By the Builders – The Latest in Cool Pool Features

The Tulsa pool builders at Oklahoma Landscape can design and build the custom pool of your dreams. What features would you like your pool to have? And if you need some inspiration, here are some of the latest (and coolest) swimming pool trends…

Infinity edge pools. Similar to how the edge of a waterfall looks from the top of the waterfall. This type of pool feature creates the visual effect that water in the pool is extending out to the horizon or to “infinity” infinity pools tulsawith no edge to hold the water in. This feature is also called a zero edge, vanishing edge, negative edge, or disappearing edge pool. Infinity pools are often a common feature at luxury resort hotel pools, and give the pool a dreamy, “romantic” look that you’ll simply fall in love with.

Zero entry pool. Rather than steps leading into the pool, a zero entry pool has a slope entry that gradually gets deeper as you go farther into the pool. This is another elegant pool feature to compliment your infinity edge pool. This gives you the feeling of being at the beach and simply walking gradually into the ocean. Like being at the beach, this feature allows you to sit comfortably in a shallow pool of water maybe with a drink in-hand, just without sitting in wet sand.

Rock climbing walls. Why not add a climbing wall to your custom Tulsa pool design? Have fun rock climbing without the bulky ropes and harnesses. These fun and athletic custom climbing walls offer a great way to enjoy the sport of rock climbing while also enjoying the pool.

Jumping platforms. If you want to add more excitement to your Tulsa pool design, installing a jumping platform or a fun slide will do the trick. Whether a wooden platform or a slab diving rock, these jumping platforms offer a fun area for kids or adults alike. These platforms or diving boards (if your pool is designed to be deep enough to be safe for diving or jumping in) afford more functionality for your pool area. Stone pavers or boulders surrounding the jumping platform can add a natural elegance to the pool.

Volleyball net.  This pool accessory will be fun for the whole family, and a great way to entertain friends. It’s sure to take your pool games and fun to the next level.

Built-in hot tub. A classic Tulsa pool design accessories, in-ground hot tubs and spas are the quintessential poolside luxury. Create a romantic night at home with a built-in hot tub in your Tulsa outdoor environment. With a variety of options and designs available, a hot tub or spa would complete the look and function of your custom pool area.

The Tulsa pool builders at Oklahoma Landscape can design and build a custom pool for your Tulsa outdoor living space with all the latest trends in pool accessories. Call us today to discuss features for your dream pool!


A Big Splash for Tulsa Kids – Splash Pads!

Designing and building swimming pools for Tulsa residents to enjoy is something we’re known for here at Oklahoma Landscape. But if you’re looking to create a great summer play area for the kids without the investment of a pool, splash pads may be the way to go for you and your family. You may have been to a splash pad at a local Tulsa park, but these cool outdoor environments we can build right in your own backyard.

The Landscaping Network mentioned how these residential splash pads have been steadily been gaining popularity.

“If you want to save money, don’t have the space for a pool, or are looking for a safe way to stay cool, a splash pad is for you,” the article noted.Splash Pad by Marcos Cruz

Ryan Werlich, representative of Rain Deck, a company that makes splash pad kits, indicated that splash pads are very versatile serving as a fun area for kids during the day, a fun area for dogs to play, a great landscaping water feature and even a patio area when they’re not in use.

These fun areas can be smaller than 100 square feet, Werlich noted, or as large as you want.

“A splash pad can be right next to the side of a building, making them a good option for side yards,” Landscaping Network reported. “Splash pads may also be installed as pool tie-ins when building a new pool.”

So if you’re planning building a swimming pool, consider also adding a splash pool!

S.R. Smith WetDeck from Pool Supply WorldAs the article brought out, there are a variety of options available in splash pad building materials including stamped and stained concrete, pavers, rubber surfacing, slate, flagstone, broom finish and salt finish concrete, and many more.

Accordingly, not only are these splash pads fun for the kids, but they can also be built to match well with the architecture of your home and other Tulsa outdoor environment elements.

A post on featured a backyard super splash pad for a family with four children built from non-slippery Travertine tiles. The mother noted that they wanted something that looked mature but was also very child-friendly. She said it’s something their whole family enjoys in the hot Florida sun. Pictured above, this residential splash deck has a sophisticated design and yet is also kid-friendly. Keeping the design modern and simple like this one is provides a water feature that will not look too childish, but one that will coordinate with any luxury residential space.

