Tulsa Lawn Care and Maintenance: Why Choose Oklahoma Landscape?

Spring will be here in no time, and the Tulsa lawn care season will begin. If you’re searching for a lawn care company in Tulsa, why should you choose Oklahoma Landscape? Well, simply because we are your single source solution for all your lawn care, outdoor environment, and landscape design needs.

Why deal with the hassle of multiple contractors? We can take the hassle and labor out of Tulsa lawn maintenance and lawn care tulsalandscape design so that you can “find yourself outside” stress-free this year and enjoy to the full your landscape investment. We offer both residential and commercial lawn maintenance and landscaping.

At Oklahoma Landscape, we offer, not just lawn mowing and weed control, but complete estate maintenance to keep your property looking its best all year. From turf care, including lawn fertilization,weed control, aeration, and overseeding, to shrub and ornamental tree care, specialty pruning, flowerbed planting including low maintenance color beds, replacement or updating of existing plant material and addition of seasonal color, we offer comprehensive landscape maintenance for your property.

We provide landscape upgrades, clean-out, and renovation, metal/stone edging installation, snow/ice control and removal, leaf removal, mulching, and of course, weekly lawn mowing, edging, trimming, and debris cleanup.

Have you wondered when to prune your shrubs or trees? Our crews are well-trained in plant care and will ensure that specialty pruning is performed at the proper time of the year for each particular plant, shrub, and tree.

Our professional and courteous Tulsa lawn care crews will always visit your home in uniform so that you have no doubt who is at your home and always leave your property clean and well cared for. Feel more secure knowing just one company is taking care of all your outdoor maintenance needs.

Although we provide routine lawn care and maintenance in Tulsa, we also provide complete outdoor environment design and build services. We can custom design all types of outdoor living enhancements including outdoor kitchens, custom pools, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, pergolas, gazebos, driveways, walkways, pavers, and much more. Think of your landscape as another room you can enjoy and live in. These outdoor living spaces really can extend the boundaries of your home, creating areas to elegantly entertain family and friends or just enjoy an evening at home.

We also provide outdoor lighting design and installation as well as complete irrigation system design, installation, and maintenance.

Don’t spend all your time this year trying to keep up with lawn maintenance or trying to fix an overgrown, weedy flowerbed. Let us take care of everything. As your one-stop-shop Tulsa lawn care professionals, we can keep your lawn looking lush and vibrant and take all the hassle out of lawn maintenance.

Call us today to find out more about our complete residential and commercial estate lawn maintenance programs and other landscape design and build services.

Tulsa Landscape Design – What to Do and What Not to Do

Everyone wants their landscape to look inviting, unique, and beautiful, but landscape design in Tulsa can be tricky. Before you revamp your landscape, remember these landscaping guidelines to ensure your outdoor living space looks its best.

Landscaping Do’s . . .

Do carefully create a landscape design plan before you begin, even if you plan to do different aspects of your plan in different landscape design tulsastages. While you may not need to plan out every single plant to include, you do need to plan where the main hardscape features and various groups of trees and plants will go.

Do use local plants, that grow well together naturally in your area, and that match the architecture or style of your home and outdoor environment. Native plants will be more resistant to disease and often may require less watering. Grouping plants together that have similar watering or sunlight requirements will make maintenance easier.

Do use interesting pavers or stone to add texture and color to your landscape when building your walkway instead of just concrete.

Do consider how your family will want to use your landscape in the years to come. Do you kids like to play ball in the yard? If your family has a dog, consider how your dog will interact or be affected by the various plants or landscape designs.

Do consider and plan for how trees and plants will mature over time. Research how big trees, shrubs, and plants will grow when they are fully mature. Will they block out sunlight or be too close to your house when they are full-grown?

Do plant to add winter interest. Plan out which trees and plants will bloom at different times during the year and plant these so that when one group stops flowering, you’ll still have color and interest in your landscape. When choosing flowering plants, pick mostly perennials instead of annuals so that you don’t have to buy them again next year.

tulsa landscapersDo make it easy for guests to find your front door. Sometimes homeowners may want to make several paths or walkways through their yard, but make sure visitors can easily navigate and clearly see where they should go.

Do make sure to think about proportions in your landscape. You’ll want to keep all the landscape elements in proportion, not only with your home, but also with each other so that the elements don’t seem haphazardly placed.

Landscaping Don’ts . . . 

