The Latest in Tulsa Outdoor Kitchen Amentities

What is one of the top home design trends of the year? You guessed it – outdoor kitchens and outdoor living areas, according to a recent article on Outdoor kitchens have really become one of the top features of Tulsa homes too.

What can you have in today’s outdoor kitchens?

More than just your basic grill. Outdoor kitchen grills today are much more than the old small grill we used to have on the 18patio. Now barbecue grills are really advanced cooking appliances and can have warming racks, rotisseries, side burners for cooking side dishes, and more. These are lean, mean cooking machines that can almost literally do it all.

Another huge trend in outdoor cooking is having a pizza oven. Bake your own wood-fired pizza for the friends and family with this elegant outdoor kitchen addition.

Increased functionality with storage and lots of extra amenities. In the old days, most of the food for an outdoor event would be prepared inside the house and just the meat cooked outside on the grill. Today outdoor kitchens have the functionality to prepare and store almost everything outside. With built-in refrigerators, sinks, storage cabinets, granite countertops, and barbecue islands, you can stay close to all the action and cook at the same time.

Outdoor kitchens are often made now with bar seating on the other side of the kitchen so that guests can sit, chat, and eat – even if the host is still preparing food. Also, the additional storage space and refrigeration allows you to keep plenty of cold drinks and snacks on hand for your guests. Outdoor kitchens in Tulsa today can also have wine coolers, beer taps, and ice makers for an evening of entertaining.

outdoor kitchen fancyWeatherproof TVs and entertainment systems are also becoming more popular additions to the outdoor kitchen so that while you’re grilling, you don’t miss any of the big game.

Cover, seating, and dining a must. To have the perfect outdoor living space in Tulsa, you must have enough space for seating and dining. Thus, outdoor kitchens are now including adjacent space for an outdoor dining area, even with a dining table, and an outdoor living area with weatherproof sofa and chairs.

Instead of the old umbrella, today’s outdoor kitchens have entire open-air structures built over them to protect guests and the kitchen itself from the elements. These structures can also have a ceiling fan or mounted heater.

The possibilities are endless for outdoor kitchens in Tulsa today. These luxury outdoor environments provide the perfect getaway at home. Call Oklahoma Landscape today to find out how we can design and build an outdoor kitchen to match your dreams and help you “find yourself outside.”

Popular Trends in Tulsa Outdoor Kitchens

Thinking about adding an outdoor kitchen to your Tulsa home? What would your dream outdoor kitchen include? Today’s custom Tulsa outdoor kitchens can have almost anything.outdoor kitchens tulsa

What are some popular trends in outdoor kitchens? We’ve narrowed them down to seven things that every outdoor kitchen needs to entertain in style.

Pizza oven. For delicious restaurant-style pizza at home, a wood-fired pizza oven to accompany your outdoor kitchen is an absolute must. And in addition to cooking great tasting pizzas, these classic ovens bring a Tuscan-style atmosphere to your Tulsa outdoor space.

Swim-up poolside bar. No need to go to a luxury resort hotel. Your own Tulsa pool and outdoor kitchen area can have an elegant and entertaining poolside bar. This beautiful addition is fun for adults and kids alike, and bring the kitchen to the pool with relaxed poolside dining.

Grill Stations. Every outdoor kitchen will of course need a suitable grilling station. Gas grills with attached side burners allow you to get to cooking right away. Kamado-style grills, noted, are very versatile with a grill, oven, and smoker in one along with a great ability to retain heat. Some outdoor kitchens also have rotisserie grills and convection ovens for even more restaurant-style cooking.

outdoor fireplaces tulsaMini fridge. Your complete kitchen will rightly need a refrigerator? Stainless steel appliances like mini fridges built-in to your outdoor kitchen area make preparing and cooking outside a breeze.

Outdoor fireplace. A complete Tulsa outdoor environment will need an outdoor fireplace to match the outdoor kitchen area. Imagine relaxing by your outdoor fireplace after a delicious meal prepared in your outdoor kitchen. These outdoor fireplaces can be as elegant or as simple as you’d like them to be and can be custom made to match the décor of your outdoor kitchen and home.

Wine cooler. As part of your top-of-the-line appliance set, don’t forget the handy and elegant wine cooler. Keep all your fine wines ready to serve with a built-in wine cooler. Perfect for entertaining!

Sink and storage areas. Again, every kitchen must have a large enough sink and plenty storage space. And your outdoor kitchen is no different. There are a variety of stainless steel sink options available including those with pull-down faucets for easy cleaning. Adequate storage is also a must for an outdoor kitchen. Continually carrying everything you need like utensils from inside to your outdoor kitchen can be frustrating, so these built-in storage and waste containers make prep and cooking times much shorter and easier.

