Plan Your Tulsa Outdoor Living Space Renovations for Summer

What a better way to spend winter than by planning your backyard makeover ideas for summer? Now is the perfect time to think about all the things you would can do in your Tulsa outdoor living space this summer. And now is the time to make a plan so that you can start in the spring!

The Tulsa outdoor living experts at Oklahoma Landscape can help design the best outdoor environment for your home. We landscape designcan work with you from concept to creation in designing and building your dream Tulsa outdoor living space. Here are some ideas to get started . . .

Add an outdoor kitchen. These outdoor cooking areas make entertaining a breeze. Today outdoor kitchens in Tulsa can be built to care for all your cooking needs. They not only caninclude a grill but also stainless steel refrigerators, pizza ovens, wine coolers, sinks for easy cleanup, storage, outdoor televisions, burners, and more. Everything you need for game day or an elegant outside dinner with friends is right there in your outdoor kitchen.

Create a dining area and plenty of seating. What goes better with an outdoor kitchen than an outdoor dining area? There are a variety of design options when it comes to outdoor dining tables, but creating a designated dining area adds sophistication and structure to your Tulsa outdoor living space. More and more homeowners are bringing the indoors outside so that they can enjoy all the comforts of home while also enjoying the outdoors. An outdoor dining area does just that, creating the perfect area for family picnics and dinners to entertain friends or clients.

Creating plenty of seating areas is another addition you may consider for your outdoor space. Whether you add benches, chairs, or even outdoor sofas, your outdoor living space will be more inviting if there is plenty of seating space for guests. outdoorfireplacetulsaHowever, be careful not to have too much seating so that it overcrowds your outdoor living space.

Build an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. The crisp spring, fall, and even summer nights can be enjoyed by the glow of an outdoor fireplaces or fire pit. These outdoor amenities create a great place for people to gather around and share old stories. Outdoor fireplaces in Tulsa can be constructed using a variety of materials to match your outdoor environment. Not only are they a great entertaining spot, but they also can help to increase the value of your home and property. Whether for a chilly fall night or just to create a romantic ambiance, Tulsa outdoor fireplaces are the perfect makeover addition to your outdoor living space.

Create a focal point in your outdoor space. Some backyard areas can begin to seem a little unplanned or haphazard, but creating a focal point in your outdoor space adds the design needed to create a stunning outdoor space. Maybe it’s an elegant water feature or custom swimming pool. Often the outdoor fireplace or outdoor living/seating area can be the focal point of the space. Whatever outdoor element you use, a focal point can bring direction to your outdoor space and transform your backyard from ordinary to spectacular!

For more ideas on Tulsa outdoor living space design, please contact us at 918.296.9679 or check out our Outdoor Living Gallery.

Outdoor Living Space Design Ideas – Tulsa Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces can do wonders for your Tulsa outdoor living space. Many Tulsa residents are adding outdoor fireplaces to their outdoor living areas as they see the increased flexibility and value they bring to their space.

Outdoor fireplaces permit you to extend your time outdoors both earlier in the spring and later in the fall. This accounts for why fireplaces are one of the most popular outdoor fireplacesoutdoor living additions. When the nights start getting cooler, outdoor fireplaces create the perfect place for warm conversation in a relaxed atmosphere. Have an elegant dinner party for clients or a cozy night by the fire with family and friends. Extending your outdoor living season with a fireplace allows you to extend your time in your outdoor kitchen as well. An outdoor fireplace is the perfect counterpart to your outdoor kitchen, pool, or spa.

An outdoor fireplace can instantly transform any backyard into a rather upscale outdoor living space. A plain patio can become a sophisticated lounge area with the romantic ambiance of a stone fireplace. They can become the dramatic focal point of any outdoor area and really anchor the outdoor environment. Outdoor fireplaces turn fireplaces tulsaregular outdoor living spaces into a sort of luxury resort retreat. By adding a sense of luxury and style to your outdoor space, this outdoor element can thus expressively increase the value of your home and property.

Outdoor fireplaces can be made using a variety of hardscape materials like concrete, stone, and brick and be custom-designed in a variety of styles to match the architecture of your home. From Mediterranean, Old World style, or with a Spanish theme, outdoor fireplaces can be as basic or ornate as you would like. Neighbouring seating can be installed for easy conversation or dining by the fire.

