Tulsa Landscape Design – Delicious Edible Landscaping Ideas

We all desire a beautiful landscape to complement our home. Elegant landscape design creates a peaceful place where we can unwind on the weekends, enjoy summer evenings with family, or hospitality entertain friends. But more homeowners are opting for, not just beautiful landscapes, but delicious, edible landscapes as well.

With the trend toward organic gardening, homeowners are seeing the many benefits of Tulsa landscape design that includes blueberry bushedible plants, which are as pretty as they are scrumptious. Edible landscaping is not just about planting a garden in your backyard, but more about integrating a variety of edible trees, plants, and shrubs throughout your landscape to provide cost-effective, healthy food right at home.

In fact, Better Homes and Gardens (BHG) wrote an article online about how to include edible plants in your landscaping. Here are some of the tips they gave:

A pretty plant that fits well in the flower bed or along the border is Rhubarb, especially when paired with purple-leaved Ajuga or a similar low-growing groundcover. Strawberries are another good groundcover or edging plant for a flowerbed or even planted on a sunny slope as a groundcover.

Currant bushes and blueberry make great decorative (and delicious) shrubs. Miniature and dwarf fruit trees are available that grow about 4 or 5 feet tall and even grow well in pots. These are great for use in smaller yards. Raspberries, the article noted, do great in light to medium shade, making them easy to grow at home.

Instead of traditional vines to grow over an arbor or trellis, the article suggested grapevines or short vining-type vegetables like cucumbers, zucchini, and melons. Gorgeous grapevines will grow well over an arbor, plus you can use the leaves for decoration on platters or to top cheeses and salads, BHG said.

strawberries - edible landscapingVegetables often do well in containers, the article added. Lettuces come in a variety of colors, making them ideal for window boxes and along edges of flower beds. Hot peppers also add rich color to the landscape, especially when paired with marigolds and vinca. Swiss chard is another vegetable that comes in a “rainbow of colors” that can be paired with other vibrant flowers to create a beautiful Tulsa landscape design.

For more great edible gardening tips, check out the Edible Landscaping article on BHG. If you’d like help to incorporate more edible plants into your landscape, call the Tulsa gardening and landscape design/build experts at Oklahoma Landscape.


Tulsa Landscape Design Tips for your Front-yard Spring Makeover

tulsa landscapingIs your lawn and Tulsa landscape needing a makeover? While winter may have left your lawn looking a little dreary, you can get your landscape looking amazing by summer. A few simple makeover tips can give your Tulsa landscape and your home itself a brand new look.

To revitalize your lawn, a good Tulsa lawn fertilization and weed control program will give your grass the nutrients it needs to flourish. This weed control program provides turf with the foundation needed to create a beautiful lawn and ultimately an attractive landscape. Along with these Tulsa weed control programs, mulch is an ideal, simple addition for gardens to give the area a more polished look while also helping to control weeds.

Other homeowners may choose to remove the majority of their lawn in favor of a more low-maintenance Tulsa landscape design. These landscapes employ native plants and more hardscaping in order to use less water and thus need less maintenance.

landscaping tulsaBuilding a pathway to your home’s entrance with stained concrete pads or stone pavers creates an inviting visual line to your home. Pavers come in a wide array of colors, styles, and textures to easily and quickly add sophistication and character to your front-yard.

Lining this pathway with a garden of colorful, native plants, shrubs, and trees will enhance your entire landscape. In fact, you could almost fill your front landscape area with colorful foliage and plants – varying their size, color, and shape to create a lively mosaic that will welcome your guests.

Building an ornamental fence from wood panels or lattice that doesn’t necessarily block out all of the view but rather visually divides your landscape can create privacy and structure for your front-yard. This can also be accomplished with decorative walls or retaining walls of varying levels that will ornately create sections for your Tulsa landscape design.

Adding a small decorative water feature such as a fountain can also help to transform your landscape.

These are just a few of the numerous ways to spruce up your front-yard this spring. Talk to the Tulsa landscape design specialists at Oklahoma Landscape to see how they can help renovate your landscape.