Avoid These Mistakes in Building Your Tulsa Outdoor Living Space

Thinking of building an outdoor living space for your Tulsa home? These outdoor extensions of your home are a great way to create more “livable” space for your home, increase your property value, and provide an ideal spot for entertaining friends and family or just relaxing on the weekends. But before you get started on the project, here are some mistakes toavoid.

Forgetting to plan. A well-thought-out design plan is a must for any outdoor living project, large or small. Decide what style or theme you want for your Tulsa outdoor space.

Determine how you and your family will use your outdoor environment. Choose where various shrubs, plants, and trees will go. Decide on a budget for your project. Even if you’re going to build your project one piece at a time, it’s good to have a design plan for the whole project so that in the end, the entire outdoor living space has one complete look. Often, it’s best to hire a Tulsa landscape designer who understands all the nuisances of the various outdoor living elements and can bring all of your ideas and goals together into one design.

“  . . . A beautiful, well-designed landscape costs the same as a poorly designed one. This difference is with the designer. Well-trained landscape designers who work with a large palette of plants and materials as well as a wide range of styles are geared to give you a fine project,” The Landscaping Network noted.

Having a design plan laid out before you begin will prevent many problems that could leave you frustrated for years to come.

Choosing the wrong plants.  Without a plan, you may be tempted to go to the nursery and buy whatever catches your eye, but you should give much forethought to your choice. How tall will the plant be when it reaches maturity? Will it overcrowd other plants? Although at first you may want to cover every bare spot you have in your garden, you need to give your plants enough room to grow and not overcrowd each other when they’re mature. Also, will the tree you plant block a view or overtake your sidewalk or patio?

What will the plants you choose look like in winter? It may be good to plant some shrubs or trees that have winter interest d2704f88bdbce8b94941dc77d1b49bf41 copyand that will look good all year like evergreens. It’s also good to choose a color pallet when planning your outdoor living space in Tulsa so flower colors don’t get overwhelming to the viewer or look mismatched.

Also, plant foliage with similar watering and sunlight needs together. This will make watering and maintenance much faster and easier.

Not thinking about erosion, drainage, and irrigation. Erosion can be devastating to your landscape. Plan ahead by building a retaining wall into the overall design of your outdoor space. Retaining walls are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing if designed correctly. Proper drainage and irrigation can also do much to prevent erosion as well as flooding and other landscaping issues. Make sure you carefully plan out the drainage and irrigation system for your outdoor space before you begin.

Not planning with your home in mind. This might sound strange, but the elements of your outdoor living space – hardscapes in particular – should complement the style and architecture of your home so that the interior flows seamlessly into the exterior. When you look at your Tulsa outdoor living space from inside your home, does the outdoor space seem to be an extension of your home or does it look out of place? Although you may like how the outdoor living space looks when you’re outside, make sure it also looks great from inside your home and that it landscaping_services copycreates a cohesive theme for your property.

Forgetting the front yard. Although you’re excited about your building your backyard outdoor living space, you can’t overlook your front yard. Curb appeal is priceless. Whether you want to sell your home right now or not, you’ll want to create a welcoming home and landscape for your guests and your family. So in your busy planning and planting, don’tforget to give your front yard some planning too.

Not building big enough. While you don’t want to go overboard and build outdoor elements that are so big that they overpower the space, you also need to plan for their many uses. Patios, for instance, are one area that can be built too small for functionality. It must be big enough, not only for a patio table and chairs, but also for people to walk around the table and chairs comfortably.

This might seem overwhelming, but the Tulsa outdoor living experts at Oklahoma Landscape can help. Our landscape architects are experienced in designing and building outdoor living spaces of all types and sizes. We can create the perfect outdoor space for your family. Whether you want a pool, outdoor kitchen, outdoor fireplace, patio, deck, or just help with your lawn maintenance and planting, we can take care of all your landscaping and landscape design needs.


Plan Your Tulsa Outdoor Living Space Renovations for Summer

What a better way to spend winter than by planning your backyard makeover ideas for summer? Now is the perfect time to think about all the things you would can do in your Tulsa outdoor living space this summer. And now is the time to make a plan so that you can start in the spring!

