Ideas to Brighten Your Tulsa Landscape This Winter

Tulsa landscapes can look a little dreary during winter. What can you do to add a little color to your landscape, even in the bleak days of winter? We have some tips to brighten your Tulsa landscape design.

Add mulch to your garden. Mulching your flowerbed or garden during the winter can help add color to your landscape and camellia-65804_640help insulate plants for winter. Mulch also offers plants vital nutrients they will need in the spring.

Plant what will flourish in a winter garden. Some plants and shrubs can survive pretty well in the chilly winter weather and even bloom during the winter months, adding significant color and interest to your garden. Camellias are blooming evergreen shrubs that grow to be about 6 to 8 feet tall with showy pink or white flowers. There are numerous varieties of camellias including super hardy ones like “Winter Joy” and “Snow Flurry” that do well in even really cold weather. Pansies are another plant that does well even in colder weather. These cute little annuals can remain stalwart with their bright and fragrant blooms through much of the fall and winter weather.

Add color to your hardscapes. Although the plants in your landscape might not have much color, the hardscapes in your garden can shine through. Paint your fence or gate a bright color that complements your home and outdoor environment or paint your garage door or front door a bright, new color. You can also take the winter months to revamp some of your exterior structures by adding decorative hardware to your garage door or adding new fixtures to other areas of your home and landscape.

red-dogwood-271274_640Add light to your landscape. If you don’t already have lighting in your outdoor living space and garden, why not add lighting design this winter? Professional landscape lighting design can transform your outdoor environment and create warmth and interest all year long. Plus, you’ll be able to use your outdoor living space more with outdoor lighting. The Tulsa landscape lighting design specialists at Oklahoma Landscape can help create the best outdoor lighting for your pathway, deck, or pool area to match your home and outdoor décor.

Create interesting focal points to your Tulsa landscape. Creating focal points in your garden or landscape will also add visual interest amid the dreary winter weather. Outdoor structures like gazebos, pergolas, arbors, etc. can provide interest while also being practical additions to your landscape. Building a fire pit or outdoor fireplace in your backyard will create a focal point while providing a place to relax and entertain friends, even in winter. Other additions to your garden could include statues, birdbaths, or even a decorative pond.

The Tulsa landscape designers at Oklahoma Landscape can help you create the perfect winter wonderland for your landscape and home. We can design and build complete outdoor living spaces to match your lifestyle and complement the architecture of your home as well as take care of all your landscaping and lawn care needs.

Landscape Design in Tulsa – Creating a Practical Landscape Theme

landscape designers tulsaLandscape designers in Tulsa transform ordinary backyards in cohesive outdoor living spaces. What does that mean and why is that needed? Landscape designers create a theme for properties using plants and hardscapes to tell a story or set a tone for the landscape. This landscape theme makes the landscape more practical, more functional for everyday use.

Instead of allowing plants and grass to grow haphazardly, landscape designers in Tulsa such as Oklahoma Landscape can use the natural elements of a property to enhance not only the landscape but also the home itself, increasing property value and curb appeal. Plants, trees, and shrubs are set in strategic places to lower energy costs, provide shade, reduce irrigation needs, and prevent erosion. The variety of plants and foliage in the landscape and their color can provide serenity and relaxation for a home or business owner. Color therapy can be used in a landscape to evoke certain emotions and enhance the outdoor experience. Gardens can provide the needed relief after a stressful workday to balance emotions and promote well-being. Landscape designers are adept at creating these luxury gardens that invigorate the senses.

Landscape design combines an effective use of plants, or softscapes, with hardscapes or the inanimate features of a landscape such as those made of stone, concrete, wood, or brick. Used in the right combination, these elements provide visual structure, dimension, and character to a landscape, while also adding to the theme or tone of the property. A functional outdoor kitchen in Tulsa with granite countertops provides an ideal entertaining spot for a landscape. An elegant outdoor fireplace offers a romantic focal point to the landscape design. Oklahoma Landscape’s design architects use realistic 3D modeling to show how the finished project will look before landscape development or construction even begins.outdoor kitchens tulsa

And, of course, fundamental to landscape design is good design, planning, and implementation. Tulsa landscape designers know that to create a landscape that is not only visually engaging but also practical to the homeowner’s lifestyle, landscapers must analyze the needs of the homeowner and the landscape itself, and then carefully plan a landscape arrangement to fit those needs. This carefully thought-out design allows for the optimal use of the property and most pleasing visual appearance, creating the most serene environment.

Good landscape design is everything for your Tulsa property. It makes your home or business and their adjoining property a cohesive design element in the community, creating a living work of art for your Tulsa neighborhood. The needs of you as a property owner are of prime importance. If a landscape design is not practical to the home or business owner, then it won’t be used to the full. But if the landscape design creates a compelling theme for your home or business, then you’ll be sure to ‘find yourself outside.’