Tulsa Fertilization and Weed Control Treatments – Providing Vital Nutrients

You’re probably enjoying fall, the changing leaves, and winter is almost here, so you may be thinking, ‘We’re in Tulsa. It’s getting colder. Why should I think about my lawn and its fertilization program?’

weed control tulsaWell…actually a good Tulsa lawn fertilization and weed control treatment program can help your lawn be prepared for the cold winter temperatures so that it can bounce back to be even more vibrant in the spring. Fertilization helps replenish any nutrients that were lost during the heat of summer, or because of stress and from just the passing of time.

Nutrients are key to a green, healthy lawn. Replenishing these nutrients allows the root system of your lawn to grow stronger and deeper for a robust and healthy winter lawn. These slow-release fertilizing treatments help the lawn have the needed nutrients, feeding it through winter, so that it’s ready when spring arrives.

While the 6-treatment Tulsa fertilization and weed control programs are finishing up this winter, it’s a good time to start thinking about the next set of treatments for the new year. A complete treatment program is really vital for grass to thrive and remain healthy and weed-free, so having a treatment program already scheduled will ensure your lawn doesn’t miss any of the nutrients it needs.

Pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control systems allow your lawn to be virtually weed-free. A healthy, green, weed-free lawn actually requires less time and attention to maintain. Healthy lawns become more resistant to stress, weeds, and disease. Using weed control systems in the fall will help prevent weeds taking the nutrients the root system needs and prevent them from overtaking the lawn in the spring.

Even though the temperature is getting cooler, fall is a great time to help your Tulsa lawn have the nutrients and strength it needs to survive the winter months and come back for a beautiful spring. Tulsa fertilization and weed control treatment programs can do just that, keeping your lawn lush, healthy, and ready for the next season.