The Latest in Tulsa Outdoor Kitchen Amentities

What is one of the top home design trends of the year? You guessed it – outdoor kitchens and outdoor living areas, according to a recent article on Outdoor kitchens have really become one of the top features of Tulsa homes too.

What can you have in today’s outdoor kitchens?

More than just your basic grill. Outdoor kitchen grills today are much more than the old small grill we used to have on the 18patio. Now barbecue grills are really advanced cooking appliances and can have warming racks, rotisseries, side burners for cooking side dishes, and more. These are lean, mean cooking machines that can almost literally do it all.

Another huge trend in outdoor cooking is having a pizza oven. Bake your own wood-fired pizza for the friends and family with this elegant outdoor kitchen addition.

Increased functionality with storage and lots of extra amenities. In the old days, most of the food for an outdoor event would be prepared inside the house and just the meat cooked outside on the grill. Today outdoor kitchens have the functionality to prepare and store almost everything outside. With built-in refrigerators, sinks, storage cabinets, granite countertops, and barbecue islands, you can stay close to all the action and cook at the same time.

Outdoor kitchens are often made now with bar seating on the other side of the kitchen so that guests can sit, chat, and eat – even if the host is still preparing food. Also, the additional storage space and refrigeration allows you to keep plenty of cold drinks and snacks on hand for your guests. Outdoor kitchens in Tulsa today can also have wine coolers, beer taps, and ice makers for an evening of entertaining.

outdoor kitchen fancyWeatherproof TVs and entertainment systems are also becoming more popular additions to the outdoor kitchen so that while you’re grilling, you don’t miss any of the big game.

Cover, seating, and dining a must. To have the perfect outdoor living space in Tulsa, you must have enough space for seating and dining. Thus, outdoor kitchens are now including adjacent space for an outdoor dining area, even with a dining table, and an outdoor living area with weatherproof sofa and chairs.

Instead of the old umbrella, today’s outdoor kitchens have entire open-air structures built over them to protect guests and the kitchen itself from the elements. These structures can also have a ceiling fan or mounted heater.

The possibilities are endless for outdoor kitchens in Tulsa today. These luxury outdoor environments provide the perfect getaway at home. Call Oklahoma Landscape today to find out how we can design and build an outdoor kitchen to match your dreams and help you “find yourself outside.”


Using Landscape Lighting in Tulsa to Make Beautiful Backyards

Why not extend the enjoyment of your backyard past just daylight hours? Landscape lighting for your Tulsa outdoor environment can create an enchanting area to entertain or relax in, well into the evening hours. Here are some Tulsa landscape lighting tips to get you started.

First, decide what you want your outdoor lighting to do. That might sound simple…just create more light for nighttime usage, right? Well, to have an effective Tulsa outdoor lighting arrangement, you’ll want to consider different areas of your backyard and what lighting effects are needed for them or what aspects of your landscape you want to enhance.

For instance, do you need pathway lighting to help your guests safely navigate to the backyard? Do you want to showcase a focal point in your landscape lightinglandscape like a fountain, pond, or statue? Does your deck or patio need accent lighting to outline the area? What tone or mood do you want your lighting to create for your whole outdoor living space?

Each of these different facets of your landscape can be borne with different types of lighting or different lighting arrangements. Focal points like a statue or fountain may need a spotlight. Pathway lighting will of course call for several smaller lights arranged in a row.

Accent lighting needs to be set-up so that it highlights but doesn’t overshadow the outdoor living space. This requires a balance of light between the landscape, different hardscape features, and the home itself. Pathway lighting can easily be overdone and begin to look like a runway, so lighting placement is vital.

Tulsa landscape lighting also needs to work well with natural or man-made changes that could occur to the landscape over the course of time like growth of foliage, hardscape additions, and seasonal changes. Outdoor lighting can look very different and out-of-place when these things start to happen if changes were not accounted for in the initial lighting design.

Low voltage lighting can be used, for instance to shape pathways, that is safe, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly.

