Avoid These Mistakes in Building Your Tulsa Outdoor Living Space

Thinking of building an outdoor living space for your Tulsa home? These outdoor extensions of your home are a great way to create more “livable” space for your home, increase your property value, and provide an ideal spot for entertaining friends and family or just relaxing on the weekends. But before you get started on the project, here are some mistakes toavoid.

Forgetting to plan. A well-thought-out design plan is a must for any outdoor living project, large or small. Decide what style or theme you want for your Tulsa outdoor space.

Determine how you and your family will use your outdoor environment. Choose where various shrubs, plants, and trees will go. Decide on a budget for your project. Even if you’re going to build your project one piece at a time, it’s good to have a design plan for the whole project so that in the end, the entire outdoor living space has one complete look. Often, it’s best to hire a Tulsa landscape designer who understands all the nuisances of the various outdoor living elements and can bring all of your ideas and goals together into one design.

“  . . . A beautiful, well-designed landscape costs the same as a poorly designed one. This difference is with the designer. Well-trained landscape designers who work with a large palette of plants and materials as well as a wide range of styles are geared to give you a fine project,” The Landscaping Network noted.

Having a design plan laid out before you begin will prevent many problems that could leave you frustrated for years to come.

Choosing the wrong plants.  Without a plan, you may be tempted to go to the nursery and buy whatever catches your eye, but you should give much forethought to your choice. How tall will the plant be when it reaches maturity? Will it overcrowd other plants? Although at first you may want to cover every bare spot you have in your garden, you need to give your plants enough room to grow and not overcrowd each other when they’re mature. Also, will the tree you plant block a view or overtake your sidewalk or patio?

What will the plants you choose look like in winter? It may be good to plant some shrubs or trees that have winter interest d2704f88bdbce8b94941dc77d1b49bf41 copyand that will look good all year like evergreens. It’s also good to choose a color pallet when planning your outdoor living space in Tulsa so flower colors don’t get overwhelming to the viewer or look mismatched.

Also, plant foliage with similar watering and sunlight needs together. This will make watering and maintenance much faster and easier.

Not thinking about erosion, drainage, and irrigation. Erosion can be devastating to your landscape. Plan ahead by building a retaining wall into the overall design of your outdoor space. Retaining walls are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing if designed correctly. Proper drainage and irrigation can also do much to prevent erosion as well as flooding and other landscaping issues. Make sure you carefully plan out the drainage and irrigation system for your outdoor space before you begin.

Not planning with your home in mind. This might sound strange, but the elements of your outdoor living space – hardscapes in particular – should complement the style and architecture of your home so that the interior flows seamlessly into the exterior. When you look at your Tulsa outdoor living space from inside your home, does the outdoor space seem to be an extension of your home or does it look out of place? Although you may like how the outdoor living space looks when you’re outside, make sure it also looks great from inside your home and that it landscaping_services copycreates a cohesive theme for your property.

Forgetting the front yard. Although you’re excited about your building your backyard outdoor living space, you can’t overlook your front yard. Curb appeal is priceless. Whether you want to sell your home right now or not, you’ll want to create a welcoming home and landscape for your guests and your family. So in your busy planning and planting, don’tforget to give your front yard some planning too.

Not building big enough. While you don’t want to go overboard and build outdoor elements that are so big that they overpower the space, you also need to plan for their many uses. Patios, for instance, are one area that can be built too small for functionality. It must be big enough, not only for a patio table and chairs, but also for people to walk around the table and chairs comfortably.

This might seem overwhelming, but the Tulsa outdoor living experts at Oklahoma Landscape can help. Our landscape architects are experienced in designing and building outdoor living spaces of all types and sizes. We can create the perfect outdoor space for your family. Whether you want a pool, outdoor kitchen, outdoor fireplace, patio, deck, or just help with your lawn maintenance and planting, we can take care of all your landscaping and landscape design needs.


What Inspires Your Tulsa Outdoor Living Space?


Looking for ideas for your perfect summer entertaining spot? What are some of the latest luxury outdoor living trends for Tulsa? Here are some tips that are sure to inspire!

Outdoor entertaining. What better place to cook for this dinner party than in your outdoor kitchen? Cook in style with a state-of-the-art luxury cabanaoutdoor kitchen, complete with built-in wine refrigerator and pizza oven.

Create the premier outdoor entertaining spot for your kids or a romantic night underneath the starts with an outdoor entertainment center complete with a giant movie screen! Watch the game with friends while you barbecue or have an awesome pool party with these giant backyard theaters with surround sound.

Have an elegant evening of entertaining by adding an al fresco dining area under a pergola with dangling vines and surrounded by sparkling lights.  Try a long European-style table for an even more luxurious look.

Beautiful pool design. Every Tulsa outdoor living space needs a custom-designed swimming pool. Infinity pool by Oklahoma LandscapeEspecially if your home overlooks a beautiful landscape or cityscape, an infinity pool might be the perfect addition to your outdoor space. And a custom spa or hot tub would be the perfect complement to your pool. An outdoor shower with a built-in bench can provide great functionality for your outdoor pool area.