The Tulsa outdoor living experts at Oklahoma Landscape can help design the best outdoor environment for your home. We landscape designcan work with you from concept to creation in designing and building your dream Tulsa outdoor living space. Here are some ideas to get started . . .

Add an outdoor kitchen. These outdoor cooking areas make entertaining a breeze. Today outdoor kitchens in Tulsa can be built to care for all your cooking needs. They not only caninclude a grill but also stainless steel refrigerators, pizza ovens, wine coolers, sinks for easy cleanup, storage, outdoor televisions, burners, and more. Everything you need for game day or an elegant outside dinner with friends is right there in your outdoor kitchen.

Create a dining area and plenty of seating. What goes better with an outdoor kitchen than an outdoor dining area? There are a variety of design options when it comes to outdoor dining tables, but creating a designated dining area adds sophistication and structure to your Tulsa outdoor living space. More and more homeowners are bringing the indoors outside so that they can enjoy all the comforts of home while also enjoying the outdoors. An outdoor dining area does just that, creating the perfect area for family picnics and dinners to entertain friends or clients.

Creating plenty of seating areas is another addition you may consider for your outdoor space. Whether you add benches, chairs, or even outdoor sofas, your outdoor living space will be more inviting if there is plenty of seating space for guests. outdoorfireplacetulsaHowever, be careful not to have too much seating so that it overcrowds your outdoor living space.

Build an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. The crisp spring, fall, and even summer nights can be enjoyed by the glow of an outdoor fireplaces or fire pit. These outdoor amenities create a great place for people to gather around and share old stories. Outdoor fireplaces in Tulsa can be constructed using a variety of materials to match your outdoor environment. Not only are they a great entertaining spot, but they also can help to increase the value of your home and property. Whether for a chilly fall night or just to create a romantic ambiance, Tulsa outdoor fireplaces are the perfect makeover addition to your outdoor living space.

Create a focal point in your outdoor space. Some backyard areas can begin to seem a little unplanned or haphazard, but creating a focal point in your outdoor space adds the design needed to create a stunning outdoor space. Maybe it’s an elegant water feature or custom swimming pool. Often the outdoor fireplace or outdoor living/seating area can be the focal point of the space. Whatever outdoor element you use, a focal point can bring direction to your outdoor space and transform your backyard from ordinary to spectacular!

For more ideas on Tulsa outdoor living space design, please contact us at 918.296.9679 or check out our Outdoor Living Gallery.

Tulsa Patios and Trends in Outdoor Furniture

Want to enjoy your Tulsa Patio even more? From outdoor sofas to al fresco dining sets, patio furniture allows many to enjoy the comforts of the indoors while being able to “find yourself outside.” So what’s going on in the Tulsa patio furniture world? Let’s look at some trends.


First, selecting patio furniture is very much an individual art. What works for one space and home may not work for another. Each designer has his or her own style and preferences and certainly should feel free to express that in their own Tulsa outdoor living space. That being so, there are some patio furniture trends that many homeowners may want to take a point or two from to join with their own style to set up a Tulsa patio space that they and their guest will definitely love.

Bigger Could be Better

Conversation sets or sectionals are popular in many outdoor living spaces. Often the life the party, these patio furniture options make for a great space for entertaining and relaxing with family and friends. Sectionals with neutral colors can be changed dramaticpatio-364255_640ally by simply adding colorful throw pillows, allowing for versatility with hosting.

Quality is King

Of course, you’ll want to enjoy your Tulsa patio for years to come with minimum maintenance. So no surprise that quality outdoor furniture is on the upswing. There are many high-quality, long-lasting outdoor furniture materials to choose from like wrought iron and synthetic rattan. In addition many pieces also can have weather resistant fabrics that are highly durable.  While the initial invest with these pieces might be greater, their long-term usefulness and enjoyment can be well worth it.

Out with the Old, in with the New

Modern design elements are definitely in vogue right now with patio furniture.  So if you like minimalist style and clean lines that don’t sacrifice convenience and comfort, then you’ll love much of the patio furniture selections in stores now.  Modern pieces reflect a chic, structured look that often brings cohesion and elegance to an outdoor living space.

So with all that’s going on in the outdoor patio arena in Tulsa, you’re sure to find ample reason to “find yourself outside.”