So these exciting Tulsa outdoor living spaces can be kid-friendly and sophisticated all at the same time. They can be the perfect addition to your outdoor environment, particularly if you’re worried about space for a pool or the cost.

As experts in Tulsa pool design, our landscape contractors can design and build the ideal splash pad for your family and your landscape. We can create an entire outdoor living space for your family to ‘find themselves outside’ this summer!




Tulsa Outdoor Living Trends – Water Features and Japanese Gardens

The calming sounds of water flowing are always a soothing feature of an outdoor living space in Tulsa. Many people are thus choosing to build stunning and sometimes distinctive water features in their outdoor environments. Not only adding a relaxing character to the outdoor living area, water features also can become the focal point of the space and can entice colorful birds that help to invigorate the space even more. japanese gardens

Especially if your landscape has a slope or disparities in its topography, a flowing stream and waterfall are perfect embellishments to your garden. Line the stream with vibrant native plants to provide more eye-catching interest and you create a beautiful path through your outdoor living space. As Better Homes and Gardens (BHG) noted, “Run your stream over different materials and at varying depths to create a variety of delightful gurgles.”

Water features and gardens with an Asian theme are becoming more prevalent as homeowners want a more tranquil tone in their outdoor space. Whether simply for pondering by the water or a space for entertaining, Asian-style watetulsa outdoor livingr gardens offer an exclusive, Zen-like atmosphere. Using bamboo, arbors, wooden teahouses and bridges, winding paths, and reflecting pools, you can bring your Japanese garden to life.

Adding Tulsa hardscapes around your water feature can really enrich your outdoor living experience. Building a pergola and seating area can help afford a place to relax and contemplate life while watching your water garden, which may be teaming with fish or surrounded by birds that flock to the colorful foliage nearby the water feature. An artful bridge offers an additional focal point across a stream or pond. A deck adjacent to a pond or other water feature provides a great place to unwind or entertain. Using various pavers and hardscapes in a variety of textures and shapes can create more appeal and charm in your water garden.

If you would like to start small, BHG recommended placing a water feature in a planting bed or even using a bowl filled with a miniature water lily to serve as an outdoor dining centerpiece.

Whether you would like a more formal water garden or something with a more relaxed, even country feel, the Tulsa landscape designers at Oklahoma Landscape can create the perfect outdoor living area for your lifestyle and home.

What are Hardscape Materials? How Are Tulsa Landscapes Using Hardscapes?

Often we hear the words “hardscape” and “hardscaping” used by Tulsa landscaping companies, but what are hardscapes and how can they be used in your outdoor environment?

Hardscape materials become the basis of a great Tulsa landscape. They are the inanimate, permanent features in your landscape – those made with pavers, stone, stone, wood, or brick. Used to build permanent structures, they help to stabilize your landscape and frequently provide the foundation for an outdoor environment like an outdoor kitchen or fireplace. In a small outdoor living space, hardscaping can provide the extra seating, dining, and cooking prep space you need to stylishly entertain guests.hardscapes tulsa

With an almost infinite variety of shapes, textures, and colors, Tulsa hardscape materials can really set the tone for your Tulsa outdoor environment – from romantically elegant to modern urban designs. These materials can enhance and change the look of you property.

Tulsa Hardscapes such as pavers can easily expand your outdoor space creating a paver patio. These patios can become an addition of the home itself. That’s why it’s vital to consider the architecture and feel of your home when installing hardscapes so that the feel and tone of the hardscape complements that of the home and the rest of the landscape.

Hardscape materials help you visually divide a landscape. A pergola or other outdoor structure can aid in separating an outdoor kitchen or dining area from the rest of the outdoor living space while providing some much-needed shade. Permanent outdoor seating can be built to encircle an outdoor fireplace. Retaining walls can divide various sections of a property, even creating different levels for a landscape. Stone walls add charm and character while providing privacy.tulsa hardscapes

Water features help to create a beautiful focal point for your landscape. Built using a variety of textured hardscape materials, water features bring color and interest to your Tulsa outdoor environment.