Every luxury pool area pairs nicely with a great lounge space. Why not opt for a luxury cabana by the pool? Create the ultimate napping area with a canopy cabana bed outside by your infinity pool.

Keep warm on a cool night. Whether underneath the stars or built in connection with a covered patio area, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits provide practical warmth and add a consistent elegance to your Tulsa outdoor living space. They can become the focal point of your outdoor environment. A place for people to gather, mingle, and reminisce. Add luxurious lounge seating and you have a complete backyard getaway area.

Outdoor fireplaces are a great place to chat with friends and family. Fire pits create the warm atmosphere we all love to gather around on a cool summer or fall night.Outdoor Fireplace Design by Oklahoma Landscape

Do you want to transform your backyard into a luxury outdoor living space? The Tulsa landscape contractors at Oklahoma Landscape can help you create the outdoor environment of your dreams.



A Big Splash for Tulsa Kids – Splash Pads!

Designing and building swimming pools for Tulsa residents to enjoy is something we’re known for here at Oklahoma Landscape. But if you’re looking to create a great summer play area for the kids without the investment of a pool, splash pads may be the way to go for you and your family. You may have been to a splash pad at a local Tulsa park, but these cool outdoor environments we can build right in your own backyard.

The Landscaping Network mentioned how these residential splash pads have been steadily been gaining popularity.

“If you want to save money, don’t have the space for a pool, or are looking for a safe way to stay cool, a splash pad is for you,” the article noted.Splash Pad by Marcos Cruz

Ryan Werlich, representative of Rain Deck, a company that makes splash pad kits, indicated that splash pads are very versatile serving as a fun area for kids during the day, a fun area for dogs to play, a great landscaping water feature and even a patio area when they’re not in use.

These fun areas can be smaller than 100 square feet, Werlich noted, or as large as you want.

“A splash pad can be right next to the side of a building, making them a good option for side yards,” Landscaping Network reported. “Splash pads may also be installed as pool tie-ins when building a new pool.”

So if you’re planning building a swimming pool, consider also adding a splash pool!

S.R. Smith WetDeck from Pool Supply WorldAs the article brought out, there are a variety of options available in splash pad building materials including stamped and stained concrete, pavers, rubber surfacing, slate, flagstone, broom finish and salt finish concrete, and many more.

Accordingly, not only are these splash pads fun for the kids, but they can also be built to match well with the architecture of your home and other Tulsa outdoor environment elements.

A post on apartmenttherapy.com featured a backyard super splash pad for a family with four children built from non-slippery Travertine tiles. The mother noted that they wanted something that looked mature but was also very child-friendly. She said it’s something their whole family enjoys in the hot Florida sun. Pictured above, this residential splash deck has a sophisticated design and yet is also kid-friendly. Keeping the design modern and simple like this one is provides a water feature that will not look too childish, but one that will coordinate with any luxury residential space.

So these exciting Tulsa outdoor living spaces can be kid-friendly and sophisticated all at the same time. They can be the perfect addition to your outdoor environment, particularly if you’re worried about space for a pool or the cost.

As experts in Tulsa pool design, our landscape contractors can design and build the ideal splash pad for your family and your landscape. We can create an entire outdoor living space for your family to ‘find themselves outside’ this summer!




Liven Up Your Tulsa Landscape Design this Winter – Hollies and Dogwoods

hollies - tulsa landscape designHave you wondered if there’s any way to liven up your Tulsa landscape design during winter? Actually, there are ways to bring color and life to your outdoor environment in Tulsa even when the weather is less than perfect.

Many plants have colorful and interesting bark and shapes that stand out amid the dreary winter weather. Dogwoods have yellow, red, and green stems that can bring a jolt of color to your landscape throughout the winter. Redosier and Yellow-twig Dogwood have a nice, showy bark that are good for Oklahoma landscapes.

Harry Lauder’s Walkingstick has unusual branches that make an interesting landscape piece for the winter. Other plants with interesting branches perfect for a snowy winterland include Euonymus and Japanese Kerria.

Shrubs that produce berries can add a lot color to the landscape during the winter while they also attract birds to watch from the comfort of your Tulsa home. Berry shrubs include a wide array of holly plants like American Holly, Blue Holly, and Yaupon Holly, as well as other shrubs like the red chokeberry with its vivid red fruit that stands out beautifully against the contrast of evergreens. Evergreen plants of course provide nice background foliage for winter.

Flowering plants that look great during the Oklahoma winters include Camellias that have white and pink blooms, as well as Forsythia, Witch Hazel, and Jasmine.cameillia winter interest plant

But if you want a quicker way to dress up your landscape this winter, planting miniature conifers in container gardens in different areas of your outdoor space as well as other potted plants like poinsettias can quickly spice up your landscape. Carefully-planned landscape lighting can also brighten up the winter months and creates an inviting atmosphere to guests.

Oklahoma Landscape’s horticulturists and Tulsa landscape designers can help you choose the best plants and shrubs to help brighten up your Tulsa landscape and keep it healthy all winter.