they can significantly increase the value of your home and property.  They also make your home more attractive to buyers if you later decide to sell your home. Building a pool in your backyard is a great investment that will last and provide years of family fun and entertainment.

Have fun as a family. 

Swimming pools provide families with a fun activity they can all do together. Spend more time together as a family during the summer in your own backyard outdoor environment. Create lasting memories for years to come with your pool and outdoor living space.

These are just a few of the many reasons Tulsa homeowners decide to build a pool. To ensure your pool is ready for next summer, start planning now! The Tulsa pool builders at Oklahoma Landscape can help design a custom pool to fit your lifestyle and landscape. We can design and build an entire outdoor environment for your home complete with an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, outdoor kitchen, dining area, and much more!

Selling Your Tulsa Home – Make Sure It Has Curb Appeal

So you’re selling your house…just need put a “For Sale” sign out front, right? If only it were that easy, first you may want to make sure your home has good curb appeal. Why? Because, without exaggeration, first impressions can make or break your sell.

“If people drive by your home and are not impressed, they’re not going to walk inside,” Dick Gaylord, who has sold real estate for 27 years, told HGTV in an article about “Which Home Improvements Pay Off?”

So when you’re making sure you property has curb appeal, keep these principles and tips in mind…

Landscaping. A healthy and well-maintained landscape is not only appealing to buyers, but also indicates to buyers how you’ve taken care of the actual home as well. So, it can be said regular Tulsa lawn maintenance is one of the most important aspects of curb appeal.

The Chapel Valley Landscaping Company of Maryland noted, “Residential landscape maintenance can add as much as 14% to the resale of the home and speed up the selling process by as much as six weeks when it is time to sell,”. Landscaping can also help to maintain the property value of the entire neighbourhood, the article said.

What can you do? Regular lawn care includes not only mowing but also trimming of trees and shrubs, managing weed control and overgrowth, as well as irrigation. In addition to keeping your landscape well-manicured, you can plant more shrubs or trees in your yard. A simple way to add curb appeal is to add mulch to your flower bed, and plant colorful new plants of various sizes in your landscape to create interest and as a way to gracefully lead buyers to your front door.

Hardscapes. An inviting walkway and driveway is crucial to curb appeal. Make sure your walkway and driveway are in nice condition or replace an old walkway with pavers to create a graceful path to your home. Driveways can also be stained or stamped to create more appeal and interest. The Tulsa landscaping contractors at Oklahoma Landscape can take care of all your hardscaping needs.

hardscapes tulsa

Outdoor Lighting. While most potential buyers will see your home during the day, it’s possible some may not. And at night, it will look much more inviting with even basic landscape lighting. Even during the day, exterior light fixtures and landscape lighting elements add character and charm to the home, as well as a feeling of security.

Little Touches. There are other small enhancements you can do to dress up your home. Repainting or refinishing your front door (maybe in a bright color like yellow, or red, green) can give your whole house a fresh look and create a focal point. Replace worn hardware, trim, and fixtures. Adding decorative hardware or even a trellis to your garage door is also a nice decorative feature. Also, adding decorative house numbers can be a nice, inexpensive touch.

For help with your regular Tulsa lawn maintenance or if you want to renovate your landscape to add greater curb appeal, call the Tulsa landscaping contractors at Oklahoma Landscape.

For more information on ways to add curb appeal, look at http://www.diyncrafts.com/5415/home/150-remarkable-projects-ideas-improve-your-homes-curb-appeal/5.

Backyard Landscape Makeover Ideas for Your Tulsa Home

Is your backyard looking a little uneventful or even dreary? Would you like to get more out of your backyard landscape? At Oklahoma Landscape the Tulsa landscape contractors can take your backyard from barren to breath-taking, plain to stylish. Here are a few ideas on changing your landscape into the perfect Tulsa outdoor living area.

Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits. Nearly every Tulsa landscape can be enhanced by an elegant outdoor fireplace or fire pit for those chilly spring and fall Oklahoma nights. An outdoor fireplace turns your backyard into a private haven for your family. With comfortable built-in seating around the fireplace, you can entertain friends gathered around the fire talking or enjoy a night underneath the stars with your loved ones. If you want to visually highlight the outdoor fireplace, add a pergola to cover it and you’ll have an visually amazing outdoor space.

Deck and patio. If you’re looking to add liveable space to your home consider a custom deck or patio.deck builders tulsa A multi-level deck brings not only more room but also added style to the outdoor environment. A patio created with stone pavers gives a unique and stylish touch to your patio area, and comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Often these become the foundation of your entire outdoor living space and can provide ample room for relaxing, cooking, or dining.

Outdoor kitchens. Not just a simple grill, these sophisticated Tulsa outdoor kitchens come complete with pizza ovens, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, sinks, wine coolers, mini refrigerators, and more. More and more Tulsa homeowners are building complete outdoor kitchens in their backyard. You can have the ultimate outdoor dinner party with a complete outdoor kitchen. tulsa outdoor kitchens

Landscape lighting. If you want a stylish Tulsa outdoor living space you’re going to need well-designed landscape lighting to complement the décor and purpose of the outdoor space. It can be artfully used to guide guests to the backyard or as a way to accent your deck or patio, landscape lighting can help transform your outdoor environment while creating more functionality, safety, and security.

