Great Ideas For Landscaping Slopes On Your Tulsa Property

Are you frustrated because you can’t figure out what to do with the slope in your Tulsa landscape? Numerous Tulsa residents find themselves with this type of landscape design issue because so many Tulsa homes were built on the area’s lovely hillsides. These steep hillside slopes can be ratherretaining walls tulsa tricky to garden, but it’s important to landscape these areas to prevent costly and possibly even dangerous erosion and drainage complications. What are some ways to landscape slopes to prevent these kinds of issues?

Make some walls.

Erosion ensues as surface runoff moves downhill taking with it loose soil. The faster the water flows down a slope, the more soil it likely will take with it. Thus, to effectively control erosion, the rate at which water flows downhill must be decreased, and yet still allow for drainage. Carefully constructed retaining walls and terraces can be very adept at preventing soil erosion and flooding. Retaining walls can be constructed using a variety of decorative hardscape materials such as natural stones, interlocking blocks, concrete, wood, brick, or cinder blocks. Because of their decorative appearance, retaining walls can add dimension and character to your landscape. They can be textured and aged or smooth and symmetrical, adding a decorative structure and organization to the landscape while holding back an embankment and creating level areas of land.

However, retaining walls must be properly built so they can withstand the pressure of weather, time, and other elements. These retaining walls must also complement your property’s drainage and irrigation system to be effective. Several shorter terraces are often more effective than one or two larger segments because the more gradual the slope, the less chances there are for runoff.

Put nature to work.

Woody shrubs and trees that have a deep network of roots can help bind the various layers of soil together. Over time or through construction, these soil layers can become weak and less compact. Thus, plants with a strong root system can help keep the soil layers intact and slow water runoff. Hardy, drought-resistant plants like succulents, groundcovers, and native plants that flourish in Oklahoma will help reduce erosion and even help combat weeds. These plants are also usually more low-maintenance plants, providing easy upkeep for you landscape.

Rocks and boulders provide another decorative means of slowing the flow of water down a slope. Add native plants or shrubs behind these stone hardscapes and you’ll create a beautifully natural landscape. Make sure boulders are packed securely into the soil.

Steps that stabilize.

Meandering steps can be used to guide guests up what would otherwise be a difficult slope. You could make a series of steps in a winding or zigzag pattern that adds personality and charm to the hillside. Plant colorful shrubs or groundcover alongside the curving stairway to create even more interest and help prevent surface runoff.

Use Water to the Full

While surface runoff can cause much erosion damage, you can work with the water by diverting it through a stream, waterfall, or other water feature along a shallow slope. Fill in the stream with rocks and you have a natural creek bed. Thus, your babbling brook can safely allow water to flow downstream and form another visual interest piece for your landscape.

Because of the delicate nature of slopes, soil, and their proper drainage patterns, it’s often good to seek the advice of professional landscape designers before making any major adjustments to your slope or hillside. The Tulsa landscape designers at Oklahoma Landscape will be glad to help you correct or prevent drainage and erosion issues by properly landscaping your hillside or slope.

We offer a complete range of landscape architecture, drainage, irrigation, and hardscape services to help you ‘find yourself outside’ in your beautiful and engaging landscape.


Invigorate Your Tulsa Landscape By Adding Color This Fall

Soon it will be fall. Leaves will change colors and the cool fall air will brush through the Tulsa landscape. People adore the fall season for the display of colors that can be seen across Oklahoma. For an even more colorful fall season, many homeowners plant shrubs, trees, and perennials that are known for their amazing colors in the fall. fall landscape design

The Virginia Sweetspire is a dazzling shrub with great ornamental fall colors. Growing in either shade or sun, the Virginia Sweetspire will showcase small white flowers in the summer, and then its green leaves will turn to a bright red, yellow, orange, or even rich burgundy color during fall.

