Weed Identification Needed For Effective Weed Control

Are you looking for weed control solutions for your Tulsa lawn? Effective weed control can be an ongoing battle, but identifying what type of weeds are trying to overtake your landscape is the first step in controlling these pests.

Recognizing different kinds of weeds in your Tulsa lawn can help you create the most effective weed control plan by knowing the weed’s life cycle and better understanding how to stop this process. Identifying weeds can also help you identify specific problems in your lawn and soil. The presence of some weed varieties may indicate that your soil is compacted or that the lawn is shady or to wet.

So, how can you effectively control some of the more common weed varieties?

Dandelions. One of the most common types of weeds in Oklahoma, these can grow in yourdandelion-199269_640  lawn and garden to be about 1 foot tall with yellow flowers that turn into puff balls. These weeds have a stout taproot, and often a large leaf base that expands outward and chokes out the surrounding turf.

Mulch can be ready to lend a hand in preventing these weeds from overtaking your garden. These deeply-rooted weeds are difficult to pull out so digging the roots, which can be 2-3 feet deep, using a trowel or shovel will be needed. Using a pre-emergent weed control in the spring along with a fertilizer will help to control them as the weed control herbicide will help to kill the weeds while making the grass stronger. A thick lawn that will choke out these weeds is one of the most effective tools for preventing dandelions so having regular lawn fertilization program is important.

Crabgrass. Another common Oklahoma weed, crabgrass is a grassy annual weed that sprawls out across the ground from the main root growing up to 19 inches wide. It can grow quickly in hot, dry conditions anywhere the stem comes in contact with soil. While they die in the fall, one weed can produce over 100,000 seeds that will grow in the spring.

Once again, having a thick lawn is a major strength in control crabgrass by preventing the weed seeds from getting needed sunlight. Mowing your lawn at a higher height and watering deeply and less frequently will help prevent these weeds. Mulching as well as using a pre-emergent weed control will also help to control these weeds.

Creeping Charlie. This is a ground-clover with low growing, creeping stems, scalloped, kidney-shaped leaves, and purplish flowers. This stinging-nettle-320318_640aggressive perennial weed likes shady, moist areas often under trees or in gardens and cool weather.

Using a pre-emergent weed control in the spring or fall will help to prevent these weeds. Mulch especially in gardens and under trees is helpful in thwarting this ground-clover.

Lamb’s Quarters.
This broadleaf annual weed averages a height of about 36 inches but can grow up to six feet tall, has stems with red streaks, and has triangular or diamond-shaped, scalloped leaves. This weed has tiny green flowers that grow in clusters. It can grow in just about any area in the shade or sun.

Mowing or tilling the area where these weeds show up can be helpful in reducing the number of plants and seeds. Post-emergent weed control can also be useful in stopping this weed from taking over your landscape or garden.

For more information on the particular weeds in your Tulsa landscape, talk to the weed control experts at Oklahoma Landscape on tips on how to control these garden pests.

More Than Mowing Needed for Residential Tulsa Lawn Care

To some, Tulsa lawn care may simply be weekly mowing. But there’s much more to having a beautiful lawn than just mowing. Of course, proper mowing is essential, but there are other important components of a healthy lawn. And homeowners must also understand how to take care of problem areas.

Effective lawn mowing. It must be said…mowing is a key feature of great Tulsa lawn care. Done correctly, mowing can greatly aid your lawn in remaining healthy. Make sure your mower has a sharp blade for a clean and healthier cut. Then you will want to cut no more than one-third of the blade’s height at any one time. Leaving the grass higher will help to crowd out weeds. Mowing shorter creates stress on the grass blades, and can dry out the soil too quickly.tulsa lawn care

Proper lawn fertilization. It’s good to have your soil tested to see what nutrients the soil is lacking and its pH level. With this information, you know the best fertilizer to use. Usually, it’s best to add fertilizer to cool-season grasses in the fall while warm-season grasses do better when fertilizer is added in the spring. When fertilizing, use a slow-release fertilizer on a nice day. Corn gluten is an organic fertilizer that adds nitrogen to your lawn while also acting as a natural weed deterrent, especially for crabgrass.