These are just a few of the many choices you can have when designing and building an outdoor kitchen. The outdoor environment specialists at Oklahoma Landscape in Tulsa can help you choose the right options and features for your outdoor kitchen. They can custom-design and build an outdoor kitchen that will be the ideal outdoor entertaining spot.

Tulsa Landscape Design Trends of 2013 – Outdoor Environments, Fireplaces

tulsa outdoor environmentsWhen the year comes to an end, we start to think of how the year went. What were some of the highlights? What did we accomplished? What were some of the trends? As for outdoor environments in Tulsa, let’s look at some of the biggest landscape design trends of 2013. Many of these trends will remain important in the 2014 landscaping scene, so Tulsa homeowners can also get ideas for how to renovate their landscapes in the coming year.

Low-Maintenance Landscapes

With green, sustainable living becoming more popular, low-maintenance landscape design is a huge landscaping trend now. Requiring less maintenance and often less water to remain healthy, these landscapes are great for homeowners with a busy schedule. But less maintenance doesn’t have to mean less color. Using native plants can create a more hardy landscape. Native and drought-resistant plants can often reduce your landscape’s need for water and maintenance. Ornamental grasses and succulents are popular, low-maintenance plants that are perfect for adding texture and style to a landscape. Part of low-maintenance landscaping is knowing how to group these plants together in way that will require less maintenance and maximize water conservation. With these landscapes, you can have a beautiful, vibrant Tulsa landscape with minimal upkeep.

Outdoor Environments

Outdoor living areas that become an really extension of your home are continuing to be a popular landscape design element. With stylish and comfortable dining areas and outdoor seating areas like outdoor sofas and tables, Tulsa outdoor environments are becoming more functional, more chic, and more of a complete outdoor living area where homeowners can relax or entertain much like they would in their indoor living room. Durable and trendy outdoor fabrics are making outdoor living much simpler. State-of-the-art outdoor kitchens are making entertaining outside a lot easier and a lot more fun. These outdoor kitchens look much like indoor kitchens with built-in sinks, grills, refrigerators, counter-tops, and more.

Fireplaces and Fire Pits

A popular aspect of many outdoor living areas are fireplaces and fire pits. These stylish outdoor elements are becoming very popular for homeowners, creating a fun and relaxing outdoor space. They can be designed in a variety of shapes and styles to complement almost any landscape. Installed seating adjacent to an outdoor fireplace creates a perfect spot for talking with friends. Lately, adding fire to a water feature has also become more popular, creating a stunning backdrop at night.

Water Features

Speaking of water, adding fire to a water feature is one element of this popular landscaping group. The relaxing sound of trickling water amid a garden can help soothe away the stresses of the day. That’s why decorative water features, whether portable or complete fountains, grottos, or waterfalls have risen in popularity in the landscape design world. These features add to the “green living” movement that has spread around the world, encouraging us to stay healthy in body and mind.

Edible Gardens

With an increased focused on healthy, organic living, many are now choosing to grow their own fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Whether in complete organic gardens or in container gardens sporadically placed in their outdoor environment, homeowners are growing a feast in their own backyards. Many of these edibles are being used as decorative plants alongside other gardening features, mixing them in with the rest of their garden foliage to produce a beautiful and healthful landscape.

Other landscaping and outdoor trends include adding splashes of vibrant color to outdoor environment elements, moving technology outside with complete entertainment centers, WiFi, and surround sound, as well as living walls of foliage and green roofs.

Tulsa homeowners want to get the most from their outdoor environments and these trendy landscape design elements furnish the practical and aesthetic value needed for the perfect staycation, while also increasing your property value.

Complete your Tulsa Outdoor Environment with Luxury Outdoor Structures

outdoor environments tulsaDoes it feel like something’s missing from your outdoor environment? Your Tulsa home could need an outdoor structure to complete your outdoor living space. These structure bring the environment together, giving it a polished feel and can be built to perfectly complement your home. In Oklahoma, weather can be especially fickle. Having a structure over your outdoor kitchen or fireplace can ensure you’ll be able to use these spaces more and have a more enjoyable time, whether entertaining or just relaxing. What are some types of outdoor structures and what are their benefits?