A hardy deciduous shrub that creates an outstanding display of fall color with orange-red fall foliage is the Chokeberry. This shrub thrives in open sunlight or can tolerate partial shade. The Amur Maple offers nice red color during the fall and can act either as shrub or a small tree depending on how it’s pruned and cared for. Also, different varieties of Sumac including the Tiger Eyes Sumac provide stunning displays of fall color with yellow, scarlet, orange and foliage. These Sumacs are hardy shrubs that thrive in full sun and shouldn’t be confused with their poison sumac cousin.

Naturally, Maple trees will add a rich display of color to your Tulsa landscape this fall. From the widespread Red Maple to the Japanese Maple, these trees are known for their crimson colors and elegant, unique shapes. The Autumn Purple Ash tree is another fall favorite with reddish-purple leaves that change sooner in the season than other trees. Dogwoods afford great color during any season with white and pink flowers in the spring and purplish-red leaves in the fall.

Sedums are a vibrant perennial for fall color as are Helenium, Fall Crocus, Asters and the brilliant Colchicum. These are all great perennials that bloom in the fall and can bring an increase of color to your garden late in the season. For a little contrast, the Russian Sage is a perennial that offers a collection of purple-blue flowers from mid-summer to fall.

Beautify your Tulsa landscape this fall with some of these brilliant late season trees and shrubs.

For more ideas on how to add a splash of amazing color to your fall landscape, contact the Tulsa landscape design specialists at Oklahoma Landscape. We can create a unique color palate for your Tulsa home and garden and create brilliant interest in your landscape throughout the year.




Landscape Design in Tulsa – Creating a Practical Landscape Theme

landscape designers tulsaLandscape designers in Tulsa transform ordinary backyards in cohesive outdoor living spaces. What does that mean and why is that needed? Landscape designers create a theme for properties using plants and hardscapes to tell a story or set a tone for the landscape. This landscape theme makes the landscape more practical, more functional for everyday use.

Instead of allowing plants and grass to grow haphazardly, landscape designers in Tulsa such as Oklahoma Landscape can use the natural elements of a property to enhance not only the landscape but also the home itself, increasing property value and curb appeal. Plants, trees, and shrubs are set in strategic places to lower energy costs, provide shade, reduce irrigation needs, and prevent erosion. The variety of plants and foliage in the landscape and their color can provide serenity and relaxation for a home or business owner. Color therapy can be used in a landscape to evoke certain emotions and enhance the outdoor experience. Gardens can provide the needed relief after a stressful workday to balance emotions and promote well-being. Landscape designers are adept at creating these luxury gardens that invigorate the senses.

Landscape design combines an effective use of plants, or softscapes, with hardscapes or the inanimate features of a landscape such as those made of stone, concrete, wood, or brick. Used in the right combination, these elements provide visual structure, dimension, and character to a landscape, while also adding to the theme or tone of the property. A functional outdoor kitchen in Tulsa with granite countertops provides an ideal entertaining spot for a landscape. An elegant outdoor fireplace offers a romantic focal point to the landscape design. Oklahoma Landscape’s design architects use realistic 3D modeling to show how the finished project will look before landscape development or construction even begins.outdoor kitchens tulsa

And, of course, fundamental to landscape design is good design, planning, and implementation. Tulsa landscape designers know that to create a landscape that is not only visually engaging but also practical to the homeowner’s lifestyle, landscapers must analyze the needs of the homeowner and the landscape itself, and then carefully plan a landscape arrangement to fit those needs. This carefully thought-out design allows for the optimal use of the property and most pleasing visual appearance, creating the most serene environment.

Good landscape design is everything for your Tulsa property. It makes your home or business and their adjoining property a cohesive design element in the community, creating a living work of art for your Tulsa neighborhood. The needs of you as a property owner are of prime importance. If a landscape design is not practical to the home or business owner, then it won’t be used to the full. But if the landscape design creates a compelling theme for your home or business, then you’ll be sure to ‘find yourself outside.’

Lawn Care Tips to Get Your Tulsa Landscape Ready for Winter

fall lawn care tips tulsaWith the autumn season in full swing in Tulsa, there’s no better time to watch leaves change colors, enjoy a hayride with family and friends, and indulge in a cup of hot apple cider. But, did you know it’s also the perfect time to prepare your Tulsa landscape for winter?

