What To Give The Person Who Loves Outdoor Living

Do you know someone who loves being outdoors? From biking to running to just relaxing in their outdoor living space, many Tulsa area residents love being outside in their outdoor living space. So what can you get the person who spends all their free time in the garden or who has an outdoor environment, outdoor kitchen, or fireplace?

Here are a few gift ideas. . .

Motorized Grill Brush – For those with an outdoor kitchen, this motorized grill brush with heavy-duty steam cleaning power641621p_alt3 may help you save time cleaning. This motorized grill from Brookstone has a built-in mist sprayer that turns to steam on the hot grill to loosen tough grease and then the motor and dual stainless steel brushes scrub for you. For the man who loves to grill, this may be just the gift. (brookstone.com)

Sundial – A classic piece for any garden, this polished brass sundial found on http://www.yardenvy.com can either be placed on the ground or used with a pedestal. Keep track of the time and seasons with this sundial that bears the poem, “Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be.”

Gardening Book: Fine Foliage – Better Homes & Gardens recommends the book Fine Foliage by Karen Chapman and Christina Salwitz for any gardening enthusiast. The book provides guidance on plant combinations and container gardens. (amazon.com)

Herb Garden – Does the person love fresh herbs? Help them start their own herb garden with Rootcup. Grow herbs or succulents in these small sub-irrigation plants made of durable, BPA-free, food-grade silicone that won’t scratch your countertop. (rootcup.com)

71xxlsi9zsl._sl1350_Backyard Movie Theater – This is something for the entire family. Show movies in HD in your own Tulsa outdoor living space. With a flat screen, WiFi Bluray player, and speakers, you can have everything you need to watch a movie or play Xbox or Wii right outside. (amazon.com)

Cooler Dining Table – For the person who loves to throw a great pool party, this 3-in-1 table with hidden ice cooler is perfect. Use it as an outdoor mini-dining table or as a side table for food and drinks. With a built-in ice cooler, this table is essential to your next pool party. (brookstone.com)

These are just a few of the great gifts you can find for your Tulsa outdoor living enthusiast. Of course, a great gift for the entire family is a complete outdoor environment with a custom pooloutdoor fireplace, and outdoor kitchen. At Oklahoma Landscape in Tulsa, we can design and build your family the perfect outdoor living space. Call us today at 918.296.9679918.296.9679 for more information.

Veggie Gardens in Tulsa: A Beginner’s Guide

Are you planning on growing a veggie garden this year? A growing trend among Tulsa gardeners focuses on organic gardens. Organic gardening has become a prevalent feature of landscape design in recent years with many Tulsa residents looking to have a healthier lifestyle and a more sustainable landscape design.tulsa gardening tips

The American Society of Landscape Architects’ annual survey noted: “Slightly more than three quarters of respondents noted food and vegetable gardens, including orchards and vineyards, will be in demand this year.” The ASLA said that growing food gardens can be a low maintenance, sustainable alternative to growing turf in your yard.

Even if you’re a beginner, you can have a successful organic garden. Here’s some tips…

Start small. Often new gardeners will plant more than they can really maintain or even eat. Plan out where in your landscape you will plant your garden, whether you want an in-ground garden, container garden or a raised garden bed. Vegetables need a great deal of sunlight, at 6 or more hours a day, so prudently plan the location of your garden. Gardens located too close to a tree may lose too many nutrients to the tree while also getting too much shade, The Old Farmer’s Almanac noted.

Check your landscape’s soil. The soil must be healthy and have enough nutrients to sustain vegetables growth. Compost can support with the soil, but it’s also good to do a test of the soil’s pH levels. Leaves remaining from the fall can be used as mulch, the ASLA said, and grass clippings make a superb weed suppressant.

Choose hardy plants. Perennial plants that return yearly are frequently low-maintenance, the ASLA said. They suggest perennials like asparagus (purple-passion variety), rhubarb, blueberry bushes, and blackberries. Herbs, the ASLA also reported, can be very sustainable in even dry and hot regions with tarragon, sage, and chives returning year after year.

“A great idea is to explore the many varieties of mint like chocolate, marshmallow, and fruit salad, which carry flavors that match their names,” ASLA noted.

Be sure to check the local frost dates to find out when the ideal time to plant different varieties are.

Water, water, water. As The Old Farmer’s Almanac said, vegetables will need lots of water, at least one inch a week. There is a helpful vegetable watering table on the Almanac website that illustrates how much water is needed for different vegetables and when.

