How to have a Perfect Summer Party in Your Tulsa Outdoor Living Space

Tulsa residents love firing the grill in their outdoor kitchen  and entertaining guests. But planning a summer party can get pretty stressful, so we’ve got some great tips to getting your Tulsa outdoor living space all ready for the event.

Here are some tips from Real Simple on outdoor entertaining:outdoor living tulsa

Outdoor lighting is a must. A little ambient lighting is enough to keep your guests safe out the dark. Elegant globe string lights that give off a warm glow, the article reported, are great for outdoor dinner parties as well as tealights and hurricane lanterns along with string lights.  The landscape lighting experts at Oklahoma Landscape can also install the right accent and pathway lighting to complement your home and landscape during anytime of the year.

Make sure there are enough seats. If you anticipate running low on seating, you might think about using some of your indoor furniture or even renting folding chairs. Another option the magazine mentioned could be to spread out quilts on the ground for picnic-style seating, if it’s a very casual party.

Repel flying pests. If you don’t have a mosquito misting system already in place, you might try adding some fans to your outdoor living space. “Mosquitos are weak flyers, so even if a fan is set on low, it can create enough airflow to keep them away,” Laura Harrington, an associate professor of entomology at Cornell University told Real Simple. This works best in small areas like a deck, she said. Also she recommended emptying anything with standing water in it, and giving guests bug wipes that contain repellent picaridin in place of DEET, which could damage clothing.

Keep the kids entertained. Many Tulsa homeowners have a custom swimming pool area where kids can have fun during the party. But some other kid diversions, Real Simple suggested were blowing bubbles, a Slip ‘n Slide or sprinkler, and even some inexpensive disposable cameras to let them capture the event, “say cheese”.

Make the music memorable, not just loud. Don’t make guests have to cover their ears with blaring music. “If you’re using a boom box or an iPod dock, place it above ear level so it’s not blasting directly at guests’ heads,” Michael Antonia, owner of the Flashdance, a Los Angles production company said. “And turn it toward the side of the house – you can make it a little louder and the sound will spread out better.” For the best music setup, the article noted that using four or more speakers, spread out and set at a lower volume work best.

Remember these outdoor entertaining tips to have a fun and be safe! For more ideas on designing and building the perfect outdoor living space, contact the Tulsa landscape contractors at Oklahoma Landscape.


Safety Tips for Holiday Lighting in Tulsa

holiday lighting installation tulsaMany use Christmas lighting during the winter to light up the night and brighten the season. But while holiday lighting and decorations can create a beautiful winter scene for your Tulsa home or business, these lights can also create a fire hazard if not used properly.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) noted that between 2007-2011 holiday lighting and decorative lights with line voltage were involved in an average 150 home structure fires per year.

To protect your loved ones as well as your home or business, take these safety precautions from the National Safety Council and the NFPA when decorating your home or commercial property.

  • Before you hang your lights, check for any broken or cracked sockets, loose bulb connections, and frayed or bare wires. Do not use lights with damaged parts.
  • Lights should be unplugged before replacing bulbs and fuses.
  • Use clips to hang lights instead of nails, tacks, or staples so that the wires are not damaged.
  • Only use lighting that is tested by an independent testing and rating laboratory like the Underwriters Laboratories (UL Label).
  • Use the correct type of holiday lighting for the environment – whether for indoor or outdoor use – following the manufacture’s guidelines.
  • Connect a maximum of three stands of miniature light sets and 50 bulbs for screw-in bulbs. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions for connecting LED strands.
  • Do not overload extension cords.
  • Do not close windows or doors on extension cords.
  • Turn off all lights and decorations before going to bed or leaving your home or business.
  • Holiday lighting is meant to be used temporarily, up to 90 days, so take down and properly store all lighting after the holidays.
  • When hanging outdoor lighting, be sure your ladder is on level ground and never stand on the top three rungs of the ladder. When laying against a roof, the ladder should reach at least three feet above the edge of the roof. Use a wooden or fiberglass ladder.
  • Avoid hanging lights near combustible materials and do not hang or cover lighting with combustible materials like cloth or paper.
  • Check with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission for recalled holiday lights sets that could pose a greater fire or shock hazard.
  • Do not use electric lights on metal Christmas trees.

For more information on winter and holiday fire safety, visit the NFPA at The twinkling lights of holiday decorations can brighten up your neighborhood or business, but keep in mind these safety tips to protect yourself this season.