More Than Mowing Needed for Residential Tulsa Lawn Care

To some, Tulsa lawn care may simply be weekly mowing. But there’s much more to having a beautiful lawn than just mowing. Of course, proper mowing is essential, but there are other important components of a healthy lawn. And homeowners must also understand how to take care of problem areas.

Effective lawn mowing. It must be said…mowing is a key feature of great Tulsa lawn care. Done correctly, mowing can greatly aid your lawn in remaining healthy. Make sure your mower has a sharp blade for a clean and healthier cut. Then you will want to cut no more than one-third of the blade’s height at any one time. Leaving the grass higher will help to crowd out weeds. Mowing shorter creates stress on the grass blades, and can dry out the soil too quickly.tulsa lawn care

Proper lawn fertilization. It’s good to have your soil tested to see what nutrients the soil is lacking and its pH level. With this information, you know the best fertilizer to use. Usually, it’s best to add fertilizer to cool-season grasses in the fall while warm-season grasses do better when fertilizer is added in the spring. When fertilizing, use a slow-release fertilizer on a nice day. Corn gluten is an organic fertilizer that adds nitrogen to your lawn while also acting as a natural weed deterrent, especially for crabgrass.

Watering at the right time. Proper watering is another key for a healthy lawn. Early morning is the best time to water because you won’t lose too much water to mid-day evaporation, and the grass won’t stay too wet at night, which can cause fungus and disease. This will help prevent your lawn from turning brown because of fungus. Overwatering can also cause yellowing of your lawn.

lawn mowing tulsaHow much should you water your Tulsa lawn? The Family Handyman gave a useful tip: “Set a cake pan halfway between your sprinkler and the edge of the spray pattern. Watch your clock to see how long it takes the sprinkler to fill the pan with 3/8 in. of water. Water for that amount of time three times a week, unless it rains.”

Weed control for Tulsa lawns. Try to apply a pre-emergent weed control herbicide in the spring before weeds start to germinate. As we’ve mentioned, corn gluten meal acts as a great weed suppressant. You can spot spray individual weeds that sprout up, The Family Handyman noted. Concentrated vinegar can be an effective organic spot weed killer, although it may adversely affect other surrounding plants as well, so you may need to precisely target the weeds.

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Tulsa Commercial Lawn Maintenance – Why Important for Businesses?

When you approach the door of a business, college campus, retail park, or hospital, what catches your eye? Does the landscaping have a bearing on what you think of the company?

As a business owner, ycommercial lawn care tulsaou understand how essential first impressions are, especially for a company. When clients first approach your Tulsa commercial property, the property’s landscaping can have a vivid effect on the image your company portrays. A neat, well-designed, organized landscape gives the impression that the organization also manifests those qualities and as well as caring for the environment. A beautiful, well-kept lawn instils confidence in customers, employees, future residents, or students. Thus, Tulsa commercial lawn maintenance and landscaping can be a crucial part of a company’s corporate identity, effectively conveying the professional brand image you want your company to have. This, in turn, translate into a significant return on investment.

What are some of the advantages of having a professional Tulsa landscaping company manage your commercial lawn care?

Less Stress

Why spend time worrying about the lawn care needs of your company? Lawn care can be very laborious for a business owner, and supervising multiple landscape contractors and handling lawn maintenance dilemmas can be stressful. With one professional landscaping company taking care of all your lawn care needs, you can save time, money, and focus on more important business matters.

With Tulsa commercial lawn maintenance, you’ll know your landscape will be cared for on a consistent basis. Regular care is needed for lawns to maintain their beauty and health. Your staff may not be able to consistently mow or manage your entire landscape. Hiring a professional company dedicated to maintaining the beauty of your landscape will ensure that it’s attended to regularly.

Landscape Design

A landscaping company can give your lawn the professional appearance you want your company to showcase. Landscaping experts can design a functional and aesthetically-engaging outdoor space for your business, homeowner’s association, campus, retail park, outdoor sports facility, office park, golf club, or apartment property. And these landscape design professionals can keep your landscape looking fresh and new, giving you ideas on how to effectively update your landscape in the most cost-effective way. Tulsa lawn care professionals understand how to get the most from your landscape and bring out its full beauty and potential with innovative landscaping techniques.

Skilled Lawn Care

Keeping a landscape healthy and beauty involves more than mowing it regularly. To have a vibrant, healthy lawn, you would need to help the lawn have all the nutrients it needs and be able to detect any potential problems. Professional Tulsa lawn care experts have the in-depth knowledge and skills needed to promote the long-term health of your landscape, including fertilization and weed control programs, tree and shrub care, lawn aeration, overseeding, and prevent and treat insect disease. Knowing how to effectively treat the overall health of your lawn will help it to thrive, and in the end, save you money by preventing costly course lawn care tulsa

Equipment Savings

Buying enough lawn care equipment to adequately take care of an entire commercial property can be quite expensive. And maintaining that equipment over the years can only add to that expense. Prevent the added worry, stress, and costs of having to buy your own equipment by hiring professional lawn maintenance. Leave the responsibility and expense of having the right lawn care tools, fertilizers, and equipment to the lawn care professionals.

Business owners, property managers, schools, healthcare facilities, and other organizations can all benefit greatly from the positive first impression a well-designed and manicured landscape can have on customers.