For more outdoor lighting design tips, call the Tulsa landscape lighting specialists at Oklahoma Landscape. Our outdoor lighting experts can help you get the right tone and style for your particular landscape and home architecture, creating a custom outdoor lighting system that will help you ‘find yourself outside’ and fully enjoy your outdoor living space both during the day and at night.

We came across some very nice, well-balanced lighting designs as can be seen in these photos from our fellow lighting designers. The first photo is from London-based designers My Landscapes. The second photo is via Portland, Oregon designers: Beautiful Bones and Purple Stones.

Add Resale Value to Your Home with Tulsa Outdoor Living Improvements

Perhaps you’ve been considering adding a pool, outdoor kitchen, or outdoor fireplace to your home in Tulsa, besides the obvious, there’s good reason to do so – the added resale value that these additions can bring. Even if you’re not thinking of selling your home right now, making it more “sellable” is always a good thing, just in case you want to sell in the future.

How do outdoor living improvements add value to your home? Two general principles come to mind…1. The more liveable space you give to your home, the more the value of your home increases. 2. The greater your curb appeal, the faster you’ll sell or greater your value.

Liveable Space. Everyone could use more space, so if you add areas where people can entertain and enjoy themselves more fully, then you outdoor kitchenshave a champion. But you may think, “Shouldn’t I just covert my garage into a room?” And true, converting a garage may afford more space, but then you also don’t have a garage, which many homeowners want.

Whereas, adding a deck, patio, or outdoor kitchen extends the confines of your home, creating additional living space that’s even more useful. For instance, if you have an outdoor kitchen and decide to put your house up for sale in the spring, buyers can envision themselves having their own cookouts. Or if you added a deck or patio to your Tulsa home, prospective homeowners will imagine a variety of different entertaining ideas and nights enjoyed with family.

Interior and garden designer in Southern California, Sandy Koepke, was quoted in the New York Times as saying that there’s many reasons for building an outdoor kitchen. “You’re getting a lot of bang for your buck because you’re basically creating a very usable room for a lot less money than if you were adding on to the house,” she said in the article.

The idea is to make livable space that’s flexible, something not too personal, but something buyers can see themselves using like their Tulsa outdoor environment.

Curb Appeal. Consider this, if you’ve made major renovations inside, buyers may never see them if their first impression of the house causes them to lose all interest.

“If I were going to spend money on a property, I would really work on making sure the curb appeal was strong” realtor Ron Phipps told HGTV in an article. “You really want to convey a sense of welcome. If all your remodeling is on the inside but the outside of the house is challenging, you’ll never have a chance to even show the inside,” he said.

Don’t underestimate how landscape maintenance can add resale value to your home by increasing its curb appeal. Having a professional landscape design and maintenance plan can greatly increase the curb appeal of your home while taking away the hassle of regular lawn care while you live there. Also you might consider putting in a walkway to the front door or a path to the side of the house to add interest.

Regular landscaping and lawn care can update the look of your home and keep it looking beutiful and well-cared for overall.

So if you are wanting to make your home more enjoyable for your own family while at the same time add much resale value to your property, the Tulsa landscaping contractors at Oklahoma Landscape can help you in every way.

Backyard Landscape Makeover Ideas for Your Tulsa Home

Is your backyard looking a little uneventful or even dreary? Would you like to get more out of your backyard landscape? At Oklahoma Landscape the Tulsa landscape contractors can take your backyard from barren to breath-taking, plain to stylish. Here are a few ideas on changing your landscape into the perfect Tulsa outdoor living area.

Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits. Nearly every Tulsa landscape can be enhanced by an elegant outdoor fireplace or fire pit for those chilly spring and fall Oklahoma nights. An outdoor fireplace turns your backyard into a private haven for your family. With comfortable built-in seating around the fireplace, you can entertain friends gathered around the fire talking or enjoy a night underneath the stars with your loved ones. If you want to visually highlight the outdoor fireplace, add a pergola to cover it and you’ll have an visually amazing outdoor space.

Deck and patio. If you’re looking to add liveable space to your home consider a custom deck or patio.deck builders tulsa A multi-level deck brings not only more room but also added style to the outdoor environment. A patio created with stone pavers gives a unique and stylish touch to your patio area, and comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Often these become the foundation of your entire outdoor living space and can provide ample room for relaxing, cooking, or dining.