2015 Tulsa Pool Design Trends

Although you’re probably not thinking about pools yet, now actually is a great time to start thinking about pool plans for next summer. Winter is a great time to begin planning the design for your new Tulsa pool. Here are some of the latest trends in Tulsa pool design for the coming year!

Glass Tiles. 

A lot of people in the pool design industry has been talking about the use of glass tiles in place of ceramic tiles inside pools and to accent the edges of a pool. Glass tiles are more durable and less likely to crack or break than the traditional ceramic 71bu9842tiles. They also bring a gorgeous iridescent look to the pool, and are available in wide variety of styles and sizes.

Perimeter Overflow Pool Design. 

Known by many names such as “knife-edge,” “Lautner knife-edge,” “slot-edge,” or “wet-edge,” pools, this type of pool design is quickly becoming very popular for its “impressive visual style.” Like infinity or vanishing edge pools, knife-edge pools provide a stunning visual effect my having the water in the pool reach the same level as the pool deck creating a mirror-surface effect. This look is accomplished by having a slot edge around pool’s entire perimeter so that water can spill over into this slot. This knife-edge pool design creates an incredibly luxurious, resort-like look for the outdoor living space but does require different maintenance and construction techniques than traditional pools.

Water Features. 

Another big trend in Tulsa pool design for 2014 and going into this year is the increase in water features for custom pools. Water features like waterfalls, fountains, sconces, and other artistic and playful features are popular in Tulsa pool designs. Not only do these added features create visual interest, but the soothing sound of water trickling over stones or in a fountain creates a relaxing tone for yoimg_4607ur outdoor space. Splash pads, slides, and spraying jets can entertain the kids in this resort-like outdoor environment. LED lighting is another feature that is becoming increasing popular in pool design as are fire features.

Pools and Spas Together. 

Of course a custom Tulsa pool is great, but why not also add a spa to the pool? Today, more and more homeowners are adding hot tubs to their pool design, even adding what’s called an “illusion spa” to the pool where the spa looks like it is simply part of the larger pool. These spas have an infinity-pool type look for the hot tub and provide an elegant transition from pool to spa area.

Beach Entry. 

Another great pool design is what’s often called a “beach entry” or “zero entry” pool feature. This pool design creates a gradual slope into the water to allow swimmers to walk into the pool slowly, much like they would at the beach or allows them to sunbathe in the shallow water. Baja shelves are another pool design feature that creates a ledge or “shelf” at the edge of the pool that’s perfect for sunbathing or relaxing on lounge chairs in the water.

These are just a few of the latest trends in pool design that are sure to make a splash in 2015. The Tulsa pool designers and pool builders at Oklahoma Landscape can design and build you a custom pool to fit your lifestyle and outdoor environment. We can also remodel your existing Tulsa swimming pool to include some of these new features that will make your pool area even more enjoyable.

Tulsa Outdoor Living Trends – Water Features and Japanese Gardens

The calming sounds of water flowing are always a soothing feature of an outdoor living space in Tulsa. Many people are thus choosing to build stunning and sometimes distinctive water features in their outdoor environments. Not only adding a relaxing character to the outdoor living area, water features also can become the focal point of the space and can entice colorful birds that help to invigorate the space even more. japanese gardens

Especially if your landscape has a slope or disparities in its topography, a flowing stream and waterfall are perfect embellishments to your garden. Line the stream with vibrant native plants to provide more eye-catching interest and you create a beautiful path through your outdoor living space. As Better Homes and Gardens (BHG) noted, “Run your stream over different materials and at varying depths to create a variety of delightful gurgles.”

Water features and gardens with an Asian theme are becoming more prevalent as homeowners want a more tranquil tone in their outdoor space. Whether simply for pondering by the water or a space for entertaining, Asian-style watetulsa outdoor livingr gardens offer an exclusive, Zen-like atmosphere. Using bamboo, arbors, wooden teahouses and bridges, winding paths, and reflecting pools, you can bring your Japanese garden to life.