For more tips to planting a successful veggie garden, contact the Tulsa landscaping and gardening specialists at Oklahoma Landscape.

Effective Tulsa Weed Control – Easy Gardening Tips

One of the foremost enemies of every gardener and landscaper, weeds can quickly overtake your garden. What can Tulsa gardens do to successfully control weeds?

A thriving lawn and garden is one of the best defenses against weeds. Robust plants and grass in the landscape can prevent weed seedlings from getting the sunlight and nutrients they need to develop and grow. And essential to resilient plants and grass is well-fertilized soil. You can test the pH levels of your soil with a DIY kit or many times, by taking it to your local agricultural cooperative. Then you can see what nutrients your soil may be lacking. Good lawn fertilization for your Tulsa landscape can go a long way to preventing weeds by creating a lush garden and lawn. weed control tulsa

Speaking of robust plants, species that are native to the Tulsa area are more likely to be hardy and prosper in Oklahoma weather. Because native plants flourish more easily than other species, they can be very effective in crowding out weeds and their seedlings. Weeds endeavor to grow where there is an open space, so the more plants you have that grow well, the easier it will be to control weeds. If you purchase plants in a container, check to ensure the soil is free of weeds so that you don’t accidentally bring in more weeds.

tulsa weed control tipsLike other plants, weed seeds need sunlight to grow, so adding mulch frequently to your Tulsa garden can help to deprive weeds of needed sunlight while helping to keep the soil cooler and help it to retain moisture. Some organic mulches can also contain insects that eat the weed seeds, finegardening.com reported; however, it also noted that some mulch can have weed seeds in them. When buying or making compost, check to see whether it was composted to a temperature of 140 F to 150 F, the website noted, to ensure the weed seeds were killed before they reached your garden. Mulch should be kept about 2 inches deep in your garden. Too much mulch could prevent the soil from getting enough oxygen.

Pull weeds out of the soil after a good rain to make it easier to weed your garden. However, finegardening.com recommends hoeing weeds when the soil is dry, slicing the weeds just below the soil line with a sharp-edged hoe. Be careful to not dig or till the soil too much to prevent weed seeds deeper in the soil from germinating.

These are just some of the everyday things you can do to prevent weeds from taking over your Tulsa garden. Oklahoma Landscape offers a complete Tulsa weed control and lawn fertilization program to take all the hassle out of weed control for homeowners as well as business.

Spring Gardening Tips for New Tulsa Gardeners

Planting a garden in Tulsa this spring? Many Oklahomans love to plant a garden and see their delicious veggies spring up right before their eyes. Some may plant right in the ground, while others may use a raised garden bed. Either way, you’ll have fun in your garden and relax while working with nature. Here are a few tips to help your Tulsa garden thrive this year.

Plan and start small. If you are a new gardening fan, many gardeners recommend that you start small in how much you plant. In your excitement, you may see a ton of colorful things to buy at the nursery or garden store, but it’s good to be modest in your first planting endeavor. You may want to use common warm weather varieties of plants that are known to grow well in Oklahoma like green beans, okra, squash, radish, and melons.gardening

Plan out your garden, possibly even on paper, to decide where plants will get the best sunlight, when you will need to plant each type of seed or plant, if you’ll plant in the ground or in a raised bed, and how big the plants and garden will get when you’re finished. Allow plenty of room to work in the garden and for the plants to extend out as they grow.

Before you plant, it’s good to have all the gardening tools you will need including cages or stakes for climbing plants, string to tie the plants to the cages, tillers, pruners, and other equipment.

Prepare and nourish the soil. You’ll need to remove any weeds, rocks, and grass in the garden and may want to test the pH of the soil to know exactly what nutrients it’s lacking. A few weeks before you plant, you may want to add some compost to the soul to make sure it has enough nutrients to support the plants. Then you can turn the soil when you add the compost and just before you plant to make sure it’s aerated. gardening tulsa

Follow directions. There will often be much helpful information on the seed packets or plants about when to plant the seeds, how far apart to space them, and when they should be harvested. The Old Farmer’s Almanac will also have helpful information on when the best time to plant each vegetable. On the Almanac website, you can search for your particular city or state and see the exact planting directions, planting dates, directions for planting by the moon, and estimated frost free date. Along with being tax day, many gardeners will say April 15th is around the frost-free date for much of Oklahoma.

