Add Resale Value to Your Home with Tulsa Outdoor Living Improvements

Perhaps you’ve been considering adding a pool, outdoor kitchen, or outdoor fireplace to your home in Tulsa, besides the obvious, there’s good reason to do so – the added resale value that these additions can bring. Even if you’re not thinking of selling your home right now, making it more “sellable” is always a good thing, just in case you want to sell in the future.

How do outdoor living improvements add value to your home? Two general principles come to mind…1. The more liveable space you give to your home, the more the value of your home increases. 2. The greater your curb appeal, the faster you’ll sell or greater your value.

Liveable Space. Everyone could use more space, so if you add areas where people can entertain and enjoy themselves more fully, then you outdoor kitchenshave a champion. But you may think, “Shouldn’t I just covert my garage into a room?” And true, converting a garage may afford more space, but then you also don’t have a garage, which many homeowners want.

Whereas, adding a deck, patio, or outdoor kitchen extends the confines of your home, creating additional living space that’s even more useful. For instance, if you have an outdoor kitchen and decide to put your house up for sale in the spring, buyers can envision themselves having their own cookouts. Or if you added a deck or patio to your Tulsa home, prospective homeowners will imagine a variety of different entertaining ideas and nights enjoyed with family.

Interior and garden designer in Southern California, Sandy Koepke, was quoted in the New York Times as saying that there’s many reasons for building an outdoor kitchen. “You’re getting a lot of bang for your buck because you’re basically creating a very usable room for a lot less money than if you were adding on to the house,” she said in the article.

The idea is to make livable space that’s flexible, something not too personal, but something buyers can see themselves using like their Tulsa outdoor environment.

Curb Appeal. Consider this, if you’ve made major renovations inside, buyers may never see them if their first impression of the house causes them to lose all interest.

“If I were going to spend money on a property, I would really work on making sure the curb appeal was strong” realtor Ron Phipps told HGTV in an article. “You really want to convey a sense of welcome. If all your remodeling is on the inside but the outside of the house is challenging, you’ll never have a chance to even show the inside,” he said.

Don’t underestimate how landscape maintenance can add resale value to your home by increasing its curb appeal. Having a professional landscape design and maintenance plan can greatly increase the curb appeal of your home while taking away the hassle of regular lawn care while you live there. Also you might consider putting in a walkway to the front door or a path to the side of the house to add interest.

Regular landscaping and lawn care can update the look of your home and keep it looking beutiful and well-cared for overall.

So if you are wanting to make your home more enjoyable for your own family while at the same time add much resale value to your property, the Tulsa landscaping contractors at Oklahoma Landscape can help you in every way.

Curb Appeal Meets Tulsa Landscaping – How They Go Hand-in-Hand

Beautiful Tulsa Lawns

Beautiful Tulsa Lawns created by Oklahoma Landscape

Are you looking for cost-effective ways to make your Tulsa home more appealing to buyers? Landscaping can actually be very effective in adding curb appeal to your Tulsa home.

Real estate agents commonly advise against making major home improvements purely to try to sell your home, whereas professional Tulsa landscaping and regular lawn maintenance can provide a reasonable means of maintaining curb appeal while emphasizing your home’s true potential. Just as real estate agents may often recommend “home staging” inside the home to help buyers picture themselves living there, professional landscaping helps to bring the home to life with carefully placed trees, plants, and shrubs.

As you know, a home buyer’s first impression of a house is important to closing the sale. What “greets” potential buyers as they first see your Tulsa property? Even a beautiful house won’t shine as bright with poor landscaping. If the home doesn’t have the lawn care it needs, it can undermine the beauty of the house itself.

If they see a well-cared-for lawn and landscape though, will they conclude that the home itself is also well-maintained? A well-manicured lawn and landscaping that engages the buyer the minute they see the property can make the home stand out as even more elegant.

Having a professional lawn maintenance program for your Tulsa home gives you a hassle-free way of keeping your home’s curb appeal at its highest level with regular mowing, edging, trimming, weed control, and other services. Lawn fertilization and weed control can keep your soil healthier, helping your lawn to stay vibrant for buyers. These cost-effective maintenance services can go a long way to adding curb appeal for your home.

Landscaping should enrich the style of your home, so having a cohesive landscape design plan is important. Tulsa landscape design architects can create a design theme for your landscape to enhance your home, adding dimension and character.

tulsa landscape designIf you’re not planning to sell your home for a few years, you may want to invest in an outdoor living space like a porch, patio, or deck. These outdoor environments – or more elaborate spaces with outdoor kitchens and outdoor fireplaces – can significantly increase the value of your home and property. Then, you can enjoy entertaining in these outdoor living spaces now and increase the market value of your home for when you decide to sell in the future.

Outdoor landscape lighting can also increase the curb appeal of a property by adding more security, safety, and elegance. A well-thought-out landscape lighting plan can add significant interest to your home. Buyers can be escorted to your home’s entrance by carefully planned pathway lighting. All of these little details create the warm feel and tone buyers relate to when searching for their next home.

Landscaping and curb appeal definitely go hand-in-hand. Professional Tulsa landscape design can add the finishing touches needed to sell your home because first impressions are often lasting impressions.