Classic Gazebos

While traditionally gazebos have been octagon-shaped, white structures settled in a garden, landscape designers are now building gazebos in a variety of shapes and sizes from rectangular, square, or round.  These structures, that are open on all sides with a covered roof, provide comfortable shade and shelter from the elements. They can be built out in a garden as a free-standing structure or as the perfect addition to your deck, patio, or even over a pond as part of a dock. Gazebos can be used to shelter a hot tub or spa area on the deck or patio or as an extension of a home’s porch area. Gazebos can be made from wood, stone, metal, or concrete. Screens and doors can also be added to keep out bugs. With creativity and a modern style, gazebos offer a great place to ‘find yourself outside.’

Elegant Pergolas

What they don’t provide in full shelter, pergolas make up for in elegance and charm. These outdoor structures can really define your pergolas tulsaTulsa outdoor environment while not separating the different elements of your space. These more open architectural structures support crossbeams for a slatted roof to provide shelter from direct sunlight. Pergolas can really be customized to fit your home’s style or outdoor space needs, whether to provide a sitting area by the pool or a dining area on the patio or to outline a walkway or path. They can be made using a variety of materials. Create a spa-like feel by adding fabric panels or as a covering for the roof. Add a fan to keep the air flowing and cool the space. Build the pergola with Roman-style columns to give the pergola a classically elegant flare. Climbing plants and vines can be grown on the pergola to add to garden appeal and create natural shade. These luxurious outdoor structures can add a vertical focal point as well as elegantly extend your home’s outdoor living space.

Cabana-style Pavilions

Tulsa outdoor structuresNo longer just for luxury resorts, cabanas are now taking over Tulsa outdoor environments as a practical and visually engaging piece for your outdoor living space. These covered structures provide shelter, shade, and a great space for entertaining, especially by the pool. They can house fireplaces, outdoor kitchens with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and grills, bar areas and plush seating. Add overhead heaters, fans, and even a flat-screen television and surround sound and you have the perfect spot for relaxing all year round.

The variety of trends and styles for these outdoor structures are almost endless. Outdoor structures add timeless charm to your outdoor environment, provide practical function for all seasons, and can significantly increase the value of your home and property. Oklahoma Landscape’s design specialists can custom-design and build the right outdoor structure for your space.

Tulsa Outdoor Living Entertainment Centers – Movie Theaters in your Own Backyard

outdoor environments tulsaWhat’s better than a custom-built Tulsa pool, outdoor kitchen, or outdoor living space? A custom-built pool, outdoor kitchen, or living space with a complete entertainment center! Today many homeowners are adding more entertainment amenities to their Tulsa outdoor environments like televisions, movie theater areas, projection screens, surround sound, and more. Watch the big game with friends outside while you barbecue or throw the ultimate pool party, watching the latest movie as you lounge in the pool.

With all-weather televisions, you can watch the game outside, hosting the premier tailgate party, or play your Xbox or Wii game system in your outdoor living space. Landscape lighting added to your outdoor theater area can help set the tone for your outdoor event or provide romantic lighting for a great date night at home. With high definition video and a powerful surround sound audio, your outdoor enjoyment will be taken to a whole other level. These custom-built entertainment systems give you the nostalgia of a drive-in movie in your own backyard. And with an outdoor entertainment system, you can spend time with family on holidays or host family reunions outside while still enjoying the entertainment you want.

To give added protection from the elements, homeowners can also build a pergola, gazebo, arbor, pavilion, or other outdoor hardscape structure over their outdoor entertainment center. These can be designed as simple or as ornate as you like. Some provide complete shade while others may allow some sunlight to shine through. These outdoor structures offer an ideal way to add cabinet space to youroutdoor living space tulsa entertainment system as well as other comfort elements like fans to keep those not relaxing in the pool cool and happy.

There are an almost endless array of possibilities with outdoor entertaining. From state-of-the-art outdoor kitchens to cozy outdoor fireplaces to entire outdoor living rooms with movie theaters and stylish seating, Tulsa homeowners can have the staycation of their dreams or entertain with luxury and class with these premier and now more affordable outdoor entertainment centers.

2013 Outdoor Living Trends – Outdoor Environments in Tulsa Still in Demand

outdoor environments tulsaOutdoor environments are increasing in demand, not only in Tulsa, but nationally according to a survey done by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA).

“American homeowners are increasingly drawn to adding outdoor rooms for entertaining and recreation on their properties,” ASLA reported. “The category of outdoor living spaces, defined as kitchens and entertainment spaces, received a 94.5 percent rating as somewhat or very popular.”