A stone, brick, or concrete wall can be attached to the fireplace to create a “dividing” effect to different areas of your outdoor space. A pergola, roof, or other outdoor structure is can built around the fireplace to provide protection from the weather. Thus, you can comfortably sit by the fire and watch snow cover the rest of your landscape.

These visual design elements offer a wide variety of uses in a wide variety of entertainment settings. Providing warmth, light, and sometimes Tulsa outdoor fireplacescooking, depending on the design and fuel sources, outdoor fireplaces offer great adaptability.

Offering a distinctive ambiance and luxurious style, outdoor fireplaces were among the ‘most wanted additions’ in the 2013 Outdoor Living Trends survey conducted by the American Society of Landscape Architects.

The Tulsa outdoor fireplace designers Oklahoma Landscape would be glad to design and build a custom fireplace for your outdoor space. We can coordinate it to perfectly match your home, lifestyle, and entertaining needs. Our custom outdoor fireplaces are built with quality design features and materials so that your family can enjoy them for many years to come. Check out our Outdoor Living Gallery for outdoor fireplace and fire pit design ideas.

What Inspires Your Tulsa Outdoor Living Space?


Looking for ideas for your perfect summer entertaining spot? What are some of the latest luxury outdoor living trends for Tulsa? Here are some tips that are sure to inspire!

Outdoor entertaining. What better place to cook for this dinner party than in your outdoor kitchen? Cook in style with a state-of-the-art luxury cabanaoutdoor kitchen, complete with built-in wine refrigerator and pizza oven.

Create the premier outdoor entertaining spot for your kids or a romantic night underneath the starts with an outdoor entertainment center complete with a giant movie screen! Watch the game with friends while you barbecue or have an awesome pool party with these giant backyard theaters with surround sound.

Have an elegant evening of entertaining by adding an al fresco dining area under a pergola with dangling vines and surrounded by sparkling lights.  Try a long European-style table for an even more luxurious look.

Beautiful pool design. Every Tulsa outdoor living space needs a custom-designed swimming pool. Infinity pool by Oklahoma LandscapeEspecially if your home overlooks a beautiful landscape or cityscape, an infinity pool might be the perfect addition to your outdoor space. And a custom spa or hot tub would be the perfect complement to your pool. An outdoor shower with a built-in bench can provide great functionality for your outdoor pool area.

Every luxury pool area pairs nicely with a great lounge space. Why not opt for a luxury cabana by the pool? Create the ultimate napping area with a canopy cabana bed outside by your infinity pool.

Keep warm on a cool night. Whether underneath the stars or built in connection with a covered patio area, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits provide practical warmth and add a consistent elegance to your Tulsa outdoor living space. They can become the focal point of your outdoor environment. A place for people to gather, mingle, and reminisce. Add luxurious lounge seating and you have a complete backyard getaway area.

Outdoor fireplaces are a great place to chat with friends and family. Fire pits create the warm atmosphere we all love to gather around on a cool summer or fall night.Outdoor Fireplace Design by Oklahoma Landscape

Do you want to transform your backyard into a luxury outdoor living space? The Tulsa landscape contractors at Oklahoma Landscape can help you create the outdoor environment of your dreams.



Popular Trends in Tulsa Outdoor Kitchens

Thinking about adding an outdoor kitchen to your Tulsa home? What would your dream outdoor kitchen include? Today’s custom Tulsa outdoor kitchens can have almost anything.outdoor kitchens tulsa

What are some popular trends in outdoor kitchens? We’ve narrowed them down to seven things that every outdoor kitchen needs to entertain in style.

Pizza oven. For delicious restaurant-style pizza at home, a wood-fired pizza oven to accompany your outdoor kitchen is an absolute must. And in addition to cooking great tasting pizzas, these classic ovens bring a Tuscan-style atmosphere to your Tulsa outdoor space.

Swim-up poolside bar. No need to go to a luxury resort hotel. Your own Tulsa pool and outdoor kitchen area can have an elegant and entertaining poolside bar. This beautiful addition is fun for adults and kids alike, and bring the kitchen to the pool with relaxed poolside dining.

