Tulsa Lawn Care Tips for Spring – Weed Control, Aerating, Mowing

lawn care tulsaProper Tulsa lawn care is the foundation for a beautiful landscape. As grass starts to grow in the spring, fertilizer and water are vital. Proper mowing techniques can also support your lawn in staying beautiful.  What are some Tulsa lawn care tips to help your landscape look lush and green this year?

Tulsa Fertilization and Weed Control

Weed seedlings will have been inactive during the winter months, so spring is a good time to start a Tulsa weed control and fertilization program to cut weeds off at before they start. Pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control systems will help prevent weeds from taking over your lawn.  When the grass has a strong fertilization program, the grass can grow robust and have a better opportunity of crowding out any emerging weeds. Slow-release fertilizers will be best. Healthy grass is ultimately the way to hinder weed growth by blocking out sunlight and nutrients from those irritating weeds.

Aeration and Overseeding

There may be areas of turf that have become compressed because of winter resulting in patches of thatch or dead grass. Because of the harsh winter weather, the soil may also have become compacted. Core aeration can help to relieve compacted soil and remove dead grass that can stop proper drainage and nutrients from reaching the soil. Raking the grass in the spring can also help to remove thatch.

As the soil is warming up and more rain falls, spring is also a good time to overseed your lawn with new varieties of grass to fill in any bare or brown spots in the lawn. The new grass seeds you plant will have a higher resistance to disease than the grass in your lawn already, thus making your entire lawn stronger and healthier.

As a full-service Tulsa lawn care company, Oklahoma Landscape can take care of all your weed control, fertilization, mowing, aeration, and overseeding needs and keep your lawn looking green and vibrant this year.

Tulsa Lawn Mowing Tips

On the weekend, many dislike mowing their lawn, so they often mow the grass at the lowest possible level. However, mowing grass this short can damage the grass in the long run by putting more stress on the turf. When the grass is too short, the soil can dry out faster while weed seeds have more sunlight to grow.

To prevent this, mow your lawn at the highest level – removing only about the top one-third of the blade. This will help your turf stay thick and lush, thus choking out weeds and really requiring less maintenance overall.

Regular mowing can help to encourage new growth and make the turf stronger. Each time you mow, change the direction in which you cut the lawn to prevent ridges and grooves from forming. In addition, mowing the lawn diagonally creates a professional look for your landscape. Try not to mow in the heat of the day to reduce the stress on the turf.  Always keep the mower blades sharp. Oklahoma Landscape can take the hassle and stress out of lawn mowing with our professional lawn maintenance services.

Keeping in mind these few Tulsa lawn care reminders can help you create a green, lush, and beautiful turf to serve as the foundation for your perfect outdoor living space.

Tulsa Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control – Lawn Care Tips for Spring

tulsa lawn careWith all the winter storms that have swept through the country, probably everyone is ready for spring.  With spring optimistically on its way, what lawn care tips can help Tulsa lawns get ready for the warmer weather? How significant are fertilization and weed control in a lawn maintenance program?

Making sure your lawn is clean is the first step. Take out any fallen limbs or debris and lightly rake your lawn when the ground has dried out. This debris can stop your lawn and soil from getting the nutrients they need.

You may want to test the condition or pH levels of your soil, particularly if you see numerous bare patches, to see what nutrients your soil is lacking. There are DIY kits available, or your local agricultural cooperative extension could have testing available.

Soil can become compacted during winter and patches of dead grass, or thatch, may need removed. Core aeration can help work the soil loose and remove thatch. This thatch not only stops proper drainage, but also permits weeds and pests to more easily overrun the turf. Lawn aeration removes small patches of soil to better let water and nutrients to reach the roots.

Overseeding your Tulsa lawn will help to fill-in any bare spots and improve your lawn overall. The new varieties of seed planted can have a higher resistance to disease than those varieties already in the lawn, making your lawn tougher and easier to maintain.

And, of course, your lawn must be feed. As grass begins to grow, it’s imperative that it has the nutrients it needs to grow strong and vibrant enough to block weeds. Slow-release fertilizers and regular watering will help the soil and grass flourish. Timing of lawn fertilization is important to having healthy grass. Fertilizing too early or too late could harm the growing turf.

Oklahoma Landscape uses a 6-step fertilization and weed control program customized to your lawn to give it just the nutrients it needs at the right time. An effective pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control system is needed to thwart weeds from overtaking the lawn; however, weed control also must be applied at the right time.weed control tulsa

But healthy grass will ultimately do the best job in thwarting weeds by naturally blocking out sunlight and choking the weeds. That’s why a good lawn fertilization program will ensure the lawn stays healthy.

Correct mowing is also essential to a healthy lawn. Although it may be easier, mowing your grass too short can harm the lawn in the long run by causing the soil to dry out faster, giving weeds more sunlight to grow, and putting more stress on the grass.

Thus, you’ll need to mow at the uppermost level so that you only remove the top one-third of the grass blade. Taller blades will be stronger and better able to choke out weeds and hold in more moisture in the soil. A lush, thick lawn will actually need less maintenance and be more resistant to disease. Make sure your lawnmower is in good repair and the blades are sharp to allow for cleaner cuts and thus healthier grass. Each new lawn mowing season, you can alternate the direction you mow to prevent putting unnecessary stress on your lawn.