Benefits of Tulsa Retaining Walls – Adding Character and Functionality

retaining wall tulsaIs your landscape having some erosion problems? Or do you have an uneven spot on your Tulsa landscape that makes it more difficult to use or creates unsightly dirt piles? These landscaping issues can often be fixed with a retaining wall. There are many benefits to these hardscape structures. Adding a retaining wall to your Tulsa property not only can protect it, but also create a beautiful landscape design.

Retaining walls hold back soil that might otherwise erode or move downhill on a landscape. These structures act as barriers, preventing erosion or a landslide that would cause significant damage to your home. Thus, for a sloped area, retaining walls provide the vital support your landscape needs.

These hardscapes help to mimimize flooding by reducing the flow of runoff water from rushing through your landscape to your home, garden, or the connecting city street. An effectively-designed retaining wall will complement your drainage and irrigation system to divert rainwater to the right places.

Tulsa retaining walls add functional value to your property by creating level areas where previously there were hills or slopes that made the land difficult to use and maintain. By adding a retaining wall, these problematic areas become usable space, perfect for a garden or a complete outdoor environment with a patio, pool, outdoor kitchen, and more. Tulsa homeowners can thus utilize more of their property by implementing these hardscapes. These walls can be used to divide areas of the property, adding dimension to the landscape.

This added dimension to a landscape is part of another benefit retaining walls offer – that of creating a sophisticated, polished look for the landscape. Organization often gives objects a sophisticated look. Having an organized landscape can do the same. Retaining walls not only help to “organize” your landscape, dividing areas, even having different layers of walls with different purposes and keeping things in place, but they do all of this in style. Retaining walls add a decorative architecture to your landscape, creating a contrast between nature and hardscape.  When done effectively, they can add beauty and charm to your landscape. These hardscapes can coordinate with the architecture of your home and outdoor living space to provide character.

Retaining walls can be made using a variety of decorative materials, each with their own look and feel. This artful variety of hardscape materials and the skillful and purposeful building of these walls is what adds character to the landscape. These materials can include natural stones, interlocking blocks, concrete, wood, bricks, and cinder blocks. When they are textured and aged, retaining wall materials can have an alluring Old World feel. They can also be smooth and symmetrical to have a more urban look.

However, for retaining walls to be effective, they must be skillfully built. Otherwise, these hardscapes could succumb to the pressures of weather, time, and other natural elements.

Retaining walls are an important part of artful and practical Tulsa landscape design. These add definition and charm while creating functional space and vital stability to a landscape.