Grill Stations. Every outdoor kitchen will of course need a suitable grilling station. Gas grills with attached side burners allow you to get to cooking right away. Kamado-style grills, noted, are very versatile with a grill, oven, and smoker in one along with a great ability to retain heat. Some outdoor kitchens also have rotisserie grills and convection ovens for even more restaurant-style cooking.

outdoor fireplaces tulsaMini fridge. Your complete kitchen will rightly need a refrigerator? Stainless steel appliances like mini fridges built-in to your outdoor kitchen area make preparing and cooking outside a breeze.

Outdoor fireplace. A complete Tulsa outdoor environment will need an outdoor fireplace to match the outdoor kitchen area. Imagine relaxing by your outdoor fireplace after a delicious meal prepared in your outdoor kitchen. These outdoor fireplaces can be as elegant or as simple as you’d like them to be and can be custom made to match the décor of your outdoor kitchen and home.

Wine cooler. As part of your top-of-the-line appliance set, don’t forget the handy and elegant wine cooler. Keep all your fine wines ready to serve with a built-in wine cooler. Perfect for entertaining!

Sink and storage areas. Again, every kitchen must have a large enough sink and plenty storage space. And your outdoor kitchen is no different. There are a variety of stainless steel sink options available including those with pull-down faucets for easy cleaning. Adequate storage is also a must for an outdoor kitchen. Continually carrying everything you need like utensils from inside to your outdoor kitchen can be frustrating, so these built-in storage and waste containers make prep and cooking times much shorter and easier.

These are just a few of the many choices you can have when designing and building an outdoor kitchen. The outdoor environment specialists at Oklahoma Landscape in Tulsa can help you choose the right options and features for your outdoor kitchen. They can custom-design and build an outdoor kitchen that will be the ideal outdoor entertaining spot.

Tulsa Outdoor Living Trends 2014 – Outdoor Environments a Must

What do many homeowners want in 2014 landscape design? A great outdoor living space for entertaining. Like many Tulsa homeowners, people across the nation still want “attractively designed” outdoor environments to create more space for entertaining and relaxation. outdoor environments tulsa

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) recently published its 2014 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey, which reports on the latest demands in landscape design. In rating the expected popularity of various outdoor design elements, residential landscape architects from across the country ranked the category of gardens and landscaped spaces as most popular with a 94.2 percent rating, closely followed by outdoor living spaces like kitchens and entertainment spaces with a 92 percent rating.

“Homeowners know that designed landscapes add value to their lives as well as their property values,” ASLA executive vice president and CEO Nancy Somerville said. “They’re interested in livable, open spaces that are both stylish and earth-friendly.”

According to the ASLA, having a landscape architect skillfully design your outdoor elements and landscaping is one the best investments for your home and can add as much as 15 percent to its value over comparable homes. And, the ASLA noted, the home value literally grows over time while you enjoy your outdoor living space.

What is in popular demand for 2014 among outdoor living features? Outdoor lighting was rated first by 98.3 percent of respondents, followed by seating and dining areas with 97.7 percent, fire pits and fireplaces with 95.4 percent, grills with 94.3 percent and installed seating with 89.6 percent.

fire pits tulsaWhat do these results tell us about Tulsa outdoor environment trends for 2014? Outdoor living spaces that are ideal for entertaining are in high demand. Many homeowners would like to spend even more time entertaining or relaxing in their outdoor environment in Tulsa, and they can with the right outdoor lighting design.

Sustainability and low maintenance landscapes were again also in high demand as popular landscape and garden elements for 2014. Native plants were high on the list of eco-friendly design elements along with fountains and ornamental water features as popular landscaping and garden elements. Many are also favoring food and vegetable gardens including orchards and vineyards.

“Decorative water elements – including waterfalls, ornamental pools, and splash pools – were predicted to be in demand for home landscapes (86.1 percent). Spas (76.4 percent) and swimming pools (73.8 percent) are also expected to be popular,” ASLA reported.

Patios, terraces, and decks are high on the list for outdoor structures as are fencing and pergolas. These additions can really become an extension of your home and living space. More and more functionality and customization are being added to these outdoor environments in Tulsa.

Elegant and practical outdoor living spaces will continue to be popular home additions. For more landscape design and outdoor living space ideas, contact the Tulsa landscape architects at Oklahoma Landscape.

