Tulsa Pavers – Adding Charm to your Patio, Walkway, or Pool Deck

pavers in TulsaWould you like to add some charm to your walkway or patio?  How about creating more character for your pool deck? Many homeowners are now using pavers in Tulsa to give their outdoor environments greater detail and style. Pavers are hardscapes that can be used to create landscaping pavement features like driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks, and more. Why are these a great addition for your Tulsa landscape?

Pavers are a practical way of enhancing your landscape. Tulsa pavers are more affordable and easier to replace than many other materials. Unlike poured concrete which becomes difficult to repair or replace once it’s damaged, pavers can easily be removed and replaced, greatly reducing landscape repair costs. Because they’re installed using sand as a stabilizer, these hardscapes can absorb stress better than other pavement materials. That being the case, they can withstand harsh weather conditions and even small earthquakes better than poured concrete or asphalt. This durable design makes them ideal for almost any hardscape project.

paver installers TulsaTulsa pavers can give your outdoor space a whole new look with a variety of styles, shapes, sizes, tones, and materials available. With so much variety in the textures and colors of pavers, homeowners can add a unique personality to their Tulsa outdoor living space. A coordinated, multicolored paver walkway or patio can create a striking entrance and can perfectly complement the architecture of your home. With pavers, you can give your outdoor space the vintage look and feel of cobbled streets, an elegant Mediterranean veranda, or a more modern feel with custom interlocking paver designs. Whatever theme you want your outdoor environment to have, pavers can help create it. You can use an assortment of interlocking stone, brick, and concrete pavers to give your landscape a patio builders tulsaunique style.

Pavers can also be environmentally friendly, allowing water to percolate through to the ground beneath, thus preventing erosion, runoff, and helping to improve the soil. These permeable pavers can help filter pollutants that might normally run off into storm drains and streets. Unlike concrete which absorbs heat in the summer, permeable pavers can even help lower the temperature around your home by absorbing moisture instead of heat.

Pavers are an ideal choice for many Tulsa landscaping projects by adding an easy and affordable way to dress up your landscape while providing practical value and versatility. Oklahoma Landscape is a certified Tulsa paver installer. Our designers have been trained, tested, and certified by the Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute (I.C.P.I). Call us today to find out more about how pavers can highlight the beauty of your Tulsa landscape and home.