Don’t plant trees too close to buildings, or plant shrubs or other plants too close to walkways. Research how large the tree or plant will grow when it’s mature so that it doesn’t overtake your home, interfere with the foundation, prevent you from easily passing by on your walkway, or make your home look smaller than it is.

Don’t forget about the maintenance required for each plant or shrub. Consider whether you will have time to regularly trim shrubs and trees. This is especially true with ivy growing on your house. Will you be able to keep the ivy pruned so that it doesn’t overtake your home?

Don’t try to plant too many varieties. While you need enough variety to create interest throughout the year, too many varieties of mplants will take out the “design” look of your landscape and make it look disorganized. A simple landscape design with just a few varieties and even a main color theme can create a modern look and feel.

Don’t get caught up in using a landscaping fad, especially for hardscapes. There may be bold new color or design trends in hardscape materials, but especially with these permanent features of your landscape, you’ll want to use materials that won’t soon become outdated.

While you can use these few guidelines to create a great landscape design with interest and balance, having a landscape design professional help will take much of the stress and work out of the project.

The Tulsa landscape designers at Oklahoma Landscape can design the best plan for your landscape using these and many other landscape design techniques to create an engaging outdoor space. Let us help you build the perfect landscape and outdoor environment for your particular home and lifestyle.

Learning the Value of Mulch – Tulsa Lawn Care Tips

When you think of adding things to your garden mulch may not be high on the list, but actually it’s one of the best things you can add. Mulch can help protect plants and their roots from extreme temperatures and help them absorb and retain water better. Thus, mulch will keep a garden healthier, more resistant to drought and is great for weed control while improving soil quality. Adding mulch to your garden can save much time and energy and help to simplify your other Tulsa lawn care tasks.lawn care tulsa

But how much do you need and which type of mulch should you use?

There are various types of organic and inorganic mulch. Organic mulches like cedar bark, wood chips, shredded leaves, hay, compost, and grass clippings will add nutrients to the soil as they decompose. Inorganic materials include stone, gravel, or black plastic and other landscape fabrics. Stone or gravel can be good to use around areas that are likely to get washed out, and black plastic and landscape fabrics are helpful in vegetable gardens to help warm the soil and hold moisture.

Organic mulch is usually best because it adds nutrients to the soil. Different types of organic mulch though can be better for distinct areas. For instance, fresh organic mulch will be more effective at controlling weeds than aged mulch, but will take longer to decompose, TheFamilyHandyman.com noted. So fresh mulch won’t add nutrients to the soil as fast as aged mulch to help encourage plant growth, but on the other hand, will last longer. Therefore, fresh mulch may work better around trees and shrubs that need more weed control than nutrients in the soil. Like fresh mulch, large pieces of mulch like wood bark will take longer to decompose and thus will last much longer.

Mulch for your flower bed may consist of shredded leaves from your landscape. Grass clippings can add a great deal of nitrogen to your vegetable garden. These organic and free mulches can help make your gardens healthy and beautiful.

How much mulch should you apply?

A deposit of mulch about 4 inches in depth will usually be enough to discourage weed growth and help retain moisture although 2-3 inches may be enough in shadier areas. On slopes, more mulch may be needed to help it stay in place, possibly around 6 inches as it may shift more frequently.

Before you apply mulch to an area, be sure to weed the soil. Keep about a 6 to 12-inch area around woody stems free from mulch as well as about a 1-inch area around the base of plants and vegetables free from mulch to prevent rotting.

While organic mulch helps the soil to retain moisture, it can also prevent the soil from warming in the spring. Thus, mulch will need to be pulled away from around perennials in the spring to allow them to grow better.

The Tulsa lawn care specialists at Oklahoma Landscape can take all the hassle out of lawn and garden maintenance with our custom lawn maintenance, weed control and fertilization programs. Call us today for more information!



A Big Splash for Tulsa Kids – Splash Pads!

Designing and building swimming pools for Tulsa residents to enjoy is something we’re known for here at Oklahoma Landscape. But if you’re looking to create a great summer play area for the kids without the investment of a pool, splash pads may be the way to go for you and your family. You may have been to a splash pad at a local Tulsa park, but these cool outdoor environments we can build right in your own backyard.

The Landscaping Network mentioned how these residential splash pads have been steadily been gaining popularity.