Outdoor kitchens. Not just a simple grill, these sophisticated Tulsa outdoor kitchens come complete with pizza ovens, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, sinks, wine coolers, mini refrigerators, and more. More and more Tulsa homeowners are building complete outdoor kitchens in their backyard. You can have the ultimate outdoor dinner party with a complete outdoor kitchen. tulsa outdoor kitchens

Landscape lighting. If you want a stylish Tulsa outdoor living space you’re going to need well-designed landscape lighting to complement the décor and purpose of the outdoor space. It can be artfully used to guide guests to the backyard or as a way to accent your deck or patio, landscape lighting can help transform your outdoor environment while creating more functionality, safety, and security.

Custom pool. With an ever-increasing array of features and accessories that can be built-in to a custom pool, there’s virtually no end to the possibilities for a luxurious backyard renovation. Entertain guests or have a relaxing day in your own custom swimming pool or spa, or why not both. The Tulsa landscape contractors Oklahoma Landscape can design and build a one-of-a-kind pool as a beautiful counterpart your home and your lifestyle.

So, if these ideas have you thinking about creating an amazing outdoor environment. Let the Tulsa landscaping company Oklahoma Landscape take your outdoor living space dreams and turn them a reality.

Tulsa Outdoor Landscape Lighting – Practical and Aesthetic Benefits

There are many reasons to add landscape lighting to your Tulsa outdoor environment. From the practical advantages to the aesthetic, outdoor lighting offers a surplus of benefits. What are just a few ways that landscape lighting can help renovate your Tulsa landscape?

Actually, when adding Tulsa outdoor lighting, most, if not all, of the practical advantages can also provide aesthetic benefits as well – if the landscape lighting is created in the right way. Thoughtful and carefully-planned landscape lighting is one key to great lighting. Careful lighting design is balanced and takes into account the effect and tone you want for your entire night outdoor landscape. To be balanced, you’ll want not only to light the exterior of your home, but also extend the visual depth with landscape lighting in trees and shrubs stretching out for a distance in front of your home.tulsa landscape lighting

On the other hand, less is sometimes more with outdoor lighting in Tulsa. While pathway lighting can offer both aesthetic and practical benefits, this lighting needs to softly guide visitors along a path and not look like a kind of runway. These gentle pathway lights can also be placed to brighten attention-grabbing and colorful plants along the path, thus adding a little more interest and color to your landscape that otherwise would be lost at night. Using environmentally-friendly and safe low voltage lighting is a great way to light these paths.

With the days getting warmer and longer, many Tulsa homeowners will be spending more time outside enjoying their outdoor environment on the weekends. However, what about during the week? Even though you may not get home until close to dark, there’s no reason you still can’t enjoy your outdoor space. Landscape lighting, including deck, patio, and hardscape lighting, can transform your outdoor environment, creating a brand new nighttime world. Accent and moon lighting can provide soft glow you need to comfortably enjoy your outdoor space.
With accent lighting, you can also illuminate interesting features in your landscape such as a statue or water feature, creating a focal point for your outdoor space.

There’s so many different things that can be done with Tulsa landscape lighting. While creating more function in your outdoor space, lighting can be done in such an artistic way that neighbors have to look twice as they pass by your home and landscape.

Our Tulsa landscape lighting design experts can create a lighting design that will be as functional as it is beautiful so that you can ‘find yourself outside’ any time of the day or night.

Tulsa Landscape Design – Give Your Landscape A Touch-Up for Spring

Do you want to give your Tulsa landscape a little touch-up for spring? There are many easy ways to spruce up your Tulsa landscape design while adding valuable curb appeal.

A pathway of pavers.

Pavers are a great way to give your landscape added charm. Pavers come in a wide array of sizes, shapes, textures, colors, and materials, which makes them a favorite when it comes to Tulsa landscape design. Create an elegant walkway to invite guests to your home’s entrance or a patio in the backyard to entertain or even a distinctive driveway design. tulsa paver installers

Tulsa pavers are also great for landscaping because they can endure severe weather conditions much better than their asphalt or concrete counterparts. They are also much easier to replace than concrete if they do get damaged.