Fall is an important time of year to give your lawn proper care, so it can survive the harsh winter months ahead. So before you put your tools in hibernation, consider these five lawn and garden projects to help your lawn flourish come springtime:

1. Leaf removal – During the fall, leaves cover your lawn in what seems like the blink of an eye. A leaf blower is an easy tool to use and can help you move all your debris to one place for quick cleanup. Keep in mind, it’s best to either blow all leaves toward the center of your yard to create one big pile, or start at the edge of your lawn and blow leaves in the same direction.

2. Restore soil – Add beneficial nutrients, soil bacteria and microorganisms to next year’s garden by recycling pulled annuals, leaves, grass clippings, and leftover fruits and vegetables into an organic compost. Your homemade compost will help you get a jumpstart on your spring lawn and garden efforts, and increase soil richness for plants and flowers.

3. Prune – Since trees and shrubs lose leaves in the fall, it is easier to spot and prune diseased or dying branches. To prevent disease, prune branches that grow back toward the center of the tree, or cross and rub against each other. However, do not remove unreasonably large branches since exposed stubs can cause health problems for trees and shrubs.

4. Lawn mulch – Give your lawn the strength it needs to survive the winter with nutrient-heavy mulch. An easy way to do this is by using a mulching lawn mower or a chipper shredder to mulch leaves and spread a thin layer over your lawn. The nutrients and organic matter absorbed into the ground will contribute to your lawn’s overall strength and growth in the spring. Plus, mulching is great for preventing weeds, stopping erosion and compaction.

5. Weed control – Just like other plants, weeds prepare for winter by storing food in their roots. To remove stubborn weeds, pull or dig weeds out of the ground or use a homemade weed-control solution, such as five parts white vinegar, two parts water and one part dish soap, and then-reseed the spots to prevent regrowth. Oklahoma Landscape also offers an effective weed control treatment to keep your Tulsa lawn weed-free all year, as well as lawn fertilization and overseeding programs to keep it healthy and looking great.

Fall will be over before you know it, so get your yard ready for the cold days ahead. Call the Tulsa landscapers at Oklahoma Landscape for more help in keeping your Tulsa landscape looking its best. You’ll be glad you did when spring is in full bloom.

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Create Mini-Landscapes for your Tulsa Home by Dividing Your Yard

Have you ever thought of “dividing” your yard to create more outdoor living spaces or outdoor environments? Although it may at first seem strange, the concept comes from the fact that we already divide up our homes into rooms, so why not divide our landscapes into living spaces?

“. . .the more conscious we become of outdoor living spaces, the more we can tailor them to suit our needs,” online landscape guide David Beaulieu said. “Part of the beauty behind the concept of separate “rooms” in a house is that each unit is unique unto itself.”

Oklahoma Landscape’s architects can assist you in creating mini-landscapes tailored to your specific needs and thus make your Tulsa landscape more distinctive and user friendly.

This is not to say that there should not be unity throughout your landscape, just as there is unity in your home, but you may want each space to serve a different purpose.

Outdoor environments in Tulsa can be created by contemplating the components of indoor rooms, i.e. floors, walls, ceilings, Beaulieu says. Floors can be thought of as the grass, patios, tile, mulch or decks. Walls can be created by hedges, fences, hardscape, and lattice. Arbors, pergolas, plant or synthetic canopies, awnings and lawn umbrellas can all serve as part of the ceiling in your landscape. The best part is that most of these structural elements are not co-dependent on one another, unlike real building materials.

Just as with indoor projects, color is also important in developing your outdoor space. Oklahoma Landscape’s horticulture specialists can help you determine which plants will create what mood for your outdoor spaces.

An endless variety of outdoor living spaces can be created to allow you to utilize your Tulsa property in the most efficient and esthetically pleasing way possible. From pool areas to play areas to reading and relaxation areas, your landscape can express your style and life as well as your home does.