Watering at the right time. Proper watering is another key for a healthy lawn. Early morning is the best time to water because you won’t lose too much water to mid-day evaporation, and the grass won’t stay too wet at night, which can cause fungus and disease. This will help prevent your lawn from turning brown because of fungus. Overwatering can also cause yellowing of your lawn.

lawn mowing tulsaHow much should you water your Tulsa lawn? The Family Handyman gave a useful tip: “Set a cake pan halfway between your sprinkler and the edge of the spray pattern. Watch your clock to see how long it takes the sprinkler to fill the pan with 3/8 in. of water. Water for that amount of time three times a week, unless it rains.”

Weed control for Tulsa lawns. Try to apply a pre-emergent weed control herbicide in the spring before weeds start to germinate. As we’ve mentioned, corn gluten meal acts as a great weed suppressant. You can spot spray individual weeds that sprout up, The Family Handyman noted. Concentrated vinegar can be an effective organic spot weed killer, although it may adversely affect other surrounding plants as well, so you may need to precisely target the weeds.

For more information on effective Tulsa lawn care, contact us at 918.299.LAWN918.299.LAWN and we can create a custom residential lawn care maintenance program for your landscape.

Weed Control Tips for Healthy, Vibrant Tulsa Lawns

Trying to control weeds in your Tulsa lawn or garden can be one of the most frustrating aspects of lawn care. What can Tulsa area homeowners do to protect their lawns from being overrun by weeds? Notice these five Tulsa weed control methods.

Have a good offense. One of the foremost ways to forestall weeds is to stop them from having enough room to grow and propagate. Crowd out weeds by keeping your lawn healthy and thick.weed control tips

“To minimize weed problems in my lawn as a homeowner, I mow my lawn high and optimally fertilize to keep the lawn as competitive as possible,” Richard Zollinger of the North Dakota State University Department of Plant Science told the Mother Nature Network.

Overseeding you lawn with new grass varieties can aid your lawn in being healthier and fill in any bare or thinning spots of grass.

Having healthy soil also adds much to having thick grass, so if your soil has become compacted, aerating the soil can break up the thatch and dirt that may prevent your grass from getting the amount of nourishment it needs.

Mulch, mulch, mulch. Adding mulch to your garden or flowerbed will help to block needed sunlight from weeds, preventing them from growing. In turn, mulch will help the soil stay cooler and help prevent water loss. Mulch comprised of 1” thick bark, outdoortheme.com suggested, is one of the best methods of weed control. Finer mulches can still allow weed seeds to sprout, the website said.

Newspapers have proven effective in preventing weeds from getting needed sunlight, especially for more weed infested gardens. Spread a layer of newspapers about 2-4 sheets thick, overlapping somewhat, and spread a light layer of dirt or mulch over some of the paper to help keep the newspaper in place.

Pull out weeds before they seed. Some weeds may have to be manually pulled out, and it’s good to do before they weeds bloom and dispense their seeds. If, at the moment, you don’t have time to completely pull out the weed, cut the top off of the weed to prevent it from seeding until you can root out the whole weed.

lawn care tulsaUse organic herbicides. There are many organic herbicides you can use to help kill weeds while not harming the environment. Concentrated vinegar has been used to kill weeds, although it may also kill over vegetation it comes in contact with as well. Several applications may be required. Avoid eye contact with vinegar and be careful even with more organic herbicides. Baking soda has also been recommended in killing weeds when it’s poured directly onto the weeds. Borax has also been noted as an effective weed killer, Dr. John Anderson noted on Hubpages.com, as well as boiling water. Be careful with any type of weed killer, whether organic or not, and follow all labels and instructions.

Call Oklahoma Landscape. The Tulsa weed control specialists at Oklahoma Landscape can effectively control any weed problems you have while keeping your lawn vibrant and healthy. We offer a 6-step weed control and lawn fertilization program to improve the health of your lawn and keep it weed-free. Oklahoma Landscape provides complete Tulsa lawn care and lawn maintenance as well as comprehensive landscape design.

Effective Tulsa Weed Control – Easy Gardening Tips

One of the foremost enemies of every gardener and landscaper, weeds can quickly overtake your garden. What can Tulsa gardens do to successfully control weeds?