Design Ideas for a Cozy and Inviting Tulsa Fire Pit

Do you want to add some more excitement in your Tulsa outdoor space? A fire pit is just what homeowners need to create an inviting and cozy spot for entertaining in your outdoor environment.

Tulsa fire pits can become a charming focal point for an outdoor area – bringing the whole area to life, so to speak, with their warm glow. You will need to check with your neighborhood and city officials for any codes or rules regarding building a fire pit or outdoor fireplace in your pits in tulsa

These hardscapes can be custom-made using a wide selection of materials to add a distinctive character to the outdoor space while complementing the architecture and finish of the home and surrounding landscape. What material you use, may be contingent on a variety of factors such as if you want a permanent or mobile fire pit, or if you want to use it for outdoor cooking. If you want a permanent fire pit for your Tulsa home, you’ll need to use a more durable material like stone, brick, or concrete. Often, tulsa fire pitsyou can use a variety of materials to add more personality and create a more vibrant fire pit. Some types of fire pits, such as some gas ones, HGTVGardens noted, are not designated for cooking or will not support a grill. Sometimes an attached table or extra space that can be used as a table can be built with the fire pit allowing a place for easy dining. Many brick, stone, or cinder block fire pits, HGTVGardens said, are great for using with grills or rotisseries.

While the customary round fire pit design may come to mind, really fire pits can be formed into a variety of shapes like rectangular, square, and even L-shaped. Often built-in seating around the fire pit or a lounge area with chic outdoor sofas near the fire pit offers a peaceful place for friends to talk. Other times, homeowners may want a simpler look like Adirondack chairs to complement their classic fire pit look.
Fire pits built near the pool or spa area really enhance the feel of the outdoor environment and make the space great for entertaining any time of the year.

Spring is a great time to enjoy the warm glow of a fire pit amid the cool night air. Oklahoma Landscape’s hardscape experts can design and build the perfect fire pit for your Tulsa home.

Tulsa Landscape Design – Give Your Landscape A Touch-Up for Spring

Do you want to give your Tulsa landscape a little touch-up for spring? There are many easy ways to spruce up your Tulsa landscape design while adding valuable curb appeal.

A pathway of pavers.

Pavers are a great way to give your landscape added charm. Pavers come in a wide array of sizes, shapes, textures, colors, and materials, which makes them a favorite when it comes to Tulsa landscape design. Create an elegant walkway to invite guests to your home’s entrance or a patio in the backyard to entertain or even a distinctive driveway design. tulsa paver installers

Tulsa pavers are also great for landscaping because they can endure severe weather conditions much better than their asphalt or concrete counterparts. They are also much easier to replace than concrete if they do get damaged.

Pavers in Tulsa offer a great way to give your landscape personality and match your unique style.

Add more color to your garden.

You can add a splash of color to your Tulsa landscape with an interesting mix of colorful annuals. Do you want to plant brighter hues closer to the home to direct attention there, or do you want to spread the color purposefully throughout your garden landscape? The choice is yours, so have fun with your living paintbrush. Container plants are also an easy and fun way to decorate your landscape and home.
Many are replacing much of their lawn with colorful native plants and ornamental grasses that require less water and maintenance while creating an interesting visual diversity in their yard.

Pruning any overgrown trees or shrubs can also be an easy way to give your landscape a more manicured look.

Renew the mulch.

A new layer of mulch added around trees and flowers bring a more polished look to the landscape and provide needed contrast.

Go for organic.

Planting a vegetable garden can give your landscape an added dimension while providing healthy food for your family. You could simply section off a spot for your garden or make a raised garden bed. Organic gardens offer not only great food, but also provide more color and interest for your landscape.

Build an outdoor environment.

landscape design tulsaIf you really want to liven up your Tulsa landscape design, building an outdoor environment with an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, outdoor fireplace, pool, or simply just an outdoor living area will create an entirely new dimension for your landscape and home.
Good planning and preparation is needed though to build a successful and efficient outdoor environment that your family can enjoy for years to come. The Tulsa landscape designers and architects at Oklahoma Landscape can help design and build the perfect outdoor environment for your home.

Sprucing up your landscape can be as simple or extensive as you want, but either route you take, there are plenty of ways to enliven your landscape and give it a fresh start for a new season.