“If you want to save money, don’t have the space for a pool, or are looking for a safe way to stay cool, a splash pad is for you,” the article noted.Splash Pad by Marcos Cruz

Ryan Werlich, representative of Rain Deck, a company that makes splash pad kits, indicated that splash pads are very versatile serving as a fun area for kids during the day, a fun area for dogs to play, a great landscaping water feature and even a patio area when they’re not in use.

These fun areas can be smaller than 100 square feet, Werlich noted, or as large as you want.

“A splash pad can be right next to the side of a building, making them a good option for side yards,” Landscaping Network reported. “Splash pads may also be installed as pool tie-ins when building a new pool.”

So if you’re planning building a swimming pool, consider also adding a splash pool!

S.R. Smith WetDeck from Pool Supply WorldAs the article brought out, there are a variety of options available in splash pad building materials including stamped and stained concrete, pavers, rubber surfacing, slate, flagstone, broom finish and salt finish concrete, and many more.

Accordingly, not only are these splash pads fun for the kids, but they can also be built to match well with the architecture of your home and other Tulsa outdoor environment elements.

A post on apartmenttherapy.com featured a backyard super splash pad for a family with four children built from non-slippery Travertine tiles. The mother noted that they wanted something that looked mature but was also very child-friendly. She said it’s something their whole family enjoys in the hot Florida sun. Pictured above, this residential splash deck has a sophisticated design and yet is also kid-friendly. Keeping the design modern and simple like this one is provides a water feature that will not look too childish, but one that will coordinate with any luxury residential space.

So these exciting Tulsa outdoor living spaces can be kid-friendly and sophisticated all at the same time. They can be the perfect addition to your outdoor environment, particularly if you’re worried about space for a pool or the cost.

As experts in Tulsa pool design, our landscape contractors can design and build the ideal splash pad for your family and your landscape. We can create an entire outdoor living space for your family to ‘find themselves outside’ this summer!




Veggie Gardens in Tulsa: A Beginner’s Guide

Are you planning on growing a veggie garden this year? A growing trend among Tulsa gardeners focuses on organic gardens. Organic gardening has become a prevalent feature of landscape design in recent years with many Tulsa residents looking to have a healthier lifestyle and a more sustainable landscape design.tulsa gardening tips

The American Society of Landscape Architects’ annual survey noted: “Slightly more than three quarters of respondents noted food and vegetable gardens, including orchards and vineyards, will be in demand this year.” The ASLA said that growing food gardens can be a low maintenance, sustainable alternative to growing turf in your yard.

Even if you’re a beginner, you can have a successful organic garden. Here’s some tips…

Start small. Often new gardeners will plant more than they can really maintain or even eat. Plan out where in your landscape you will plant your garden, whether you want an in-ground garden, container garden or a raised garden bed. Vegetables need a great deal of sunlight, at 6 or more hours a day, so prudently plan the location of your garden. Gardens located too close to a tree may lose too many nutrients to the tree while also getting too much shade, The Old Farmer’s Almanac noted.

Check your landscape’s soil. The soil must be healthy and have enough nutrients to sustain vegetables growth. Compost can support with the soil, but it’s also good to do a test of the soil’s pH levels. Leaves remaining from the fall can be used as mulch, the ASLA said, and grass clippings make a superb weed suppressant.

Choose hardy plants. Perennial plants that return yearly are frequently low-maintenance, the ASLA said. They suggest perennials like asparagus (purple-passion variety), rhubarb, blueberry bushes, and blackberries. Herbs, the ASLA also reported, can be very sustainable in even dry and hot regions with tarragon, sage, and chives returning year after year.

“A great idea is to explore the many varieties of mint like chocolate, marshmallow, and fruit salad, which carry flavors that match their names,” ASLA noted.

Be sure to check the local frost dates to find out when the ideal time to plant different varieties are.

Water, water, water. As The Old Farmer’s Almanac said, vegetables will need lots of water, at least one inch a week. There is a helpful vegetable watering table on the Almanac website that illustrates how much water is needed for different vegetables and when.

For more tips to planting a successful veggie garden, contact the Tulsa landscaping and gardening specialists at Oklahoma Landscape.

Tulsa Outdoor Living Trends 2014 – Outdoor Environments a Must

What do many homeowners want in 2014 landscape design? A great outdoor living space for entertaining. Like many Tulsa homeowners, people across the nation still want “attractively designed” outdoor environments to create more space for entertaining and relaxation. outdoor environments tulsa

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) recently published its 2014 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey, which reports on the latest demands in landscape design. In rating the expected popularity of various outdoor design elements, residential landscape architects from across the country ranked the category of gardens and landscaped spaces as most popular with a 94.2 percent rating, closely followed by outdoor living spaces like kitchens and entertainment spaces with a 92 percent rating.