A thriving lawn and garden is one of the best defenses against weeds. Robust plants and grass in the landscape can prevent weed seedlings from getting the sunlight and nutrients they need to develop and grow. And essential to resilient plants and grass is well-fertilized soil. You can test the pH levels of your soil with a DIY kit or many times, by taking it to your local agricultural cooperative. Then you can see what nutrients your soil may be lacking. Good lawn fertilization for your Tulsa landscape can go a long way to preventing weeds by creating a lush garden and lawn. weed control tulsa

Speaking of robust plants, species that are native to the Tulsa area are more likely to be hardy and prosper in Oklahoma weather. Because native plants flourish more easily than other species, they can be very effective in crowding out weeds and their seedlings. Weeds endeavor to grow where there is an open space, so the more plants you have that grow well, the easier it will be to control weeds. If you purchase plants in a container, check to ensure the soil is free of weeds so that you don’t accidentally bring in more weeds.

tulsa weed control tipsLike other plants, weed seeds need sunlight to grow, so adding mulch frequently to your Tulsa garden can help to deprive weeds of needed sunlight while helping to keep the soil cooler and help it to retain moisture. Some organic mulches can also contain insects that eat the weed seeds, finegardening.com reported; however, it also noted that some mulch can have weed seeds in them. When buying or making compost, check to see whether it was composted to a temperature of 140 F to 150 F, the website noted, to ensure the weed seeds were killed before they reached your garden. Mulch should be kept about 2 inches deep in your garden. Too much mulch could prevent the soil from getting enough oxygen.

Pull weeds out of the soil after a good rain to make it easier to weed your garden. However, finegardening.com recommends hoeing weeds when the soil is dry, slicing the weeds just below the soil line with a sharp-edged hoe. Be careful to not dig or till the soil too much to prevent weed seeds deeper in the soil from germinating.

These are just some of the everyday things you can do to prevent weeds from taking over your Tulsa garden. Oklahoma Landscape offers a complete Tulsa weed control and lawn fertilization program to take all the hassle out of weed control for homeowners as well as business.

Tulsa Lawn Care Tips for Spring – Weed Control, Aerating, Mowing

lawn care tulsaProper Tulsa lawn care is the foundation for a beautiful landscape. As grass starts to grow in the spring, fertilizer and water are vital. Proper mowing techniques can also support your lawn in staying beautiful.  What are some Tulsa lawn care tips to help your landscape look lush and green this year?

Tulsa Fertilization and Weed Control

Weed seedlings will have been inactive during the winter months, so spring is a good time to start a Tulsa weed control and fertilization program to cut weeds off at before they start. Pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control systems will help prevent weeds from taking over your lawn.  When the grass has a strong fertilization program, the grass can grow robust and have a better opportunity of crowding out any emerging weeds. Slow-release fertilizers will be best. Healthy grass is ultimately the way to hinder weed growth by blocking out sunlight and nutrients from those irritating weeds.

Aeration and Overseeding

There may be areas of turf that have become compressed because of winter resulting in patches of thatch or dead grass. Because of the harsh winter weather, the soil may also have become compacted. Core aeration can help to relieve compacted soil and remove dead grass that can stop proper drainage and nutrients from reaching the soil. Raking the grass in the spring can also help to remove thatch.

As the soil is warming up and more rain falls, spring is also a good time to overseed your lawn with new varieties of grass to fill in any bare or brown spots in the lawn. The new grass seeds you plant will have a higher resistance to disease than the grass in your lawn already, thus making your entire lawn stronger and healthier.

As a full-service Tulsa lawn care company, Oklahoma Landscape can take care of all your weed control, fertilization, mowing, aeration, and overseeding needs and keep your lawn looking green and vibrant this year.

Tulsa Lawn Mowing Tips

On the weekend, many dislike mowing their lawn, so they often mow the grass at the lowest possible level. However, mowing grass this short can damage the grass in the long run by putting more stress on the turf. When the grass is too short, the soil can dry out faster while weed seeds have more sunlight to grow.

To prevent this, mow your lawn at the highest level – removing only about the top one-third of the blade. This will help your turf stay thick and lush, thus choking out weeds and really requiring less maintenance overall.

Regular mowing can help to encourage new growth and make the turf stronger. Each time you mow, change the direction in which you cut the lawn to prevent ridges and grooves from forming. In addition, mowing the lawn diagonally creates a professional look for your landscape. Try not to mow in the heat of the day to reduce the stress on the turf.  Always keep the mower blades sharp. Oklahoma Landscape can take the hassle and stress out of lawn mowing with our professional lawn maintenance services.

Keeping in mind these few Tulsa lawn care reminders can help you create a green, lush, and beautiful turf to serve as the foundation for your perfect outdoor living space.