Trim shrubs and trees. Along with planning your garden design and boundaries, you may need to prune any overgrown bushes and trees that may block needed sunlight to your garden. This will also help your overall landscape to have a more polished look for summer.

These are just a few Oklahoma gardening tips for this season. Talk with the Tulsa landscaping and gardening experts at Oklahoma Landscape for more details on how they can help you have a successful garden this year.

Tulsa Landscape Design – Give Your Landscape A Touch-Up for Spring

Do you want to give your Tulsa landscape a little touch-up for spring? There are many easy ways to spruce up your Tulsa landscape design while adding valuable curb appeal.

A pathway of pavers.

Pavers are a great way to give your landscape added charm. Pavers come in a wide array of sizes, shapes, textures, colors, and materials, which makes them a favorite when it comes to Tulsa landscape design. Create an elegant walkway to invite guests to your home’s entrance or a patio in the backyard to entertain or even a distinctive driveway design. tulsa paver installers

Tulsa pavers are also great for landscaping because they can endure severe weather conditions much better than their asphalt or concrete counterparts. They are also much easier to replace than concrete if they do get damaged.

Pavers in Tulsa offer a great way to give your landscape personality and match your unique style.

Add more color to your garden.

You can add a splash of color to your Tulsa landscape with an interesting mix of colorful annuals. Do you want to plant brighter hues closer to the home to direct attention there, or do you want to spread the color purposefully throughout your garden landscape? The choice is yours, so have fun with your living paintbrush. Container plants are also an easy and fun way to decorate your landscape and home.
Many are replacing much of their lawn with colorful native plants and ornamental grasses that require less water and maintenance while creating an interesting visual diversity in their yard.

Pruning any overgrown trees or shrubs can also be an easy way to give your landscape a more manicured look.

Renew the mulch.

A new layer of mulch added around trees and flowers bring a more polished look to the landscape and provide needed contrast.

Go for organic.

Planting a vegetable garden can give your landscape an added dimension while providing healthy food for your family. You could simply section off a spot for your garden or make a raised garden bed. Organic gardens offer not only great food, but also provide more color and interest for your landscape.

Build an outdoor environment.

landscape design tulsaIf you really want to liven up your Tulsa landscape design, building an outdoor environment with an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, outdoor fireplace, pool, or simply just an outdoor living area will create an entirely new dimension for your landscape and home.
Good planning and preparation is needed though to build a successful and efficient outdoor environment that your family can enjoy for years to come. The Tulsa landscape designers and architects at Oklahoma Landscape can help design and build the perfect outdoor environment for your home.

Sprucing up your landscape can be as simple or extensive as you want, but either route you take, there are plenty of ways to enliven your landscape and give it a fresh start for a new season.

Tulsa Landscaping Company Gives Details About Jenks Outdoor Classroom

butterfly garden tulsa landscapingIn one of our earlier blog posts, we talked about how a “living classroom” is being created for Jenks Public Schools by Tulsa landscaping company Oklahoma Landscape. This outdoor classroom is in the process of being built near the Freshman Academy in Jenks, Okla.

More than a simple garden, this distinctive Tulsa landscape design will be an interactive outdoor space with a variety of features including rain barrels, butterfly gardens, Chimney Swift towers, granite trails, composts bins, a water feature, and more. Called the “Flycatcher Trail,” this outdoor classroom will help students learn how to manage a garden, plant vegetables, manage a landscape, and more.

As a Tulsa landscaping company, we know how inspiring working with nature can be, so this project will help students increase their creativity and discover the sense of pride that comes from caring for gardens.

What are some of the many details of the Jenks landscaping project?

The entrance of the classroom will have rain barrels for capturing run-off storm water and compost bins for creating organic-rich compost to use for vegetables and plantings.

Granite trails will be made using decomposed granite. This abundant, permeable material makes a pleasant, natural trail. The decomposed granite adds color and compacts very well while not breaking down like mulch.