In the Outdoor Living Features category, outdoor fire pits and fireplaces ranked the most popular additions, followed by grills and seating/dining areas. With so many options and features in outdoor environments, it’s no wonder that these have become major aspects of home improvement in recent years. Today, outdoor fireplaces can be custom-designed using a variety of beautiful materials to complement a home, and they can have installed and ornate seating to perfectly enjoy entertaining guests by the fire during the fall and winter months.

Outdoor kitchens in Tulsa can be customized to fit your cooking and entertaining lifestyle with stainless still grills and other appliances like pizza ovens, refrigerators, and more. Many outdoor kitchens have marble countertop bar areas for guests to have additional seating and allow the cook or host to be near guests while watching the grill.

Why are outdoor living spaces becoming so popular?

“In this uncertain economy, homeowners want to get more enjoyment out of their yards,” ASLA Executive Vice President and CEO Nancy Somerville, Hon. ASLA said. “They want attractive outdoor spaces that are both easy to take care of and sustainable.”

Yes, staycations have become an ideal way to relax and have family fun without the stress and expense of traveling. Many homeowners are adding movie theaters, televisions, and WiFi to their outdoor living space so that they don’t miss a minute of the game or can watch a movie while swimming in their custom pool. These areas are great for children’s parties, business events, or just a weekend with friends.outdoor kitchens tulsa

Decorative water elements like waterfalls, grottos, ornamental pools, and splash pools were also in high demand for home landscapes, ASLA noted, followed by spa features and swimming pools in the Outdoor Recreation Amenities category. Terraces, patios, and decks ranked high as popular Outdoor Structures. The practical and aesthetic value of these structures is evident when you think of entertaining or just relaxing in your backyard. They also add significant value to your home and property, making them a great investment.

Among the trends in outdoor living for 2013 were sustainable and low-maintenance design as the nation continues to increase its awareness on green living. “Americans still prefer such practical yet striking design elements for their gardens as low-maintenance landscapes (93.9 percent),” ASLA said.

Landscaping with sustainable design can include using native or drought-tolerant plants, drip irrigation, permeable paving, reduced lawns, xeriscaping, rooftop gardens, organic gardens, and more. Many people are opting to add vegetable and food gardens including orchards and vineyards to their landscape to help keep their family eating healthy.

As Americans continue to see the need to ‘find yourself outside’ and reconnect with the serenity and beauty of nature, as well as to get the most from their home and landscape, the demand for complete outdoor environments and sustainable living will increase.

Learn more about the Outdoor Living Trends for 2013 at

For more information on landscape design including outdoor environments like outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, pools, and patios for your Tulsa home, visit

Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas for your Tulsa Home

outdoor kitchens tulsaAre you thinking about an outdoor kitchen for your Tulsa outdoor environment? Maybe you’ve wondered what you can include in an outdoor kitchen? What design concepts might best fit your entertaining style? We can help.  Our Tulsa outdoor kitchen experts can take your lifestyle, your entertaining style, and today’s hottest outdoor living trends and combine them to design/build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

For instance, do you love to watch the big game on the weekends? Why miss the game when you’re outside cooking on the grill? Have a flat-screen television installed on a nearby cabinet or hanging from your pergola or roof. Your outdoor kitchen can be as simple or sophisticated as you and your cooking styles need. Having cooking equipment you would not usually have in the house like a pizza oven can add functionality and charm to your outdoor space.

Having enough cabinet and countertop space is often the most overlooked aspect of outdoor kitchens. U-shaped outdoor kitchens are nice for providing additional prep room while also giving guests a chance to sit across from the cook and “be where all the action is” while they’re waiting for dinner, noted. Bar seatingoutdoor kitchen u-shaped tulsa adjacent to your outdoor kitchen countertop is a great way to entertain guests or keep kids close by when you’re grilling. Thus, as the cook you can be involved in the party while still watching your food. You can add a water or beer tap and refrigerator to the end of your bar area, giving the guests the opportunity to help themselves without getting in the way of the cook, noted. Just remember to have your grill or burner positioned so as to prevent smoke from moving in the direction of your seating area. A high-powered ventilation hood can be useful in keeping smoke at bay. Make sure you have allow enough room to prep, cook, and serve your gourmet dinner. outdoor kitchen bar tulsa

When building your outdoor kitchen, remember the visual aspects of your entire outdoor environment. Position your outdoor kitchen in such a way that all guests can still enjoy viewing the pool or garden that accentuates the landscape while they’re enjoying the outdoor kitchen. An attached roof or pergola can keep your dinner plans on schedule even in the event of inclement weather.

With the right lighting, seating, equipment, and design, your outdoor kitchen area can become the focal entertaining point for your entire outdoor environment.

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