Pavers in Tulsa offer a great way to give your landscape personality and match your unique style.

Add more color to your garden.

You can add a splash of color to your Tulsa landscape with an interesting mix of colorful annuals. Do you want to plant brighter hues closer to the home to direct attention there, or do you want to spread the color purposefully throughout your garden landscape? The choice is yours, so have fun with your living paintbrush. Container plants are also an easy and fun way to decorate your landscape and home.
Many are replacing much of their lawn with colorful native plants and ornamental grasses that require less water and maintenance while creating an interesting visual diversity in their yard.

Pruning any overgrown trees or shrubs can also be an easy way to give your landscape a more manicured look.

Renew the mulch.

A new layer of mulch added around trees and flowers bring a more polished look to the landscape and provide needed contrast.

Go for organic.

Planting a vegetable garden can give your landscape an added dimension while providing healthy food for your family. You could simply section off a spot for your garden or make a raised garden bed. Organic gardens offer not only great food, but also provide more color and interest for your landscape.

Build an outdoor environment.

landscape design tulsaIf you really want to liven up your Tulsa landscape design, building an outdoor environment with an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, outdoor fireplace, pool, or simply just an outdoor living area will create an entirely new dimension for your landscape and home.
Good planning and preparation is needed though to build a successful and efficient outdoor environment that your family can enjoy for years to come. The Tulsa landscape designers and architects at Oklahoma Landscape can help design and build the perfect outdoor environment for your home.

Sprucing up your landscape can be as simple or extensive as you want, but either route you take, there are plenty of ways to enliven your landscape and give it a fresh start for a new season.

Effective Tulsa Landscape Design Adds Privacy to Outdoor Living Spaces

tulsa stone walls hardscapesWhile enjoying your Tulsa outdoor living space, would like to have more privacy? Although we love people and our neighbors, there are times when we just like to be alone and want to block out noise pollution, especially when we’re relaxing in an outdoor environment.  How can landscape design help to create a more secluded luxury retreat? How can the Tulsa landscape designers at Oklahoma Landscape help in creating that longed-for privacy?

There are many ways to add privacy to your outdoor living space. For those who would like more natural privacy, countless types of hedges like evergreen arborvitaes and deciduous privet shrubs can make a living privacy screen that can also protect your home against harsh Oklahoma winds and reduce noise. Many Tulsa homeowners are now mingling their privacy plantings together to produce a layered effect with numerous trees, shrubs, annuals, and ornamental grasses planted in a staggered height pattern. This creates not only a mixture of heights but also a mixture of colors and textures that can stylishly hide your backyard. Thus, much can be done to add privacy to a Tulsa home simply by effectively using landscape design to provide a natural screen to your outdoor living space.

For a more traditional appearance, a wooden board fence is a good choice and can be built fairly quickly. These can be stained in a variety of colors to complement your home and come in a variety of styles. Adding an ornamental arbor or other lattice at the entrance provides an interesting focal point to embellish the board fence.tulsa landscape design fences

A trellis can also be used to support growing vines or flowers and will help to create privacy for an outdoor space. These may not provide thorough privacy, and they allow more sunlight, but they also provide the visual separation many homeowners need to feel that they have a more isolated space. Adding a fountain or other water feature can help to lessen noise pollution and create a soothing effect in your outdoor environment.

Retaining walls and freestanding walls can also add privacy as well as character to your Tulsa landscape. These can be built using a diversity of materials from stone to concrete, wood, or other materials. These walls can be designed to match the style of your outdoor environment and home. Wall materials can be aged and textured to resemble Old English cottages, or they can be more symmetrical and smooth to give the landscape a modern feel. Not only do these stone and concrete walls add privacy, but retaining walls can also be used to elegantly divide areas of your outdoor living space, creating more definition for the landscape, and help to prevent erosion.

The landscape architects at Tulsa’s Oklahoma Landscape can design and build the ideal privacy elements to complement the style and purpose of your outdoor living space. So find solitude in your outdoor environment with effective Tulsa landscape design that has privacy in mind.