Chimney Swifts, which are a bird species that often nests and roosts in chimneys, are often identified by their gray silhouette, tiny body, and curving wings, but they also have a distinctive style of flight and a chattering call, one author noted. They can quickly maneuver over rooftops and rivers to catch insects. Chimney Swifts spend most of their time in the air. When they do land, they can’t perch. They cling to vertical walls such as those in chimneys and those in hollow trees or caves. So, with the decline of chimney use in North America, also came a drop in the Chimney Swift population.jenks outdoor classroom tulsa

They were abundant in North America, but by the late 1980s, the amount of swifts migrating to North American from the Amazon River Basin had declined. A growing number of people across North America are now building nesting towers and are leading Chimney Swift conservation projects in their own communities. Bird conservationists have a step-by-step guide to making more habitats for the beneficial, insect-eating Chimney Swift.  This living classroom will not only give Chimney Swifts a habitat, but will also give students a great opportunity to study these amazing birds.

Other features of the classroom will include a water feature, a butterfly garden, and split rail fencing. The butterfly garden is a specific space that utilizes butterfly-attracting plants, which yield flowers the butterflies are attracted to. These types of plants, like the butterfly bush, will attract a wide assortment of butterflies to the garden that the teachers and students can use to view and study. The split rail fencing is a cedar post and rail project that will give a rustic, open, and natural appeal to the space.

This outdoor classroom will certainly give students a chance to take a closer look at nature and study all the splendor it holds. While the weather may have slightly delayed the project’s progress, Tulsa landscaping company Oklahoma Landscape – with the help of many other sub-contractors and suppliers who have also donated time, labor, and materials – will continue to plan and build this unique and exciting living classroom.

Tulsa Landscaping Company Building ‘Living Classroom’ for Jenks Schools

jenks schools projectA unique project is currently in progress for Jenks Public Schools. A “living classroom” including Chimney Swift towers, butterfly gardens, rain barrels, and other landscaping features is being built near the Freshman Academy in Jenks, Okla. This interactive outdoor living space will serve as a fascinating way for students to learn about nature.

The school and 9th grade biology/ornithology teacher Todd Humphrey approached Tulsa landscaping company Oklahoma Landscape in Spring 2013 with the idea for a living classroom. Our licensed landscape architect Paul Strickland then got to work creating 3D concept models of how the finished classroom would look.

“We are excited to see this continue to grow each week,” Oklahoma Landscape President Aaron Wiltshire said. “Ultimately, this will be an incredible and unique space.”

As a Tulsa-area landscaping company, we can see the sweeping benefits a project like this could have. In thinking about the project, we felt this was a very unique school concept that could spread across the Tulsa area into other school systems, allowing kids the opportunity to learn more about landscaping, plants, caring for gardens, etc.butterfly garden tulsa landscaping

We’re also excited that many of the Jenks families we’ve done landscaping for have children who attend Jenks Schools, so they’ll get to enjoy this natural space.  And the site for the project is actually just a mile or so from the Oklahoma Landscape office, so it really feels like it’s in our own “backyard.”

When the “Flycatcher Trail” classroom is completed, students will be able to plant vegetables, perennials, feed birds, and study insects. Students will also be responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the gardens, trails, and water feature.

“This project can help students in many ways. It can teach them how to do things outside. We all know how electronics can dominate the time of our youth. This project helps kids to get their hands dirty, into the soil, so to speak. It helps them take pride in caring and nurturing plants and gardens,” Aaron Wiltshire said. “There’s a lot of pride that comes from nurturing living things and benefiting from the beauty that is created.”

tulsa landscapingAs a landscaping company, we know the benefits that come from working with nature and the creativity that can be awakened in the process, and we hope this project will continue to foster that sense of creativity in our children…and it could even inspire a future Tulsa landscape designer.

“Some of our youth will become aspiring designers, architects, etc., and there are little opportunities we can make available to help put something in front of them that may guide them one way or the other,” Aaron Wiltshire added.

What are some of the features this distinctive classroom will have?

Entry structure with rain barrels and a pergola pass-through.

Water feature with streams and a stone bridge.

Compost bins

Butterfly garden

Upright Chimney Swift towers

Native landscape plants and trees

Fully automatic sprinkler system

Cedar split rail fencing

Extensive decomposed granite trails

While Oklahoma Landscape is spearheading the project, there are many others who have donated time, labor, and materials to make this happen. We felt like we could pull off this huge undertaking because of our reliable team of professionals and with the valuable help of our trusted sub-contractors and suppliers.

“Tulsa and the surrounding towns have made Oklahoma Landscape what it is today, and this project is a great opportunity for us to give back to the community we all share!” Aaron Wiltshire noted.

The Flycatcher Trail, located in a lot east of the 9th grade center, is estimated to be completed in March or early April. Stay tuned for more information on how the work is progressing and the various features of the living classroom…