“Homeowners know that designed landscapes add value to their lives as well as their property values,” ASLA executive vice president and CEO Nancy Somerville said. “They’re interested in livable, open spaces that are both stylish and earth-friendly.”

According to the ASLA, having a landscape architect skillfully design your outdoor elements and landscaping is one the best investments for your home and can add as much as 15 percent to its value over comparable homes. And, the ASLA noted, the home value literally grows over time while you enjoy your outdoor living space.

What is in popular demand for 2014 among outdoor living features? Outdoor lighting was rated first by 98.3 percent of respondents, followed by seating and dining areas with 97.7 percent, fire pits and fireplaces with 95.4 percent, grills with 94.3 percent and installed seating with 89.6 percent.

fire pits tulsaWhat do these results tell us about Tulsa outdoor environment trends for 2014? Outdoor living spaces that are ideal for entertaining are in high demand. Many homeowners would like to spend even more time entertaining or relaxing in their outdoor environment in Tulsa, and they can with the right outdoor lighting design.

Sustainability and low maintenance landscapes were again also in high demand as popular landscape and garden elements for 2014. Native plants were high on the list of eco-friendly design elements along with fountains and ornamental water features as popular landscaping and garden elements. Many are also favoring food and vegetable gardens including orchards and vineyards.

“Decorative water elements – including waterfalls, ornamental pools, and splash pools – were predicted to be in demand for home landscapes (86.1 percent). Spas (76.4 percent) and swimming pools (73.8 percent) are also expected to be popular,” ASLA reported.

Patios, terraces, and decks are high on the list for outdoor structures as are fencing and pergolas. These additions can really become an extension of your home and living space. More and more functionality and customization are being added to these outdoor environments in Tulsa.

Elegant and practical outdoor living spaces will continue to be popular home additions. For more landscape design and outdoor living space ideas, contact the Tulsa landscape architects at Oklahoma Landscape.

Tulsa Landscape Design – Give Your Landscape A Touch-Up for Spring

Do you want to give your Tulsa landscape a little touch-up for spring? There are many easy ways to spruce up your Tulsa landscape design while adding valuable curb appeal.

A pathway of pavers.

Pavers are a great way to give your landscape added charm. Pavers come in a wide array of sizes, shapes, textures, colors, and materials, which makes them a favorite when it comes to Tulsa landscape design. Create an elegant walkway to invite guests to your home’s entrance or a patio in the backyard to entertain or even a distinctive driveway design. tulsa paver installers

Tulsa pavers are also great for landscaping because they can endure severe weather conditions much better than their asphalt or concrete counterparts. They are also much easier to replace than concrete if they do get damaged.

Pavers in Tulsa offer a great way to give your landscape personality and match your unique style.

Add more color to your garden.

You can add a splash of color to your Tulsa landscape with an interesting mix of colorful annuals. Do you want to plant brighter hues closer to the home to direct attention there, or do you want to spread the color purposefully throughout your garden landscape? The choice is yours, so have fun with your living paintbrush. Container plants are also an easy and fun way to decorate your landscape and home.
Many are replacing much of their lawn with colorful native plants and ornamental grasses that require less water and maintenance while creating an interesting visual diversity in their yard.

Pruning any overgrown trees or shrubs can also be an easy way to give your landscape a more manicured look.

Renew the mulch.

A new layer of mulch added around trees and flowers bring a more polished look to the landscape and provide needed contrast.

Go for organic.

Planting a vegetable garden can give your landscape an added dimension while providing healthy food for your family. You could simply section off a spot for your garden or make a raised garden bed. Organic gardens offer not only great food, but also provide more color and interest for your landscape.

Build an outdoor environment.

landscape design tulsaIf you really want to liven up your Tulsa landscape design, building an outdoor environment with an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, outdoor fireplace, pool, or simply just an outdoor living area will create an entirely new dimension for your landscape and home.
Good planning and preparation is needed though to build a successful and efficient outdoor environment that your family can enjoy for years to come. The Tulsa landscape designers and architects at Oklahoma Landscape can help design and build the perfect outdoor environment for your home.

Sprucing up your landscape can be as simple or extensive as you want, but either route you take, there are plenty of ways to enliven your landscape and give it a fresh start for a new season.