Custom pool. With an ever-increasing array of features and accessories that can be built-in to a custom pool, there’s virtually no end to the possibilities for a luxurious backyard renovation. Entertain guests or have a relaxing day in your own custom swimming pool or spa, or why not both. The Tulsa landscape contractors Oklahoma Landscape can design and build a one-of-a-kind pool as a beautiful counterpart your home and your lifestyle.

So, if these ideas have you thinking about creating an amazing outdoor environment. Let the Tulsa landscaping company Oklahoma Landscape take your outdoor living space dreams and turn them a reality.

By the Builders – The Latest in Cool Pool Features

The Tulsa pool builders at Oklahoma Landscape can design and build the custom pool of your dreams. What features would you like your pool to have? And if you need some inspiration, here are some of the latest (and coolest) swimming pool trends…

Infinity edge pools. Similar to how the edge of a waterfall looks from the top of the waterfall. This type of pool feature creates the visual effect that water in the pool is extending out to the horizon or to “infinity” infinity pools tulsawith no edge to hold the water in. This feature is also called a zero edge, vanishing edge, negative edge, or disappearing edge pool. Infinity pools are often a common feature at luxury resort hotel pools, and give the pool a dreamy, “romantic” look that you’ll simply fall in love with.

Zero entry pool. Rather than steps leading into the pool, a zero entry pool has a slope entry that gradually gets deeper as you go farther into the pool. This is another elegant pool feature to compliment your infinity edge pool. This gives you the feeling of being at the beach and simply walking gradually into the ocean. Like being at the beach, this feature allows you to sit comfortably in a shallow pool of water maybe with a drink in-hand, just without sitting in wet sand.

Rock climbing walls. Why not add a climbing wall to your custom Tulsa pool design? Have fun rock climbing without the bulky ropes and harnesses. These fun and athletic custom climbing walls offer a great way to enjoy the sport of rock climbing while also enjoying the pool.

Jumping platforms. If you want to add more excitement to your Tulsa pool design, installing a jumping platform or a fun slide will do the trick. Whether a wooden platform or a slab diving rock, these jumping platforms offer a fun area for kids or adults alike. These platforms or diving boards (if your pool is designed to be deep enough to be safe for diving or jumping in) afford more functionality for your pool area. Stone pavers or boulders surrounding the jumping platform can add a natural elegance to the pool.

Volleyball net.  This pool accessory will be fun for the whole family, and a great way to entertain friends. It’s sure to take your pool games and fun to the next level.

Built-in hot tub. A classic Tulsa pool design accessories, in-ground hot tubs and spas are the quintessential poolside luxury. Create a romantic night at home with a built-in hot tub in your Tulsa outdoor environment. With a variety of options and designs available, a hot tub or spa would complete the look and function of your custom pool area.

The Tulsa pool builders at Oklahoma Landscape can design and build a custom pool for your Tulsa outdoor living space with all the latest trends in pool accessories. Call us today to discuss features for your dream pool!


What Inspires Your Tulsa Outdoor Living Space?


Looking for ideas for your perfect summer entertaining spot? What are some of the latest luxury outdoor living trends for Tulsa? Here are some tips that are sure to inspire!

Outdoor entertaining. What better place to cook for this dinner party than in your outdoor kitchen? Cook in style with a state-of-the-art luxury cabanaoutdoor kitchen, complete with built-in wine refrigerator and pizza oven.

Create the premier outdoor entertaining spot for your kids or a romantic night underneath the starts with an outdoor entertainment center complete with a giant movie screen! Watch the game with friends while you barbecue or have an awesome pool party with these giant backyard theaters with surround sound.

Have an elegant evening of entertaining by adding an al fresco dining area under a pergola with dangling vines and surrounded by sparkling lights.  Try a long European-style table for an even more luxurious look.

Beautiful pool design. Every Tulsa outdoor living space needs a custom-designed swimming pool. Infinity pool by Oklahoma LandscapeEspecially if your home overlooks a beautiful landscape or cityscape, an infinity pool might be the perfect addition to your outdoor space. And a custom spa or hot tub would be the perfect complement to your pool. An outdoor shower with a built-in bench can provide great functionality for your outdoor pool area.

Every luxury pool area pairs nicely with a great lounge space. Why not opt for a luxury cabana by the pool? Create the ultimate napping area with a canopy cabana bed outside by your infinity pool.

Keep warm on a cool night. Whether underneath the stars or built in connection with a covered patio area, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits provide practical warmth and add a consistent elegance to your Tulsa outdoor living space. They can become the focal point of your outdoor environment. A place for people to gather, mingle, and reminisce. Add luxurious lounge seating and you have a complete backyard getaway area.

Outdoor fireplaces are a great place to chat with friends and family. Fire pits create the warm atmosphere we all love to gather around on a cool summer or fall night.Outdoor Fireplace Design by Oklahoma Landscape

Do you want to transform your backyard into a luxury outdoor living space? The Tulsa landscape contractors at Oklahoma Landscape can help you create the outdoor environment of your dreams.