Tulsa Landscape Design Tips for your Front-yard Spring Makeover

tulsa landscapingIs your lawn and Tulsa landscape needing a makeover? While winter may have left your lawn looking a little dreary, you can get your landscape looking amazing by summer. A few simple makeover tips can give your Tulsa landscape and your home itself a brand new look.

To revitalize your lawn, a good Tulsa lawn fertilization and weed control program will give your grass the nutrients it needs to flourish. This weed control program provides turf with the foundation needed to create a beautiful lawn and ultimately an attractive landscape. Along with these Tulsa weed control programs, mulch is an ideal, simple addition for gardens to give the area a more polished look while also helping to control weeds.

Other homeowners may choose to remove the majority of their lawn in favor of a more low-maintenance Tulsa landscape design. These landscapes employ native plants and more hardscaping in order to use less water and thus need less maintenance.

landscaping tulsaBuilding a pathway to your home’s entrance with stained concrete pads or stone pavers creates an inviting visual line to your home. Pavers come in a wide array of colors, styles, and textures to easily and quickly add sophistication and character to your front-yard.

Lining this pathway with a garden of colorful, native plants, shrubs, and trees will enhance your entire landscape. In fact, you could almost fill your front landscape area with colorful foliage and plants – varying their size, color, and shape to create a lively mosaic that will welcome your guests.

Building an ornamental fence from wood panels or lattice that doesn’t necessarily block out all of the view but rather visually divides your landscape can create privacy and structure for your front-yard. This can also be accomplished with decorative walls or retaining walls of varying levels that will ornately create sections for your Tulsa landscape design.

Adding a small decorative water feature such as a fountain can also help to transform your landscape.

These are just a few of the numerous ways to spruce up your front-yard this spring. Talk to the Tulsa landscape design specialists at Oklahoma Landscape to see how they can help renovate your landscape.

Tulsa Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control – Important for Healthy Spring Lawns

weed control tulsaA healthy, green lawn is the basis for any great Tulsa landscape. Having a vibrant, rich lawn sets the perfect stage for increasing curb appeal to the home and showcasing a beautiful outdoor living space. That’s why Tulsa lawn fertilization and weed control is so vital. Without the nutrients and care it needs, a lawn doesn’t have solid footing and can easily succumb to weeds, erosion, or heat.

So, even before spring comes, it’s good to have a fertilization and weed control program scheduled in order to have the healthiest lawn possible. What benefits come from having a fertilization and weed control program in place?

Having a Tulsa lawn care schedule ready will ensure you stop weeds from gaining the upper hand in your lawn. Especially during the spring, weed seeds are blown or carried in to your yard from surrounding areas. So, having a custom pre-emergent weed control system applied before these weeds develop will help to prevent them from taking over your lawn.

“Timing the application before germination of seeds is critical. For example, crabgrass is an annual grassy weed which germinates in the spring when soil temperatures reach 60F and above,” the University of Illinois Extension noted. “Thus, timely spring application is needed for crabgrass control products to be effective.”

Weeds are usually divided into two main categories: either broadleaf weeds or grassy weeds and can typically have either an annual or perennial life cycle. Thus, a custom pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control system is needed depending on the type of weed. Our Tulsa lawn care experts can develop a custom application schedule for your lawn to have the most effective weed control and giving you a hassle-free and weed-free lawn this spring.

This properly-timed weed control application is only part of an effective lawn care program. Keeping your lawn healthy is a vital aspect of weed control. Lawn fertilization treatments encourage a healthy, dense lawn and strong root system. Having a thick, vibratulsa lawn carent turf will help to prevent weeds from getting the sunlight, water, and room they need to grow. Thus, a healthy, well-fertilized lawn will mean less weeds and overall less maintenance. Robust Tulsa lawns also reduce the chances of erosion, prevents areas from getting muddy, and in general is healthier for the environment.

Custom weed control and lawn fertilization programs in Tulsa can certainly bring a great deal of benefits to your landscape and your home overall. But there is a lot that goes into effective lawn care treatments. Much depends on your particular lawn and its needs. That’s why a custom Tulsa fertilization and weed control program can significantly increase the health and richness of your lawn. Oklahoma Landscape’s lawn care specialists can develop and schedule a custom program for your landscape – giving you a beautiful, weed-free, and hassle-free lawn that’s the envy of the neighborhood. Call us today to schedule your lawn treatment at 918-299-LAWN.