Adding Tulsa hardscapes around your water feature can really enrich your outdoor living experience. Building a pergola and seating area can help afford a place to relax and contemplate life while watching your water garden, which may be teaming with fish or surrounded by birds that flock to the colorful foliage nearby the water feature. An artful bridge offers an additional focal point across a stream or pond. A deck adjacent to a pond or other water feature provides a great place to unwind or entertain. Using various pavers and hardscapes in a variety of textures and shapes can create more appeal and charm in your water garden.

If you would like to start small, BHG recommended placing a water feature in a planting bed or even using a bowl filled with a miniature water lily to serve as an outdoor dining centerpiece.

Whether you would like a more formal water garden or something with a more relaxed, even country feel, the Tulsa landscape designers at Oklahoma Landscape can create the perfect outdoor living area for your lifestyle and home.

Tulsa Outdoor Kitchens – Set the Stage for the Perfect Summer

outdoor kitchens tulsaSummer – kids playing in the yard, friends talking over a glass of iced tea, and delicious food on the grill. No summer scene would be complete without grilling outside. We love to be outside and cook outside when the weather is nice. And Tulsa families can have all the conveniences of the indoors while they’re outside grilling. Tulsa outdoor kitchens remain a growing trend and for good reason.

Not only do outdoor kitchens in Tulsa make for awesome ‘staycations’ or the favorite spot for hanging out on the weekends, but these outdoor living spaces are an excellent investment for homeowners and can significantly increase the property value of your home.

Today’s outdoor kitchens can be as lavish or as basic as you would like. These outdoor spaces can have stainless steel appliances like burners, refrigerators, grills, and sinks. They can have extra storage space bins and built-in containers for utensils and other essentials as well as granite countertops. It’s important to include plenty of counter space in your design to afford the cook suitable prep space. State-of-the-art grilling and cooking equipment including pizza ovens make outdoor entertaining fun and easy.

The outdoor kitchen can be situated close to the outdoor living area to keep the person cooking fully involved in the action or separatedtulsa outdoor kitchens , depending on your style of entertaining and how you want to utilize the two spaces. Bar seating can be built as part of the outdoor kitchen to allow guests to easily talk and eat with the cook. Often, homeowners have a spacious dining table and comfortable lounge area adjacent to the outdoor kitchen to fully enjoy their meal with friends and family. Placing the kitchen and grilling space near the inside kitchen makes for easy transport of food and other prep materials.

An elegant pergola or steel arbor may provide a comfortable cover for the outdoor kitchen space and create a more distinct outdoor living space. Next to a custom pool or spa, these outdoor environments provide the definitive space to entertain or just relax.

The amenities and styles of these outdoor kitchens are almost endless. Their style and theme can coordinate beautifully with the architecture and feel of your home to create one cohesive landscape design.

So plan now to enjoy the classic American summer even better with a complete outdoor kitchen area.

Tulsa Outdoor Kitchens – Bringing the Party to the Chef

tulsa outdoor kitchenIs it hard to entertain outside because everything you need to grill or cook is inside? This is the conundrum many hosts face with their outdoor environments. They may have a fire pit or even a swimming pool to entertain guests, but how do they stop from having to run inside all the time to prepare or cook dinner for their guests?

Tulsa Outdoor Kitchens are the perfect means to make backyard entertaining a real joy. They can be designed to make entertaining much easier by giving you plenty of  space for essential prepping, cooking, serving, and cleaning. With an outdoor kitchen, you can have everything you need right at your fingertips – outside. Many modern outdoor kitchens come complete with refrigerators, sinks, grills, burners, and more. Building your outdoor kitchen close to your indoor kitchen will help mitigate travel time if you don’t have everything outside or if you prefer to prepare things inside.

But a vital part of having fun in hosting is being able to chat with your guests. How can you do this while preparing and cooking the food? Outdoor kitchens built with adjacent bar seating areas are perfect for keeping tulsa outdoor kitchensguests in the action and the cook in the party. And, this way, guests can sit and talk with the host while also not being in the way of a busy cook. This bar area also provides extra counter space for prep and cooking.

Having an outdoor living area close to the outdoor kitchen will also make it easier to entertain while preparing a meal. And it makes for an easy transition between cooking and dining. Guests are close enough to interact with the cook while also being able to hang out and relax on their own in a comfortable lounge space.

Really, outdoor kitchens in Tulsa are a great addition for those who love to entertain and enjoy giving their guests the best in food and fun.