And, of course, a walkway or path of hardscape materials like stone or concrete pads kindly welcomes guests to your home or guides them to your backyard.

The Tulsa hardscape experts at Oklahoma Landscape are adept at designing and building the right hardscapes for your landscape to perfectly complement your home, the topography of your land, and how you want to use your outdoor environment.

Tulsa Pool Design Ideas for a Backyard Luxury Retreat

A swimming pool for your Tulsa home may be one of the first things on your list for summer. Especially since Oklahoma summer weather can get pretty extreme, Tulsa homeowners often choose a custom swimming pool to relax and cool off in during the summer heat. Children gather around pools during the summer, and parents who give their child a pool party will unquestionably win ‘the coolest parent’ award.

But more than simply a way to entertain friends or keep children busy during the summer months, custom-designed pools and spas give added value to Tulsa homes and property, providing Tulsa homeowners with a great investment for tulsa pool buildersthe future.

What are some choices when it comes to designing and building a pool for your Tulsa home?

Swimming pools in Tulsa become the center of a complete backyard retreat for your family. Imagine going to a luxury resort in Hawaii, lying by a magnificently-designed pool with waterfalls, fountains, swim-up bars, slides, and other elegant amenities. All of these can be designed and built in your custom Tulsa backyard pool area. Nearly, the only limit is your imagination.

A poolside fountain with dramatic lighting can create a romantic atmosphere to relax by at night. Waterfalls and spillways also create that soothing and elegant environment that differentiates a simple pool from a resort spa. The variety of styles of these water features can range from soft and peaceful flowing water as a small accent to the pool to surrounding the pool with chic columns and rushing waterfalls.pool builders tulsa

Baja steps allow for cool relaxing as chairs can be placed in the water on the Baja step, giving sunbathers a way to easily put their feet in the water to cool off.

A variety of materials can be used to create your custom Tulsa swimming pool and surrounding patio area including natural stones, tiles, stamped concrete, gunite, and other materials that give your pool area the sophisticated look and feel you want.

And of course, pool areas can also be combined with other elegant outdoor environment features like outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and fire pits to create a total outdoor entertaining area.

Relax in style this summer with a custom-designed and built swimming pool. Create a luxury resort in your very own backyard with landscape designs from Tulsa’s Oklahoma Landscape.


Tulsa Landscaping Company Building ‘Living Classroom’ for Jenks Schools

jenks schools projectA unique project is currently in progress for Jenks Public Schools. A “living classroom” including Chimney Swift towers, butterfly gardens, rain barrels, and other landscaping features is being built near the Freshman Academy in Jenks, Okla. This interactive outdoor living space will serve as a fascinating way for students to learn about nature.

The school and 9th grade biology/ornithology teacher Todd Humphrey approached Tulsa landscaping company Oklahoma Landscape in Spring 2013 with the idea for a living classroom. Our licensed landscape architect Paul Strickland then got to work creating 3D concept models of how the finished classroom would look.

“We are excited to see this continue to grow each week,” Oklahoma Landscape President Aaron Wiltshire said. “Ultimately, this will be an incredible and unique space.”

As a Tulsa-area landscaping company, we can see the sweeping benefits a project like this could have. In thinking about the project, we felt this was a very unique school concept that could spread across the Tulsa area into other school systems, allowing kids the opportunity to learn more about landscaping, plants, caring for gardens, etc.butterfly garden tulsa landscaping

We’re also excited that many of the Jenks families we’ve done landscaping for have children who attend Jenks Schools, so they’ll get to enjoy this natural space.  And the site for the project is actually just a mile or so from the Oklahoma Landscape office, so it really feels like it’s in our own “backyard.”

When the “Flycatcher Trail” classroom is completed, students will be able to plant vegetables, perennials, feed birds, and study insects. Students will also be responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the gardens, trails, and water feature.

“This project can help students in many ways. It can teach them how to do things outside. We all know how electronics can dominate the time of our youth. This project helps kids to get their hands dirty, into the soil, so to speak. It helps them take pride in caring and nurturing plants and gardens,” Aaron Wiltshire said. “There’s a lot of pride that comes from nurturing living things and benefiting from the beauty that is created.”

tulsa landscapingAs a landscaping company, we know the benefits that come from working with nature and the creativity that can be awakened in the process, and we hope this project will continue to foster that sense of creativity in our children…and it could even inspire a future Tulsa landscape designer.

