Buying the Best Lawn Mowers for Your Tulsa Lawn

Many Tulsa landscaping companies like Oklahoma Landscape offer residential lawn care and maintenance, yet some homeowners prefer to mow their lawns themselves. If this is true in your case, a reliable lawn mower is a necessity. But there are many choices when it comes to lawn mowers in Tulsa. Which one is the best? Well, it may depend on your particular lawn, how much time you want to devote to lawn care, and other ecological lawn mowing tulsaconcerns.

Gas, Electric, or Reel Mowers.  Lawn mowers come with a variety of power choices. Manual reel mowers, of course, are great environment and are good exercise; however, they don’t cut off as much of the blade (1/8” – 1/4”) in one mowing. Thus, with a reel mower, you will probably have to mow more frequently. There are several kinds of electric mowers, which can be ideal for smaller yards. Some electric mowers are battery-powered and some come with a cord. Some gas-powered mowers have both an electric start and a pull cord making them easier to start if the battery is charged. However, with a battery-powered or electric start mower, you’ll need to keep track of the charger to make sure you can recharge, and it recharges enough to mow the entire lawn. And of course gas mowers will be more powerful than electric or reel mowers and may be a better choice for larger or hillier landscapes.

Size and Landscaping of your Lawn. Do you have a large, medium, or small yard? Are there a number of trees, shrubs, or hills in your lawn? Of course, a riding mower or even lawn tractor would be good if you have a large or maybe even a medium-sized lawn with few trees. But for many medium or small lawns, a self-propelled walk-behind mower works well. These mowers may be front or rear-wheel-drive. Front-wheel-drive mowers are easier for mowing around objects like trees or shrubs, whereas a rear-wheel-drive mowers do better at mowing uphill but are not as nimble around obstacles. A walk-behind push mower with a gas engine will mow down taller grass than electric or reel mowers, but they’ll still need to be pushed, so these may be best for smaller, more flat areas.

Bag or Mulch mower. You’ll also need to consider whether you want to collect your grass in a bag or use a mower that mulches the grass and leaves it. Mulching can help to protect the lawn from heat in the summer, retaining more moisture, and provide the lawn with nutrients. However too much mulch, usually from cutting too much grass at one time, can cause large clumps of mulch to accumulate on the lawn. These large clumps of grass can spread disease and fungus which causes the lawn to have yellow areas. With any mower, it’s best to remove no more than 1/3 of the blade during one mowing. If you choose a bag to collect the grass clippings, a rear bag will be easier to maneuver and mow using.

Also, when selecting a mower, think about where you will be able to have it tuned up. Thus, choosing the right lawn mower for your Tulsa landscape will depend on the amount of time and energy you want to put into your yard as well as the size and topography of the lawn itself.

If you decide mowing isn’t for you or it’s taking up too much of your weekend, the Tulsa lawn care experts at Oklahoma Landscape can take care of all your residential or commercial lawn maintenance.

Tulsa Residential and Commercial Lawn Care Tips

Many Tulsa homeowners anticipate spring and enjoying their outdoor living spaces more. But how do you keep your Tulsa lawn looking great? There are a few simple things you can do during the year to have a healthy and beautiful lawn. Whether for your residential or commercial property, here are some basic Tulsa lawn care tips to keep in mind.

Early Spring

Having good preparation will make the lawn mowing season much easier. Get organized for spring now by sharpening your mower blade to make sure it neatly cuts the grass blades to avert tears in the grass which can harm the turf. Also, give your mower a tune-up service and put fresh gas in the tank, noted.tulsa lawn care

Rake your lawn to eliminate leaves, debris, and matted grass.


Have your soil’s pH tested to see what nutrients the ground in your yard might be lacking.

Aerate your lawn by getting rid of small core patches of soil and dead grass, or thatch, when the soil is somewhat damp. Core aeration permits better drainage and allows more room for oxygen, water, and nutrients to reach deeper into the soil. This, in turn, will aid the roots in growing deeper and fuller in the soil.

Seed your lawn with new cool season varieties that are known to flourish in our environment to fill in bare spots and help your lawn grow denser. The new grass seed assortments planted will have a higher resistance to disease than those previously in the lawn, creating a vibrant and lush lawn that is more resistant to disease and weeds.

This is a good time to fertilize your Tulsa lawn and put on a pre-emergent weed control treatment.

When mowing your lawn, mow grass about 3” high, cutting no more than 1/3 of the grass blade at a time. Mowing the grass at a taller height will help your lawn stay healthier by keeping the soil cooler, prevent weeds from getting sunlight to grow, and prevent scalping of the lawn, which can add significant stress on the grass.


As grub worms appear and feed on your lawn’s root system, you may need to treat for these and other outdoor pests with beneficial nematodes before they create brown patches all over the lawn.

lawn maintenance tulsaIt’s also suggested to fertilize your lawn again six to eight weeks after the first lawn fertilizer application. Your lawn may also need a post-emergent weed control application.

Enough water is also vital for your lawn. You will need to irrigate your lawn if rainfall is below 1 inch a week, which in Oklahoma is very likely during summer months. Irrigate with deep and infrequent watering techniques to promote better root growth.

Clean underneath your mower at least once a month to prevent the spread of lawn disease, also noted.


As the weather gets cooler, it’s again good to aerate, overseed, and fertilize your Tulsa lawn to patch thin spots and help your lawn stay healthy.

Keep your Tulsa lawn free of leaves and debris.

Fertilizing your grass again before winter arrives will help the lawn have nutrients to store over the winter so that it will be healthy and ready for spring.

By following just these few tips, you can have a healthier and more vibrant lawn this summer. The commercial and residential Tulsa lawn care specialists at Oklahoma Landscape can take care of all your lawn maintenance needs as well as lawn fertilization, weed control, aeration, and overseeding.