“Some of our youth will become aspiring designers, architects, etc., and there are little opportunities we can make available to help put something in front of them that may guide them one way or the other,” Aaron Wiltshire added.

What are some of the features this distinctive classroom will have?

Entry structure with rain barrels and a pergola pass-through.

Water feature with streams and a stone bridge.

Compost bins

Butterfly garden

Upright Chimney Swift towers

Native landscape plants and trees

Fully automatic sprinkler system

Cedar split rail fencing

Extensive decomposed granite trails

While Oklahoma Landscape is spearheading the project, there are many others who have donated time, labor, and materials to make this happen. We felt like we could pull off this huge undertaking because of our reliable team of professionals and with the valuable help of our trusted sub-contractors and suppliers.

“Tulsa and the surrounding towns have made Oklahoma Landscape what it is today, and this project is a great opportunity for us to give back to the community we all share!” Aaron Wiltshire noted.

The Flycatcher Trail, located in a lot east of the 9th grade center, is estimated to be completed in March or early April. Stay tuned for more information on how the work is progressing and the various features of the living classroom…





Outdoor Living Ideas for Small Tulsa Outdoor Living Spaces

tulsa outdoor living spacesMany Tulsa homeowners with smaller backyards may think that there’s not a whole lot they can do with their outdoor space. But the Tulsa landscape designers at Oklahoma Landscape would say otherwise. Outdoor living spaces do not need to be huge to be interesting, practical, and filled with awesome beauty. Notice these tips for creating functional Tulsa outdoor environments in even not-so-big landscapes.

Plan Things Out

Tulsa homeowners may want to dive in and start tearing out plants and hardscapes to renovate your outdoor space, but careful planning is worth the wait.

Think about how you would most like to use your Tulsa outdoor living area. Do you enjoy entertaining or cooking out? Would you use the space mostly to relax, read, and get away from the world? Do you love water and would like to have a spa or a decorative water feature? How you plan to use your landscape will shape what features comprise the space, and with thoughtful design you can add more features.

Know what your central points will be and then you can design other things around those main features.

When you’re working with a smaller space, it’s important to have things planned out so that every portion of the space is utilized to get the most function from the area. The sky’s the limit – although you may have less ground space, you can create more vertical space for gardens and additional storage.outdoor living space ideas

Our Tulsa landscape designers can assist you with planning the most practical design for your outdoor space.

Create Different Outdoor Living ‘Rooms’

To make the most of your small outdoor space, create distinct outdoor living areas in the same space by artfully dividing the space depending on its intended use.

For instance, you can have a dining area on a small patio area and cover it with an arbor or small pergola that will visually separate the space. Create a ‘living room’ area with an L-shaped sectional sofa made of indoor-outdoor materials, an area rug and even a coffee table that will effectively divide the space. A fire pit can also be a focal point for a seating area and can form a comfy atmosphere for entertaining.

You can use raised flowerbeds as edging, foliage such as vines or bamboo to separate and add privacy, or use different pavers and hardscape materials to differentiate the spaces. Although you want these areas to be slightly divided visually, you will also want them to connect or seamlessly flow from one to another so that it does have the feel of one complete outdoor environment. Walkways or stone paths can help accomplish this.

Enlarge the Space with Color and Texture

Color makes the world seem livelier. Texture can add dimension and personality to a space. Adding these to your outdoor living space will create more depth and interest in your yard. Colorful container gardens filled with plants of varying textures are very practical.

Pavers and other hardscape materials come in an array of colors, sizes, shapes, and textures. These can often add more charm and are easier to replace or repair than concrete.

Bright, coordinated colors and attention-grabbing fabrics for rugs, throw pillows, and seating areas can make the space more inviting. Using reclaimed, distressed, or antique pieces can tastefully be used in your outdoor space to add character and sometimes even a pop of color.

With a little planning and creativity, any size outdoor space can be the setting for a gorgeous Tulsa outdoor environment. As your premier Tulsa landscaping company, Oklahoma Landscape can help you design the most practical and most engaging outdoor living space.